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#Wallabag for @yunohost were just updated to 2.3.2 version ! 🎉

In addition to 2.3.x improvements, it now support changing the URL after installation 🙂


@wallabag pour #Yunohost vient juste d'être mis à jour en version 2.3.2 ! 🎉

En plus des améliorations des versions 2.3.x, il supporte maintenant le changement d'URL après installation 🙂

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Arabic contributors of #YunoHost are making really cool progress, this is so cool :) ❤

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Anybody have experience with ? Is it stable, worthwhile, etc?

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Je pense que ma prochaine conférence à sera dédiée entièrement à et à la Fédération. On va essayer de préparer ça, histoire de promouvoir l'essentiel de l'essentiel :)

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Le #FDLN de #Rennes se rapproche... J'ai fini mes petites slides sur #YunoHost, on verra si le breton est curieux ^^

🔐🔑 ! VIENDEZ ! ❤ 💻

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est tout simplement un excellent projet : je viens de tester sur une VM en local, avec une IP dynamique chez un ISP. Je n'ai pas de nom de domaine, Yunohost offre le dynamique clés en main <3 !
Ne manque plus qu'à configurer la redirection des ports sur le modem :)

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New testing release of @wallabag for @yunohost 🎉

Includes upgrade to version 2.3.2.

Don't hesitate to step in and help with package testing to get the stable release soon!

Hey, we are still no compatible with Stretch :psyduck:, but at least now we have cool charts to tell you about it :thinkerguns: !

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Format de paquet #Yunohost: vous voulez des infos sur les avantages/inconvénients et raison derrière cette organisation ?

Regardez ce post 🙂 :

Follow-up on our poll to elect the next official apps :

the winners are Synapse (matrix server) and Etherpad_mypads ! 🏆

We had about 100 people voting, thanks everyone ! 😘

Hello everyone,

We've just made (yet another) security improvement BETA release and **if you are using a * or * dyndns domain** we would be very interested by your feedback!

And you don't have anything to do, just install the testing release (but that might be a bit risky while we've made a lot of tests).

(there is one more security improvement release to come, we split them to avoid breaking things)

Hello YunoHost users ! 👋

We've just made a new beta release (2.7.6) :toot: and we need feedback to tell us if we haven't broken anything and if everything works as expected :thinkhappy: !

Among the changes :
- display in the admin UI if you are vulnerable to Meltdown and how to fix that ;
- be able to change app labels ;
- the "change url" feature for apps is now available in the admin interface.

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Anyone here using #YunoHost, a Linux Debian made to help you to easily self host several services including XMPP, web server and DNS.
I am looking for something to get a home server setup easier, it does not have to be graphical setup interface, but should be considerably easier to setup, use and maintain then doing it all manually.

Infos about Yunohost here:
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Rappel #Meet-Up #Yunohost - Présentation du projet et comment contribuer mercredi 17 janvier 2018 de 19h00 à 21h00. Infos ici & inscription

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Translators, this is the time to contribute #yunohost, we have a testing release (which means next release is soon):
We are using #weblate for #l10n :

We will have our next meeting on Tuesday, January 16th 2017 at 20h30 UTC+2 ! 😋

You are welcome to join even if you’re not currently contributing and/or just want to discover and see how things works in the project. ✌️

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Hello YunoHost users !


We are starting a new poll to "elect" the next official apps 📦 ! Please take 1 minute to look at the list and choose which apps you'd like to see as official !


Nous démarrons de nouvelles élections pour "élire" les nouvelles applications officielles ! Il vous suffit de prendre 1 minute pour regarder la liste et choisir les applications que vous voudriez voir comme officielles !

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