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A10N: If you're using Web for as a module, please be informed that it was moved to . Microsoft's github blocked us without justification, and ignored our ticket.

v1.1.2 was also released (backported a few tweaks from v1.2.0-dev).


Apologies for the downtime, we did try to wait for a response but they simply don't care.

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스타트렉 시리즈 별 느낌
TOS : 재미는 있고 여러모로 훌륭한데, 이젠 너무 낡아서 보기 힘듬
TNG : 적당히 클래식하고, 이상적인 SF다
VOY : 나쁘진 않은데 왤케 재미가 없나
DS9 : 이런 이야기를 굳이 스타트렉에서 해야 하나? 싶음
JJ에이브람스 스타트렉 : 그냥 팬픽으로 만든 블럭버스터
DIS : 시즌이 갈수록 CG만 좋은 망작이 되어감
PIC : 안봄

Court Ruling shows the GPL is both copyright license and contractual agreement
Submitted by: pabs3; Score: 236

"Existing solutions, like VNC, tend to be strangely laggy, and others, like Miracast, are so deeply enclosed in proprietary protocols that they do not scale well to a bug-free experience on all devices."

. I gave up with my own attempts.

Little headsup, Mastodon developers seem to be testing a language selector in the posting interface (see attached image).

The idea is you set the language you're posting in which will make it easier for other people to filter your post out if they don't speak it.

You can already set your default language in the Preferences/Settings section, but the idea of this new feature is to let you optionally change the setting for each particular message. This is handy if you toot in several languages.

I have no idea if/when this will be rolled out, the developers' instances often get test features like this.


Inkscape 1.2 is available! Learn more about this major release and get the download link at Don’t forget to spread the news to friends and share gratitude to the supporters and contributors who have made this powerful software available to all. Draw Freely! :inkscape: 💓

GSuite legacy users can now get a free personal account, includes Gmail
Submitted by: tekni5; Score: 53

Password storage disclosures - How securely do they store user passwords & how good are they at letting us know?

Is there any interest in an official Pixelfed hosting service?

Pay as low as $5/month for your own instance with an export feature to easily migrate your data to your own server down the road if you choose.

This could help fund development and our other initiatives like!

#musicians! The #fedivision Song Contest is open and accepts entries until :point_right_hmn_g1: May 17th 2022, 3 PM CEST. You still have 3 days to submit your original, previously unreleased song via the website

Please consult the website for the rules and the full schedule.

#music will be available for listening and voting via the website and the official @fedivision bot 2 days later!

* Red: Arthdal Country
* Green: Ago Union
* Blue: Momo Tribe
* Purple: former territories of Neanthals

Note: based on Season 1 (ep 1–18)

* Unknown: original land of the Hae Tribe (far west of Arthdal, not shown in map)

of Asia

NEW: DuckDuckGo's Chrome extension now blocks Google's new tracking method "Topics" and new ad re-targeting method FLEDGE.

Google says they're better for privacy, but the simple fact is tracking is tracking, no matter what you call it.

Original tweet :

Two episodes in and it's soooo booorrrriiinnnngggg.

I said before watching SG that is better, well, now that I've started on it, AIB is indeed better.

There is no story in Squid Game not like Alice In Borderland.

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