The Tel Aviv Makers Hackerspace has a voucher making rounds but currently available. Contact me personally if interested.

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The hardest problem in computer science is sitting up straight in front of a screen

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A large third-party accessibility script is currently under an active DNS poisoning attack, served by @Cloudflare's Israeli endpoint:

$ dig +short @

Malicious host is serving a message supporting

Wonderful morning on the birdsite, Twitter restricted a group of 23 fresh Israeli bot users that was preparing for the elections. Full user dump can be found at

Reading material for this evening: Brulle, R. J., & Norgaard, K. M. (2019). Avoiding cultural trauma: climate change and social inertia.

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We also just launched our crowd funding campaign to support our work until the April elections in Israel. If you feel like throwing us a few Shekels, you can do that here (Israeli ID required atm unfortunately)

Yesterday @noam and I published our findings on a malicious website that was targeting journalists on the birdsite, here's the news coverage for anyone who missed it (Hebrew)

@yair @abgd תגידו לתותים יש דיירקטורי של יוזרים? זה פיצ׳ר שצריך להפעיל או משהו?

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You can ride the whole Bergen line, from Bergen to Oslo, in this video.
Also you're strapped to the front of the train I guess. :)

After a first batch of faulty transceivers, single mode fiber optics test is finally working. To be deployed soon!

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i want to build things. i want organize my community. i want to plant gardens. i want to teach community classes to young kids using popular video games. i want to help young people learn to cook and make herbal medicine. i want to make zines with my queer friends. all of these have so much value to me, but aren't valued under capitalism

In the past two months I've stopped using the term and started using instead. No one has ever asked me what it means. While the majority of people are in denial, they all know what is going on

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At least 7 discussion meetups about #climatechange took place during #35c3. We are excited to announce one of the results: a new orga team @c3sustainability formed, to work towards #sustainable and #climate-neutral CCC events (camp, congress, regional events). We want to work out effective and practicable measures and suggest them to existing orga teams to improve current practices. Do you want to get involved? We can use your ideas and support! Check out #hacc

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