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@sysadmin1138 Thank you! And I hope you make it here soon, it's lovely.

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A Welsh Police Officer Uses Seven Thousand Metres of Anchovy Butter to Transform a Gentrified Butchers Shop

I tried to toot from the plane but it failed

I tried to toot a picture just now but it failed

Anyway HI I'M IN PORTLAND FOR A FEW DAYS (and for the fantastic Open Source Bridge, but only on Thursday)

A lovely fun talk from @mala about applying prefigurative vs strategic politics to changing the world/net/whatever: youtube.com/watch?v=3I-KGsBN8m

and not just recommended because
* he specifically namechecks Mastodon
* he turns his terminal into an Apple ][, then ends up battling his own terminal hacks later
* he leads the audience in a closing singalong

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Has anyone heard of the Alvin Lucier sound art piece "I Am Sitting in a Room" (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Sit, youtube.com/watch?v=fAxHlLK3Oy)?

I just decided to try out a version that uses google translate and speech recognition instead of tape loops. The result is super strange.

Here's the transcript after 16 iterations haste.tchncs.de/raw/ahubifukop and here's a rough recording soundcloud.com/qwerty-cwm/sitt

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a scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fly and is also known as a buster

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Must go to bed and stop reading about Captain Leonard Plugge: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_

Just visited Mariposa, a gluten-free bakery in Oakland

They’re having a party soon

Check out the musical guests

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@jk I have a horrible dread feeling in the pit of my stomach that it was the Smurfs

That’s right! It was a penis. Specifically, a furry dog penis, and hey, that’s fine! Nothing wrong with dog penises, unless for some reason they have about seven hundred (!!!) scripts embedded in them, and become a stress test that our script state deserializer has never encountered before.

Even worse, as well as crashing the servers, this thing DoS’ed our engineering team, because nobody could talk about the problem for more than a minute while keeping a straight face.


But, sorry, you came here for *software* bugs, so here’s the other story, about a bizarre spate of server crashes that affected a particular set of regions, repeatedly.

It was traced to a single avatar. Specifically, a single attachment on that avatar. And something about loading that attachment into a region process caused the process to crash, every time.

Given the topic of this thread so far, can you guess what that attachment was?

See, it’s hard enough defining sexuality rules in real life, but then you get to the virtual world and you think you’re safe defining the lower age limit as, what, 18? 21? Something like that?

And then the weasels among your user base show up and demand to know how to make an 18-year-old-looking weasel, given that their average lifespan is only seven years.

(I don’t know how we resolved this. I suspect we limited the age thing to humans. Well, humanoids. Well…)

One final preamble: Being a furry is a fine and lovely thing, and this thread should in no way be taken as any kind of invalidation of that identity, and if there are furries who take exception to this then please do let me know, and I just hope you understand the fascination among us non-furries when one day Michael (one of the loveliest, longest-serving Lindens) takes a Customer Service call and ends up uttering the line, “Well, I don’t know, what *is* the age of consent of a weasel?”

Following Philip Rosedale's libertarian lead on this, SL's management has generally tried to stay *fairly* hands off, only interceding in situations of non-consent (abuse) or illegality, such as age play. To stay on the safe side, any avatar that looks like a child (say, under the higher ages of consent) that takes part in sexual activity will usually get its owner - whatever age they really are - banned.

This is a rule that already sounds somewhat vague, but when you put it in a virtual world…

As you may know, virtual sex is hugely popular in Second Life. IIRC, it's the second most popular topic/activity overall* because SL gives unprecedented freedom to experiment.

Imagine that a High Energy Physics research department, but for Human Sexuality, got a $50m budget and decided to build a - forgive me - Large Hardon Collider. That's SL. And just like other human sexuality research, what SL turns up is AMAZING and I'm so glad of it.

* 1st place: fashion. SL looks pretty good these days.


I did write an interesting thread about Second Life and its fascinating bugs over on the birdsite, and I did it for the stars and RTs, even though it would have been far more sensible to write it here: twitter.com/yoz/status/8658082

As penance, here are TWO stories about Second Life and furries. (Because... Mastodon. Obviously.)

Of course, 2am is the *perfect* time to discover that Anne Dudley has recorded a (mostly) piano-only album of Art Of Noise songs, and now I am too consumed by music lust to sleep