Add-on v0.0.210221 has been released with 57 new features and fixes. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

This release is primarily a bugfix release from the HUGE January release!

Also I have a new pet rabbit. Say hello to Cinnamon!

With one line of code, let's print all the wall types used in a BIM project. Powerful, blazing fast: process hundreds of megabytes of BIM data in a split second. Here's today's code snippet, to help you on your way to Go , Go :

[print(wall_type.Name) for wall_type in ifc_file.by_type('IfcWallType')]

Join the community today:

It’s another 2 weeks, so here’s another 30 new fixes and features in the v0.0.200428 Add-on release! Get it today:

Highlights include bundled classification system selection including Uniclass and Omniclass, create and consume property set template definitions, reload IFCs, import/export with CSV, and section planes!

Full release notes:

See today's new BlenderBIM Add-on feature demo: creating section planes! Section planes can cut through your model to expose the guts of it.

Break the Autodesk monopoly. Support free software.

In, ickby's pickup camper build, finished just in time to be unusable due to lockdown! Design -> technical drawing -> implementation.

can now do construction documentation, clash detection, and proxy materials and objects. We can do commercial projects completely without any proprietary software. Version controlled with Git. 100% free and open source pipeline to build buildings.

See all the latest updates now:

This. This changes things. A lot.

Go . Go . Quit . Quit .

Are you involved in or ? I'd like to propose the creation of an buildingSMART chapter, to help represent FOSS devs to help increase transparency and ethical behaviour in the built environment.

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