okay, so I'm like in-between tv shows, trying to find something amazing to watch that will stay for a while.

and we just discovered Inside no 9. Damn. So good! But it's British, so will end fast - 6 episodes per season, 25-30 minutes each. U G H.

oh man. it's so late and i'm so not in sleepy mood. πŸ‘€ hyped actually.

just showed a trailer for a new wireless headset. Yes please! πŸ’š

Around the Endgame's release, I was like "meh", I mean, it's cool and stuff, but I was so full of superhero movies, that I just needed a break.

After finishing Agents of SHIELD and now while watching all I want to do is rewatch the WHOLE MCU with kids to show them how awesome and complex it is.

wow, okay, I might be back, so it's time to do some kind of since my timeline is full of Mastodon's toots ;)


I'm Angie, 29. I love watching horrors, playing games, coding and reading books.

My gif-game is very poor and I talk too much ;)


Preacher Season Finale - I'm actually excited to see that and I don't want to see that at the same time.

it's season finale which means no more Gilgun once a week 😭

today I really need to see whole Ghoul on Netflix.

okay, I'm done.
I'm a good girl tonight. I can watch some horrors!

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*boring, but boting is as good as the no-typo version

selfie, eye-contact 

13/10 dziwnie w cholerΔ™.
robiΔ™ caΕ‚e na fiolet.

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