The shockwave from Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai 🌋appears to be visible in the cloud layers as it passes around the world, seen here moving across the Amazon and Atlantic

The rapid development of storm over the last 48 hours seen in Infrared

The explosive eruption cloud of 🌋, Java, Indonesia in visible and IR seen cooling briefly to around -90 C in the IR from 🛰️which probably fits with the around 15 km deep plume reported.

9 competitions for Dec 2021 are now activated by the YMS🐒 , 👔 enter your pics at , for best gaming weather, cumulus, thunderstorm, hail or graupel, hail impact video, reflection in a window, scudnado, bird and sky, cloud that looks like furniture.

1984 to 2021 retreat of the Aral Sea as seen by . You can make these timelapses using an app made by @giswqs (on twitter) details are there.

🌀 is circulating off SE Sicily as a tropical storm strength subtropical cyclone and has gotten at least 3 names , probably more. Here is the Terra MODIS🛰️ from today. Models still indicate a turn towards the SE with Libya landfall late Sun.

Subtropical depression/storm developing in the Mediterranean, expect several names from different agencies/groups for this . Seems to wrap up/intensify and strike Sicily Fri/Sat in most models.

Dawn over intense thunderstorms in the offshore center that is edging towards Cape Cod.

The intense storm approaching the North American west coast as seen by Satellite

Explosive eruption at volcano, Papua New Guinea earlier today as seen by

La Palma eruption lava flow heat signatures using 15 October images, unmute for sound

Huge thunderstorm complex has moved from northern Argentina through Paraguay and into southern Brazil

Following Cyclone 's exceptional N Oman landfall we're working on a video on possibility of cyclones in the Persian Gulf. A story of an inhospitable environment, cooking waters, crazy forecasts and fake news. Discussion at

views of La Palma showing lava flow heat signature changes from 10 Sep (no lava), 25 Sep, 30 Sep, and 10 Oct

Powerful severe thunderstorm line progressing through the night across and as seen by must be quite the light show

Today's video takes a look at Cyclone () a very tricky forecast as the storm is due to encounter dry air masses but also some very warm waters in the west Gulf of Oman

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