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Selbst nach den kritischsten Schätzungen (nämlich von #Microsoft) hat #LiMux die Landeshauptstadt #München in 10 Jahren 61 Millionen Euro gekostet - also 6,1 Millionen pro Jahr (München selbst spricht von 23 Millionen und einer Ersparnis von 25% gegenüber Microsoft). Laut ZDnet kostet die Rückmigration zu Windows 86,1 Millionen Euro in 6 Jahren - also 14,35 Millionen Euro pro Jahr.

#gnu #linux #floss #digitaleSouveränität #publicmoneypubliccode

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First things first, preparing for a saturday mornibg little chess tournament online at with other Certabo eboard users (one from Australia so much different timezones)...COFFEE 😉

van @linuxmagnl - Wil je snel een overzicht opvragen van de geïnstalleerde hardware in jouw systeem? Vergeet dan alle tools zoals lscpu, lspci, lsusb of dmidecode, want je hebt er slechts één nodig: inxi. Lees de commandline tips - 'Systeeminformatie opvragen' via:

Happy New Year 🥳

We are preparing to release the next version that includes several new features and improvements.

The mobile app is almost ready for primetime, and we'll be shipping the Android version first (via @fdroidorg)!

PS - We have been working on text-only posts support 😉

@cda made a live talk about Funkwhale and decentralized podcasting as part of the Chaos Communication Congress, and you can view the recording here if you're interested :

It's a great introduction to the project as well as how we actually integrated #podcasting into the app itself earlier this year!

We had such a lovely time in our #Christmas #Matrix room that we decided to make it a permanent thing! ✨

Behold, a general #fediverse chatroom: 🎉🎉

So far there have been interesting discussions about topics like #foss, #federation, #opensource, #phones, #OS, but also non-tech topics. It's at a different pace than #mastodon, so they compliment each other nicely.

There's an open door policy, so anyone is welcome to join 😊

LibreOffice is made by passionate free and open source software fans, all across the globe. Find out who's near you - or if there's a gap in the map, help us to start a local community in your area:

Another highlight is that you can now opt into being notified when somebody you follow makes a new post, so rare posters are not lost among an otherwise busy home feed.

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We are proud to announce our newest iteration on our flagship desktop environment, #Budgie 10.5.2, with a diverse range of new features and bug fixes! :budgie:

Read about all the goodies at

Maia Chess, a deep neural network engine that plays like a human. was trained on >100 million
games and matches human moves over 50% of the time. For more, see

Een overzicht van schaaktafels in de openbare ruimte in Nederland
Overview of all public chess tables locations in the Netherlands -

The problem with is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok: The US ban of TikTok suggests that surveillance via social media giants is okay, but not when the surveillance is being done by China. While TikTok might be one of the worst surveillance machines, we have to understand that surveillance is always bad. Let's fight for our right to . 💪

If you wish to control your online identity and consider #keybase, please have a look at instead :)

- fully #opensource
- #decentralized and #privacy focuse
- no vendor lock-in
- no #zoom takeover \o/

#pgp #gpg #encryption

Woher kommt egtl diese dämliche Idee, dass ich Bilder und HTML-Shit in Emails haben will?
Ja klar, Marketing, aber wer will das wirklich?
Inzwischen sind Firmen ja so weit, dass sie Emails auch nicht mehr plaintext-kompatibel oder mit Plaintext im Hintergrund gestalten. Da steht dann nur "Sie verwenden einen veralteten Email-Client. Lesen sie diese Email im Browser." Nein verdammt nochmal, das ist Absicht, ich will euren Werbeshizzle nicht haben.

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