art by and commissioned by @asonix thank you thank you thank you :3

finally got a vacuum cleaner for my apartment... time 2 succ

my life is getting furrier and it's nice

"To Be Glomped By A Furry Is Not A Bad Thing But A Good Thing"

does anyone know of any furrey artistes who will draw me a proper character if i throw money and a bunch of lazy half-baked fursona ideas at them

maybe i'm looking in the wrong places but of the groups i've looked at so far it's 0 for 3 for not having racism in the most recent posts

computer... sort the furry groups on telegram from least to most racist

if you request account deletion on quora but then 10 days later you click on a quora link this counts as logging back in and reactivating your account

i think i could use my monitor arm to put a monitor above my bed... probably not a good idea... but...

should i try to avoid paying an online convenience fee for this ticket by trekking an hour to the venue and hoping they haven't sold out

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it does come with a thing to tie it to a wall stud, but is losing my security deposit *really* worth not getting crushed during an earthquake?

assembled my piece-of-shit target bookshelf and haha wow this thing is gonna be really bad news during an earthquake

anyway i bought a bookshelf from target. it's probably a piece of shit that'll fall apart if i try to move it but *shrug*

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