"Raiding The 20th Century" by @djfood, an astonishing 40-min mix about the history of cut-ups/sampling/boots/mashups, was broadcast on Xfm 15 years ago this month.

Here it is: soundcloud.com/flexolite/stric
(The first 13min are on the state of boots in 2004; the history comes after.)

Kev later expanded it to an hour, adding voiceovers by Paul Morley (reading from his book Words And Music).

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Want to help create better public services? We've got some fantastic opportunities - Interaction Designer, Tech Architect, Service Designer and Product Manager. Have a look: bit.ly/2FwWqtv

🐦🔗: twitter.com/dxw/status/1084798



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occasionally, clicking through yet another half-arsed GDPR-mandated cookie management screen, i find myself thinking "the GDPR has buggered up the web"

then i catch myself.

no, it hasn't. the way companies have opted to respond to the GDPR is what's buggered up the web. they could have been nice and unobtrusive about it, but no, they decided that *every user in the EU* should suffer their protests at not being able to stow thousands of fragments of random shite on a whim all over their vict- sorry, users' computers.

I wrote papers on this back when I played lead gamelan for Trouser System Six, obviously Marmalonse Gibe commonly gets all the credit for the transition to reductive hydro-blues but if you listen to songs like "TKTKTKKTTTTLLT Green Bent pt. 4" again and focus on the rear left speaker, there's a kind of plaintive wailing where one of the tracks got detached in between heads, and that was a trick I discovered with the Fostex 300R while I was utterly sublimated on Tipp-Ex

@yoz hurried addendum: please understand that I specifically mean UNDERPANTS, *not* the American word for elongated trouser systems

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Giddily excited to announce Dropbox’s IGNITE engineering apprenticeship program. A six month program at our SF HQ to give folks a first step in a software engineering career. I’m pouring a lot of energy into making this a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow, with plenty of hands-on mentorship and support.

We’re especially excited to find engineers from social groups that are underrepresented in our industry.


Dreamed that I was working at a startup with Kylie Minogue and I found myself mansplaining Stock Aitken & Waterman at her

I'm fascinated by bizarre bug stories.

This one (retold by my ex-Linden-Lab-colleague Mark Ferlatte) happened in the mid-2000s.

The chain of decisions that made this possible could make a book-sized history of computing.

But if you only take one lesson: please, validate your inputs.

in The Matrix they gave Neo all these real-world superpowers but they should have been incredibly useful computery ones

like the one I want right now: the power to INSTANTLY INVALIDATE ANY CACHE

then it really would have been The Matrix Reloaded

yes, Mastorarians, I am still here and wracked with guilt

"Tales From the Romeo and Juliet Phase Space" (by @tophtucker) is both a great demo of and also tragically, thrillingly beautiful: beta.observablehq.com/@tophtuc

See enclosed video for a quick demo.

You're amazing, iconoclastic, a bit silly.
You were a total visionary about the internet.
You're massive fun to be with.
(Also, you married Bob & me. Ta much.)

Well done on jettisoning the mortal body. You'll always be an inspiration.

Thanks for everything, John Perry Barlow.

okay let me put it another way

Jon Bois is probably the best storyteller on YouTube.
Most of his videos are about sports, but you don't need to know anything about sports to enjoy his stories

Tonight is a good night to watch his story about the Eagles youtube.com/watch?v=ZymSrDfLhW

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