Always keep hope, Hope keeps dreams alive, Dreams never die.

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Looking forward to be eating moon cakes at the upcoming mid-autumn festival!

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The more I think about Instagram, the more I hate it. Every time I open that app, it feels like a hybrid of a brand shop, algorithm content from loads of people I don't follow, and a million selfies of old flames that make me feel creepy. I originally joined to share neat pictures from my travels, but Facebook has squeezed the life out of it.

I think I'm going to take a step and shut mine down for good, after pointing to #Pixelfed. Dansup's mobile apps cannot come fast enough.
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Facebook is Number One! - When it comes to tracking. Check out what online companies know about you. 👇
BTW: We do not track you at all. Sign up for an encrypted mailbox now!! 😎😎😎

Having my first mini road trip next week. I am so excited about it. Even bad weather won't stop me about hiking the Mullerthal at Luxembourg.

Visiting Good Tea Stories in Eindhoven today for some delicious vegan (boba) milk tea <3

Went for a late lunch at "The Street food Club" in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It was my and mom first visit.

Glad that I made an reservation because it was packed.


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