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yatchi @yatchi@mastodon.social

three american students in florence tried to cook pasta and started a fire because they didn't know you have to add water lol. but a famous florentine chef is going to give them a free lesson so that's nice lanazione.it/firenze/cronaca/p

just before i woke up i was dreaming i was walking around boston and on the phone with old friends and lecturing them about marxism lol

lionesses with manes are good [other hyenas hear me] uhh what! no! lions! can't stand 'em!

me waking up after 3 hours of sleep has ruined everything lol

i should probably get up so that i can crash at around 11 and then get up in a few hours and then attempt to lift what is possibly more volume than i can handle

what if there was someone in fursuit in bed next to me

what if i had a fursuit on right now

i saw some fursuit pictures and am now having very atypical levels of fursuit thoughts

why can't i be asleep :c

just as everything starts getting Loud

shit i'm awake because my earplugs were hurting too much :(

is being able to look up and down in doom cheating

i'm going angry physics ta on my cousin. write the dang units!!!

i have never seen Cube (1997)

ah who am i kidding. im the hapless grey cat

after years of using shampoo every day and never using conditioner i'm trying out using conditioner every day and shampoo only every other day

my hair seems healthier and more pliable? but it also feels greasy :< will that go away eventually?

hmm... did i quit because i kept falling into the poison the last time i decided to play doom on a whim...

do you ever think about chakats