I CANNOT be the first to refer to Our Flag Means Death as The Pirates Of Men’s Pants

people complain about the Gungeon RNG but they don't realise how lucky they are

and when a developer has a favourite kind of wood, they’ll build everything with it. Cars, running shoes, pizza ovens, you name it

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(Was prompted by an interesting thread on the birdsite about “go-to metaphors for explaining technical topics to nontechnical folks” twitter.com/ginatrapani/status)

But I also like “software = buildings” because:
* historical links (“architecture”, design patterns, etc.)
* most people think of them as static structures but they’re really living systems
* using a typical programming language for a big distributed system is like using wood for a 50-floor skyscraper

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Developers often argue about programming languages for writing consumer-facing software.
To understand this, imagine carpenters debating the best kind of wood for a cheesecake.

@yoz a song for Yoz:

hi de ho
it's Yoz tho
Yoz can do
rainbow light
Yoz tonight
bright as day
Yoz hooray

Yozlet dear
Never fear
The Fediverse will keep us near
On Mastodon
Some feeds are gone
I found a home
Here on Plerom'

Today is my last full day in London for a while so I must inform you:

THIS EVENING: King Of Prussia (right by Finchley Central) (nice outdoor front space) from 7pm

This toot brought to you by The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, which is the movie that happens when you squeeze Terry Gilliam really hard

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A whole new day.

(Custom character emulation using Circlex character set. 3-bit palette, 320x240)

Created in for - 8bitartwork.co.uk

‪Wandering around Camden* today. If you’re in the area and want to say hi, please yell!‬

‪* London, not New Jersey‬

Some feelings of inevitability can also be delightful. For example: the realisation that Of Course Tom Waits Is In This Movie

Exhibit A:
"I've Never Been To Me" is a song about how women will regret their fun-loving, jet-setting lifestyles, and they should stay at home raising kids for arsehole men. (OK, that's one interpretation.)

Here's what Ned's Atomic Dustbin did to it:

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Give me your favourite cover songs where the artist HATED the original, so they shat all over it, and the result was fantastic, hilarious, or both

When I say "they shat all over it", I don't mean "they really changed the style".

I mean "they used the song as a vehicle for their unambiguous disgust and it's great"

may I set the tone for my future use of Mastodon by stating PAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS

Just like Tom Waits, I'm still here.


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