time to unceremoniously actually switch over to snouts now

what if you were the only person who remembered hatsune miku

there are a whole lot of things in my twitter inferred interests but one of them is the cpi(m)

i'm eating lychees but the peels got all crunchy for some reason so it's like i'm peeling eggs

my facebook ads are for the local oil refinery and for israel birthright trips but my twitter ads seem to all be for ice cream

nooo my old school found my cell phone number somehow

yeah i'm watching the debate... the debate about whether i should clean up my place tonight, or keep putting it off

really good thread on how and why philadelphia could have ended up like bhopal (cw for pictures of dead bodies and chemical burns) twitter.com/gwensnyderPHL/stat

someone give me permission to put nails and thumbtacks in my walls to hang things up. no i will NOT ask my landlord i am asking YOU

(actually this would totally risk ruining the paws wouldn't it)

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does anyone know how to make tusky notifications not vibrate

the furry shirt i bought was shipped to here from sparks nv, which is (near) where i last bought furry apparel... truly all things are interconnected

who's the jerk who left the rice cooker unwashed all week oh wait it was me


the headline serves to beat the war drums, but those drums just sound more hollow

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the current headline on nytimes.com is that the us authorized a strike on iran and then cancelled it

i'm going to interpret this as a good thing because they know they can't actually do anything

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