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@anildash YES PLEASE YES. I've been thinking about this very thing for a few weeks (without the time, focus or nous to build it). And this is exactly the kind of thing for which Glitch is perfect.

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It's Anzac Day today: here's a blog post I wrote last November about Bayesians and Australian gambling culture mikelynch.org/2016/Nov/01/flut

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<p>Unlike its better known cousin H. sapiens, the domesticated species H. esculentus has a dramatically enhanced sense of taste and a congenital absence of pain perception and survival instinct. Breeders raise them in pampered bands like the finest Japanese beef, and carefully train them for the climax of their lives.</p><p>Each year, they compete to be chosen, and a lucky few are allowed to carve and cook themselves for delighted and distinguished diners.</p>

I spent 5 minutes and 15% of my phone battery on tracking down this image from The Day Today and it was entirely worth it


@kennwhite Was it recorded? I'd love to hear the explanation for half of these slides.

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As a general note for people who want to help mastodon but don't have money or don't know how to code:

Open source projects always need help with writing more documentation.

Always, this is always true.

I am in a giant hotel in Tel Aviv and I keep bumping into people I went to school with, because apparently half of Jewish London is here

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Work at the FSF! We're accepting applications for Outreach &amp; Communications Coordinator <a href="https://www.fsf.org/news/fsf-job-opportunity-outreach-communications-coordinator">https://u.fsf.org/251</a>

@migurski Gaah, had I not been chasing children around a Jerusalem hotel I would have given you pointers. But to start with, this is a very fun, free 15 minutes: crowscrowscrows.itch.io/dr-lan

@harrisj but there are so many other ways of greeting people

why would you force people into rigid, dogmatic uniformity of expression rather than celebrate the amazingly diverse ways we can acknowledge each other

why would you do this

are you trying to give the people something against which to rebel

@Secstodon I doubt I'll have the time, due to frantically herding family around, but thanks for the offer! Where are you?

@Secstodon Yes and yes, if by "nuts" you mean "has family frum & wealthy enough that they find the cost of Pesach in Israel to be easier to handle than trying to do it at home"

@informationchef @cwebber this sounds promising but I'm currently way too spaced with jetlag to be able to visualise it

things may improve over the next few days, but in the meantime, keep talking

(to start with, I'm keen to see where the current Mastodon/ActivityPub/whatever protocol set overlaps with the functionality we want here, either directly or when twisted into freakish shapes)

Just arrived in Israel with the family. All this week's Mastodon thots - should I get around to any - will be coming from either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, and behold they shalt be even more biblical and prophetic in tone. (The wild eyes are due to jetlag.)

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<p>Hacked one of my Mastodon instances to offer a 1024 character limit for flash fiction. Small tweak, but wondering if it might interest some writerly folks if I open registration eventually <a href="https://flashfic.stream/@lmorchard"><span class="invisible">https://</span><span class="">flashfic.stream/@lmorchard</span><span class="invisible"></span></a></p>