Preacher Season Finale - I'm actually excited to see that and I don't want to see that at the same time.

it's season finale which means no more Gilgun once a week 😭

today I really need to see whole Ghoul on Netflix.

okay, I'm done.
I'm a good girl tonight. I can watch some horrors!

*boring, but boting is as good as the no-typo version

selfie, eye-contact 

mutes meta 

and also

I year ago I wrote a piece about Mastodon vs :birdsite: with a quick tips on "how to start". A lot changed since then but it might be a good (basic) start.

SSH-themed horror movie ideas

1) Host on Haunted Hill
2) Ghost in the zsh
3) Dude Where Did I Redirect My Output?
4) Paranormal Activity Detected
5) The Exorcism of systemd
6) The Silence of the Error Messages, Even on Debug Level
7) The GNU Witch Project
8) SalΓ², or the 120 Days With Still No Patch From Our Vendor
9) Invasion of the ICMP packets

working hard while playing Candy Crush Saga β˜•

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