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How to run a small social network site for your friends -

"Na 2008 is er niks gebeurd, en daardoor nam het chagrijn enorm toe. Hoeveel chagrijn wil je laten ontstaan? Dat vind ik wel een mooie gewetensvraag voor de politiek." Lezenswaardige bespiegelingen in dit interview, o.a. ook (best veel) over de zorgsector-

Happy with my just received Italian eco-leather flip case book type for made by Anna Treurniet. Not cheap, but quality, hand-crafted and good looking.

@FediFollows @zandbelt we do support this since the 0.21 release. Basically you can:

- Host your podcast on Funkwhale
- Subscribe to podcasts hosted on other pods
- Subscribe to third party podcasts in Funkwhale, via their RSS feeds
- Subscribe to Funkwhae podcasts in Mastodon/Misskey/Pleroma

@FediFollows @zandbelt @funkwhale there is @thenewoilpod who just started hosting their podcast on funkwhale.

Make sure to encourage you favourite fedi podcasters that funkwhale is looking to help podcasters, and right now offer 5 GB of storage for free on

In a week, we have collected enough money to work on #PeerTube's v3 for the next 2 months! There's still 4 months to fund, but right now we just want to thank you for your enthusiast support, y'all are amazing!

After showcasing our roadmap for PeerTube V3, we are happy to announce that version 2.2 is out. Let's look around and see what it brings us:

Seeing how much people have loved it makes me really excited knowing that the code is open-source and I will be helping people get their own version of the software running for them. I'll make running a YouTube alternative easier than running Wordpress

How Pebble Users Are Keeping the Smartwatch Alive 3 Years After It Supposedly Died - (happy to have discovered Rebble so that I can continue using my Pebble Time with my new phone !

Picked up my #pebble from my home again. Has the latest firmware installed, now to put #Rebble on it.

Yeah, fixed it! Installed Solus on my old Dell Inspiron laptop that had a really worm out keyboard (almost no readible buttons left) and succesfully replaced the keyboard. There you have a nice functional linux laptop again. But gosh those terrible to understand keyboard cable sockets...(how to unlock them makes me puzzle and sweat every time ...)..pfewww

@mist if I may continue asking ;-) do you rate this decentralized p2p one? - and this p2p one

Still like this brave campaign cellular phones should return to smaller sizes not evolve towards bigger and bigger ones...

We just shipped v0.1.1 of the P2P Matrix proof-of-concept - and have put together a write-up explaining the project to formally introduce the project, given we're at the point now where you can actually start playing with it! 🎉🎊🦩

nice to notice that @efoundation makes use of @nextcloud for their offered cloud services

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