I'm starting a series of videos about the excellent TechDraw workbench. Here's episode number 1 covering the basics

I've written an article about how to view files on , starting with tools with but also talking about other IFC libraries.


If you work in the AEC industry, please support IFC development. The industry is stuck with proprietary tools developed by monopolies, and needs more and international standards.

Winter break highlights: MuseScore 3.0 release, Blender turns 25 years old and Google joins the Blender Development Fund, lots of improvements in @FreeCAD, @GIMP, and Olive, better HDR support in @krita.

libregraphicsworld.org/blog/en for more!

Just compiled IfcPlusPlus on ! This is an IFC BIM viewer. Nice!

The architecture / engineering / construction industry is far behind in terms of FOSS and open standards, so this really needs to be more of a thing.

@normandc Let's make a big call to other community members to come over to mastodon!

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