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Your own 3D parametric modeler

The infamous 3D animation modeler, can be used in workflow with CADs (see OSArch)

Use Blender for CAD Purposes (see OSArch)

Lego, Bricks, and GNU GPL

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Le confinement aura démontré trois choses :

Un : notre économie s'effondre dès qu'elle cesse de vendre des trucs inutiles à des gens surendettés

Deux : il est parfaitement possible de réduire fortement la pollution

Trois : les personnes les moins payés du pays sont les plus essentielles à son fonctionnement

#BlenderBIM has won an Epic MegaGrant funding increased development on fundamental aspects that will change the industry and offer new options for architects, engineers, cost planners, programme schedulers, sustainability analysts, and more...

Detailing & annotating with OpeningDesign, @FreeCAD, , , . Getting a really efficient and smooth workflow there...

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Most businesses in architecture and construction, you surely mean. In manufacturing we have long stopped using that POS. Extremely happy to not have had to touch AutoCAD since 2007. It wasn't a day sooner. We still need to provide DXF files to suppliers, but most CAD programs can export to this format.

Doing 2D CAD (and annotating BIM views) in / @FreeCAD becoming increasingly fast, powerful and comfortable. More about this soon! Project with OpeningDesign

Check my new comics site!! (You know becoming a comics artist is one of my life goals, right?)

Hundreds of improvements over version 0.18, a new object link system, dozens of enhancements and new features in all workbenches. Fully compatible with 0.18 files, and much more. It took a while to get out, but it's there!

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Voce conhece o servidor #mastodon do Brasil?

Do you have any #mastodon server to advise for Brazilians friends that would like to join?

#brazil #portuguese

Add-on v0.0.210221 has been released with 57 new features and fixes. It's our built environment, help support the BlenderBIM Add-on: 100% free and open source software that lets you author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

This release is primarily a bugfix release from the HUGE January release!

Also I have a new pet rabbit. Say hello to Cinnamon!

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