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Today I learned that ESG'S "U.F.O.", one of the most sampled tracks ever, was only recorded because (legendary Factory Records producer & dingy echo specialist) Martin Hannett had 3 minutes of master tape left. Thanks, Martin!

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My Grandad's advice for safe driving was: "Always remember you're controlling a potentially lethal weapon". I think it helped me to take driving even more seriously.

Perhaps it's good advice for us technologists too...

"Always remember you're programming a potential platform for bullying and harassment".

"Always remember you're designing a potential system for mass surveillance".

"Always remember you're deploying a potential tool for mass social unrest".

‪If it's wrong to discriminate against people for their colour or place of birth, is it also wrong to discriminate based on their political views?‬

‪Short answer: no.‬

‪Far more entertaining answer: theguardian.com/commentisfree/

MASTODON BONUS CONTENT: I'm copying the few tweets I post these days to Masto but seriously do I have ANY followers here who might not automatically agree with this

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I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

I'm still here and I love you

yes, YOU

Um, because you're a human?
Your support of open source?
Your impeccable dress sense?


your friends are a battlesuit for surviving the future

i am a happy tipsy love-filled yoz, AMA

Did I miss discussion of the "Slaughterbots" short film? (I've been avoiding most social media recently.) If so, have there been any good counter-arguments to the point it's making?

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I've added a few notes on my #NaNoGenMo entry this year, a parody of abstract descriptive writing which I hacked up on my home-backed Haskell text generator github.com/spikelynch/formatio

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Not strictly speaking about RPGs, and only of interest to UK people, but the next session of my games-design masterclass has been announced. It's at Draughts in London on 20th January. Tickets: eventbrite.co.uk/e/games-desig

Some really useful benefits of raising visibility/sorting of "important" posts:

1) Increases the likelihood they'll get the audience they need/deserve

2) Increases engagement generally, by pushing utility earlier

3) Makes it easier to *not* engage continually, and push Mastodon usage to personally-appropriate times of day/week. As an ADHD sufferer, FOMO-free conservation of attention is HUGELY beneficial.

Obviously, the algo-sort can be Bad in many ways, and a primary tool for serving the platform-owner's interests over the users'.

But that's a separate issue from the potential value of algo-sorts, or other summary views. What if that potential power and utility entirely serves the user?

Right now it's easy for me to catch up on Mastodon posts. But when that ends, I will absolutely want the most important posts pushed up.

However, there is one major FB & Twitter feature that most consider a dark pattern, an anti-feature: the algorithmically-sorted timeline/news feed.

I think that majority opinion is wrong, and should be reconsidered.

These algo-sorted views have obvious utility for users who don't visit many times a day. In Twitter's case, the web view has been hugely useful to me now that I've heavily cut back. It's MUCH more useful than a straight chronological sort for surfacing important posts.

It was FB that filled the vacuum that Twitter left for me, not Mastodon; I just don't do enough here yet for me to get pulled back into conversations. Plus, a whole load of other reasons around FB's feature set, including patterns both light and dark. (Dark patterns explanation: darkpatterns.org/ )

In retrospect, it was a bad idea to start promoting Mastodon at the same time that Twitter turned me off social media generally, but those two are so obviously linked.

In the meantime, which platform have I ended up using the most? Facebook. (Facepalm.) Because (a) it's scarily good at providing the friend interactions I want, and (b) it totally owns the social events calendar.

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Remember folks, if you abandon Twitter, Facebook or Google, it's not a boycott, it's a STRIKE.

Because you're the [unpaid] workers that earn them billions of dollars in capital.

When you don't post, they don't get the benefit of your labour. And when you don't use, they lose money.

Social Media STRIKE days should be a thing.