(it didn't actually cause me to miss that phone call, forgetting to turn off do not disturb did)

i listened to the album today. it was good. but it caused me to miss what might have been an important phone call. they better call back. anyway i think this means i can wear that shirt now

welp my mom just talked to me about getting a girlfriend and married and a house and kids and would i like her to introduce me to people lol

took my pillowcase out of the washer and dropped it on the ground time to Cry

someone tell me i only need to backup %userprofile% and not the windows folder, program files, programdata or anything else on the drive. i know it's true but i need someone to tell me or i won't believe it

should i reinstall windows 8.1 or give in and upgrade to windows 10. i already did the linux thing so don't say that

unfortunately having listened to an album too few times is an intractable problem

trying to find a portable ac that is reasonably quiet and maybe won't die in a couple years, and also a fan that is reasonably quiet and maybe won't die in a couple years. obviously the first one is gonna be hard but the second one is also surprisingly hard

to clarify i want to pass out because i walked probably a total of 5 miles in the sun on top of waiting 2 hours in the sun

well i have attended my first pride now i guess. i want to pass out

can't decide if the uk rainbow flag or the us rainbow flag is uglier

i am at pride and it turns out gay people do NOT all look like furries

what if my problem is just that i don't have the right calibrations on what gay people look like. like i've just absorbed stereotypes about how gay people look like fashion designers but the only gay spaces i've actually been in have been furry ones. oh my god gay people don't all look like furries do they

i'm gonna look so straight at the march. i feel like i always look straight (please inform me if you disagree)

google maps shows the pride parade route in rainbow colors but it doesn't map the bus route detours caused by the parade, which just goes to show how corporate pride is a sham,

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