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“‘Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have the same business model,’ says Balkan. ‘If Cambridge Analytica can sway elections and referenda with a relatively small subset of Facebook’s data, imagine what Facebook can and does do with the full set.’”


I'm feeling tired and out of the loop, but it feels like one of those situations where I should be doing something with Mastodon's outreach accounts on other platforms. If you have suggestions for what I should be doing, let me know thanks

So one of the really creepy things about the whole FB business is that even if you yourself were careful to not use any silly apps on it that suck your data or log into any websites using your FB account, that doesn’t mean your “friends” didn’t give your data away by giving permissions to read data on THEIR friends. Gah

Deleted account awhile ago but fear that made little difference bc they already had lots of my data and probably still do even after deletion.

Makes me feel yucky.

A hearty welcome to all new users of the fediverse 👋

Mastodon now allows you to write image descriptions, *and* it’s by default (not a hidden accessibility setting like Twitter)!

New blog post: The Mastodon Spring Creator’s Release: What’s in 2.3 for art and photography


Please share it around! ✨

@sydneyfalk Modern technology works by collecting data. True. We are not going to change that. Also true.

The question is who owns and controls the data and technology by which it is gathered, analysed, and acted upon?

If the answer is corporations, we have a feudalism.

If the answer is us as individuals, there is no problem. We have a system compatible with human rights and democracy.

Technology is not an objective vector from past to future; it’s character is shaped by ideology & funding.

the most secure place to hide the national treasure is inside a dropdown menu

I spoke with The Guardian for a podcast recently and it’s now live: Digital dystopia: tech slavery and the death of privacy.

“Is the internet broken? And has the utopian 90s net been replaced by digital feudalism, where a few powerful entities wield control over all of us digital serfs? … To kick off, we explore whether our privacy has been compromised by the tech giants whose business models depend on harvesting and monetising our data.“


I worked on making the bridge look like this instead (not live yet) mastodon.social/media/7AnWKQ2E

404 → 302

A simple gesture for an evergreen Web.

What if links never died? What if we never broke the Web? What if it didn’t involve any extra work?

It’s possible. And easy.

Just make your 404s into 302s.

Thoughts, suggestions, and contributions welcome:



The mastodon stages:

1: getting used to the interface

2: discovering that most people are just people, engaged in everyday adventures, big & small

3: the allure of the notification sound

4: a gradual getting used to the fact that not everything is about US politics, and that it's okay to filter it out on a macro level

5: a quiet moment when you think "there can still be poetry in this world"

6: some sort of reconciliation with the quantum magic that is the federated timeline

7: pineapples

Some folks on birdsite are tagging our project account in tweets like "hey jack twitter should copy this thing mastodon does". The idea that this is merely about features is short-sighted. Twitter will never, ever, ever be your friend. They are the shareholders' friend, not yours. No feature will let you see what their engineers are working on, what's under the hood. No feature will fix their headquarters in the US following and enforcing US laws and customs worldwide.

‘Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach ‘Jew Haters’’

“Want to market Nazi memorabilia, or recruit marchers for a far-right rally? Facebook’s self-service ad-buying platform had the right audience for you.”


Also on our radar: forum.ind.ie/t/facebook-enable

Some context might be helpful: Gab provides service to Andrew Anglin, founder of The Daily Stormer. Judging by the HN thread Anglin recently posted a bunch of personal attacks against Heather Heyer, the victim of the white nationalist terrorist attack in Charlottesville we're all likely aware of. This proved too much for Gab's registrar, who threatened to take Gab's domain down unless they removed Anglin's posts. Gab's response to this is a predictable "muh free speech".

Beyond that nonsense it's funny that they talk about the future of a decentralized Web, while running a centralized service.

Finished preparing my talk for Ghent… flying over tomorrow. So much opportunity in this… could Ghent be the birthplace of the Indienet…?

European court rules companies must tell employees of email checks reut.rs/2wBdycX

Ethical Design Manifesto


• Human rights
• Human effort
• Human experience