I’ve been at the hospital with my spouse since Thursday for what is proving to be one of the worst experiences of our lives and I am really wishing I had also thought to pack more extra clothes than one shirt

I am officially a homeowner! Finally I can put shelves on walls and not scrounge quarters for laundry

Anyone in DC interested in checking out a talk about 1960s video games tonight? The creators of Spacewar! are getting together for the first time in decades! eventbrite.com/e/innovative-li

Won my first tournament today in cvs2! Coming on the heels of making 2nd in TMNT last weekend I think I've got a good niche going for old ass games with very specific playerbases

really gotta press fewer buttons when playing fighters

also since I am on track to have a kid coming in April I'm rather pleased that they'll have her as a hero to look up to

I'm a little late but watching the new Doctor Who and the new Star Trek short featuring Tilly back to back was a delightful way to spend a Sunday. Whittaker is so good as the Doctor!

The new Samurai Shodown has me hyped up something fierce! I love most of the older ones (not so much 4 and 6), even declaring Special the best fighting game I had played of the 00s. I stand by that and am excited to try and drag some local players into the orbit of some fine sword fighting action

Exceptionally proud of this investigative video I put together into the history of the RCA Studio II, from its PC beginnings in 1970 through the odd bumps in the road like arcade machines, unreleased successors, and hobbyist computers. youtu.be/o35y6W9hI-o

I'm so glad I started this Atari project (and the RCA one). I'm learning a ton about these games talking to the developers, I've helped rescue some unreleased games, and I think answering questions that have largely not been asked while there's still time. I just wish that I had more time to spend video editing so I could do more of the things quicker! I want people to know what I know!

Blade Strangers: I only know a handful of these characters but damned if it isn't a really fun crossover game

I'm rather pleased to find that car rental, lodging and ferry prices for the UK and Ireland are downright reasonable compared to what I feared! Seriously so excited for this trip.

Incidentally I am open to suggestions on anything we should check out!

I like how the bulk of the things on my partner's and my overdue honeymoon to the UK and Ireland is creepy stuff or less famous museum spaces. It just seems proper to do it that way.

One year ago I got married under a solar eclipse, and it was singularly the best day of my life.

Note to self: when recording video of old game consoles remember to plug in the audio cables when switching to ones that don't have built in speakers

Actually no, I think I'm going to dip into the old Doctor Who game I used to play in and bring back Space Olympics... youtu.be/XVoBQqketHM

So far they've rescued some scientists, talked down a planet suffering from overzealous Asimov robots, prevented their ship from being torn apart into another dimension, and as a follow up to that, prevented extradimensional aliens from colonizing their universe by engaging in a truce with a splinter group of Klingons. I feel like they're going to need a lighthearted comedown, maybe I need tribbles

I GMed my fifth Star Trek RPG session over the weekend, and I'm absolutely loving it. The players are having a lot of fun and I'm enjoying seeing how the story develops - I've taken to just writing a very broad stroke outline that's largely background and just adapt on the fly to what they're doing. It's the perfect approach and system when you hate complicated combat encounters and prefer storytelling!

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