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"Why is your site called Yes Homo when it's about webcomics? I don't understand the connection" 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏 😏

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can we maybe consider a mass federal tax strike this year? might be a cool idea idk

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i would extremely love to stop having dreams about being in crowds where no one is masked

hey friends, if i was gonna quit being wisp, would it be more normal to migrate this account to one of my personal accounts, or just leave this account and its toots and followers behind to start fresh? not sure if i want continuity between personas, so i turn to you for guidance

i wish you a joyous solstice, dear friends, even now

replayed extreme meatpunks forever (og) today and managed to win the final battle without dying. almost didn't think that was possible

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Welcome to Mina's is an Anthology of Comics about Life, Love, and Food during 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner! 🍽️

Here's a couple of my favorite panels from our story, PLEASE check it out and share it if you can!

goofy hades build, weapon aspect spoilers 

my new favorite build that i hit on by accident is tidal dash + greater reflex + greatest reflex + knockback buffs. works 3x better with aspect of gilgamesh. absolutely silly. i can quickly clear rooms in tartarus and styx without touching my mouse at all; asphodel and elysium are trickier since they have less close, surrounding walls to body check enemies into.

meds, positive 

if you have fibromyalgia, this is a SUPER promising treatment for it. feel free to dm me for more info, or just check

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meds, positive 

i've been taking low-dose naltrexone for ~3 weeks and feeling absolutely nothing until i titrated up to 3.5mg two days ago, and suddenly my allodynia is like.... gone? i track my symptoms every day since i started taking ldn and i've had allodynia every day, sometimes quite bad, and then i went from 3mg to 3.5 and it vanished. absolutely wild.

his dark materials show, subtle knife book spoilers, gore?? sick shit???? 

if the show cuts the scene where iorek eats lee scoresby's corpse i'm gonna fucking riot. they already cut the scene where iorek severs iofur's jaw so i'm not super hopeful but that scene was formative for me and i want to see a cgi bear eat lin manuel miranda

hades game 

i finally figured out who the narrator is

hades game romance 

so when i heard "you can pursue romance with three characters simultaneously" i figured it was gonna be a thing where it was just easier to let you do whatever than try to code in monogamy, but instead you get to have fully voiced conversations with your partners about your other partners and how jealousy is for mortals. why did no one tell me the protagonist of this game is a polyamorous bisexual himbo sub, i would NOT have waited as long as i did to play it

hades game, oblique spoilers 

i got zagreus a boyfriend!!!!!!

hades game 

i got to the credits πŸ₯Ί

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hades game temple of styx spoilers 


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hades game 

well i beat hades last night at least. the guy not the game.

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Protest tips from an Anarchist Jurisdiction

Last week, Seattle hit 150 days of protests. I've been on the ground for a whole lot of that.

After the election tomorrow, I'm guessing a number of y'all are gonna be back out in the streets again.

Here's some stuff that's been important in the last few months, some of which I hadn't seen discussed as much in "protest 101" type posts [thread]:

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