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yatchi @yatchi@mastodon.social

bleh that was an uncomfortable flight, but maybe that was my fault for not sleeping at normal hours

gasp i'm gonna get to wear flannel for the first time in two years

hmm gonna leave for a flight in less than three hours maybe i should pack? things?

am i supposed to just look at the log and uninstall each package individually

uhhh crap pacman -Rsc gnome is gonna remove too much stuff... what do i do

📉📉📉 aww yeah that's the stuff

i don't want to read any more words about bitcoin just show me graphs of downward-sloping lines

i installed gnome to see if it looks nicer than xfce (it does) but it feels like i can't customize anything without a bunch of effort so i guess i'll uninstall it

it was more fun saying it the other way :(

oh crap the stress isn't on the first syllable like i thought

this changes everything

блины блины блины блины

hmm yes there is indeed a container of smetana next to the blini in the famous "blini cat" image

eating pancakes with sour cream. that's what russians do, right?

i just woke up from an unusually elaborate dream (for me). it was like a sci-fi mystery with ufos and parallel universes. someone who reminded me of @thefishcrow was in it

listened to a talking heads album (little creatures) cuz @thefishcrow made me think to do it. crap when was the last time i listened to an album all the way through

is the answer ravioli filled entirely with tomato paste

is the answer just tomato soup with crackers