Although the high cirrus (on left) has moved in more now, this morning was super clear over Hokkaido so there was a good cloud free Terra MODIS Satellite image of the island and showing the areas of early season snow cover (can you spot the pin point of snow on Mt Yotei 羊蹄山 ) . An image of the whole island with hardly any clouds like this is pretty unusual.

for 19 October 2020 checking a few storms around the world. Still working out some issues

Drifting along the of 17 October over Canada as seen by Suomi NPP VIRRS 🛰️

A quick vid showing how to create a satellite loop animated gif for posting on our discord ( or other social media using RAMMB Slider

Global Storm Outlook videos () to soon feature user submitted photo/video with permission/credit to you. Like to share something? use hashtag or via our discord at or facebook @youstormorg. Pic drone above Mt Teine Sun am.

The core of intensifying Hurricane with estimated sustained winds of 100 knots (115 mph) category 3. Louisiana landfall Friday afternoon/evening.

This short video details a quick way to post a satellite image on our . This is to help in a game to intensify roles. All are welcome here is an invite link:

Todays video looks at Hurricane about to landfall on the Yucatan near Cancun and then barrel into the Gulf towards the US coast. Also Typhoon Chan-Hom and more.

Major Hurricane approaching Yucatan Peninsula, estimated winds 115 knots (130 mph) in possible, yet not evident in IR satellite imagery, tiny eye, it's an odd one, possible localized catastrophic wind damage at small eyewall landfall.

Today's video takes a quick look at the California fires, Typhoon and some nice New Zealand snow satellite images

Having some fun with the youtube premieres, this one is some thunderstorm outflow boundary time-lapses and will premiere at 8 pm Japan time tomorrow. There is an active chat between now and then to leave random comments 😉.

circa December 2016 thunderstorm line time-lapses in a tropical low over Darwin. only took 4 years to upload :P

Medicane Ionas (alternatively named Cassilda, Tulpar, or Udine) seen by Sentinel-2 over the (hidden) islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos, on 18 Sep

The core of (or pick your name , , or ) is striking the islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos, Greece

Today's video takes a look at developing Tropical Storm a tricky forecast towards Louisiana, Hurricane approaching Bermuda and the west coast fires.

Today's video takes a look at the enormous smoke plume off the USA, high resolution satellite fire imagery, and developing in the Atlantic, a threat to Bermuda.

A look at the huge smoke covering the western US coast and a smoky weekend ahead in today's . Also lots of webcam grabs at the end.

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