C doesn't cause buffer overflows - programmers cause buffer overflows

Q: What is an experienced Emacs user?
A: A person who wishes that the terminal had pedals.

we need a browser extension which remove automatically *award-winning* *cutting-edge* and other buzzwords from the pages we browse...

Minimum Viable Planning : enough planning to avoid things to crash and burn into flammes

Best extentions to improve browsing
- uBlock Origin (remove ads)
- I don't care about cookies (remove cookies warnings)
- Block Site (what it says)
- UnHook Youtube (youtube without the junk)

amazing improved youtube experience since I installed unhook.app/ extension
I dont have to stupid recommendations anymore
it's like youtube - the useful parts

do not confuse *to be customer-driven* with *to be customer-revenue-driven*

Wondering... is DDD a short Domain Driven Design or for Distopioan Dungeons & Dragons...

10 min build time for a react-app in a CI pipeline... it sounds horribly slow,we'll have to fix that

code smell turn into code stink when not cleaned up in time

(tweets from the command line are not as distracting, and therefore I have kept that alive... also, it forces me to focus on producion and consuming

i have blocked all social media in my browser for the past 2 days, The amount of focus back is incredible

seems like focus depends not just on having enough time to dive in uninterrupted thinking task, but also that I know in advance I wont be interruped. Something about being on the qui vive is killing the vibe

anyone has any experience with Sqitch? Just wondering the benefits vs a usual migration tool.

totally lmao - listening gabe newell of Valve, saying about the human eyes :
so eyes dont care about failure rate and rmas, can't be repaired effectively... maybe make sense from a nature perspective but totally not reflective of consumer preferences

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