I'm always amazed how my kid is willing to play with everything except his toys 🤡

While a nice trick, it clearly demonstrates why installing unknown python tarballs can be a security risk and you should use --only-binary pip option

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pip install blackfriday

... try it 😉

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La proposta di "backdoor" sulla crittografia è nel migliore dei casi demenziale, nel peggiore criminale e pericolosa
Io ho firmato, tu cosa aspetti?

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Poche ore ancora per firmare a protezione del diritto fondamentale all'anonimato tramite crittografia nell'UE. Promossa dal @partitopirata@twitter.com, l'iniziativa tutela il diritto tech alla riservatezza delle comunicazioni. Da qui alla STASI il passo è breve. partito-pirata.it/la-fine-dell

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RIP Vikk.

L'altro grande Vittorio ci ha lasciati fantascienza.com/26376 via @fantascienzacom@twitter.com

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Un monolite
Nel #2020
What could possibly go wrong? 😱

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Nello Utah è spuntato un monolite argentato in mezzo alle montagne

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I am in a tunnel and I can't get out of it.
I'm switching from heavy metal version to traditional folk ones, with japanese version in between 😱

Currently my only real gripe against @github@twitter.com actions is the lack of a "allow failure" feature
And apparently I am not the only one github.com/actions/toolkit/iss

I wonder how much time it would take github to do anything about this.

Come on! It does not look like rocket science!

Privacy conscious Twitter: which is the best way to show a Twitter feed on a static website without pulling all the tracking mess from standard Twitter widgets? 🤔

10 I = 1
30 I = I + 1
40 IF I<=10 GOTO 20

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Without saying what year you started coding, Quote this tweet with something (an ide, a build/ deploy process) to signify how long you've been coding

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🤔 it's just me or uwsgi-emperor init script is broken on @ubuntu@twitter.com 20.04?
For once that I decided to stick to the system default instead of compiling it myself! 🤪

Such a sad news 😢
I know it's a small thing comparing to everything else is happening, but 2020 is keeping its very devastating streak of bad news

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Following engineering assessments concluding damage to Arecibo Observatory cannot be addressed without endangering the lives and safety of crew and staff, NSF plans to decommission the 305-meter telescope: bit.ly/2IU6ctZ

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I am definitely getting old
I had to put a second pair of socks on

Spent a whole morning on a 5 lines for cycle and this is the result.

This is not exactly what I was expecting 😬

Ok, this is getting hilarious.
Who's going to claim 96% just to get some headline and raising the bar?

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BREAKING: Pfizer says a final analysis of clinical-trial data shows its Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective trib.al/6lSqyF5

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Qui ci starebbe bene il facepalm infinito gph.is/13gUxms

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Un italiano su tre non valuta al momento la possibilità di vaccinarsi volontariamente contro il Covid-19 (quando sarà possibile farlo) e uno su quattro non si è ancora fatto un opinione sull'argomento. Dati SWG. Ciao.

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First condominium association meeting ever. During a pandemic.
How can get any worse? 🤪

Ho firmato la petizione di per chiedere di proteggere i nostri spazi pubblici dalla sorveglianza di massa biometrica — lo farai anche tu?

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