Random screenshot, it was/is really hard to get the effect working where the terrain pulls awaywhere the road is. Right now I'm working on hold-up mechanics, basiclly you use handguns and can hold-up npcs. mastodon.social/media/fFni1xz8

RubbleCore was about a teenager who lives in a Tron-like, but mundane, futureworld who dreams he is a Transformer god in a fantasy world of rock people.

It was my "final word" on nostalgia remixes and just an overall meta mash-up.

The rock characters were based on old toys The Rocklords.

I was inspired chiefly by Tom Scioli's Transformers vs. GIJoe. Also: Prophet & The Wrenchies. mastodon.social/media/HkPZfZ8u

I cancelled a comic book project a few months ago called RubbleCore.

It was my last-ditch effort to convince publishers to make a comic series after getting fed up w/ self-publishing after over a decade.

Thing is it turned out just as "weird" and un-sellable as my previous work!

I miss this project but have since decided to jump from comics to putting my creative energies mostly into games.

mastodon.social/media/j01ySMvH mastodon.social/media/PhdRMmIx

My friend released a new comic today called Roof Pirates. skweegieisland.com/?comic=roof

It's insane and really nice to look at. Dude's super talented, check it out!

He's been prolific w/ making comics & remained motivated for years & years, w/o real traction on what he's doing. I guess that's a common refrain with comics online though. Anyone ideas on how to build an audience with long-form idiosyncratic comics online? mastodon.social/media/C-4fnbRl

Hey. Thought I'd wander over here to talk art projects & games & comics!

I'm Z. Bill and used to make a lot of comics (Bear Quest largoinfinite.com ), but pretty much am all about gamedev these days.

Current project is called The Red Mummy and it's a cinematic platformer. Kinda trying to inject a comic book into Metroid, haha. largoinfinite.com/games More on that later.

Meanwhile, here's a dream I had: mastodon.social/media/P89GfirX


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