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Some analogies about analyses of oppression: Show more

i don't really like the word convert here tbh. also i really just helped them take the crucial final step, there was a long lead-up that i had nothing to do with

i have officially "converted" someone and helped them make a fursoney

i just read several articles in spanish on the difference between siglas, acrónimos, and abreviaturas and i still don't have the answer to my original question which was "how do you pronounce LA (for los angeles) in spanish"

last night i dreamt i went to a museum in berkeley with some people and they were exhibiting furry art. outsidewolves was one of the featured artists

i would like to request to look at bunny furries before bed please

hey can anyone tell me how ness got psi powers. did he always have them or did he have to learn or what i don't remember

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Politics [---] (Brazil; fascism; aftermath of a 🇺🇲🇬🇧🇨🇦-backed judicial/legislative coup). Show more

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Who's the members of the class 🎵 That take from you and me 🎵 B-O-U🎵 R-G-E🎵 O-I-S-I-E🎵

it was okay i guess lol. probably will just listen to the soundtrack in the future

should i watch a charlie brown christmas tonight (i have never seen it) or should i watch something else

having buldak ramyeon for breakfast lol

catholicism Show more

this isn't 100% black and white because for example some stuff like social security stays open and some defense-related stuff does close up, but that is what the broad strategy is

reminder that when the government "shuts down" it only means they're shuting down the social services that help poor people, never the police and military

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