Hey y'all I just read all of @zandra's new light novel, and it's really good and cute and girls and genderfeels and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Also you can read the first two chapters for free!!!


Oh right I should post this here too hey hi CAT WISHES IS OUT! :D
My second light novel, My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around, is now available to the public! Please check it out and let me know what you think!

zandravandra.itch.io/catwishes mastodon.social/media/KGMPnlwF

Hey y'all, @zandra released a new light novel yesterday and it's Very Good. There are catgirls and cuddles and genderfeels and friends supporting each other and it's just the sweetest aaaaaaaa ;w;


twitter xpost:

So after reading @zandra's latest light novel last night I felt WAY TOO MANY FEELS and I had to draw her adorable protag who just needs all the cuddles mastodon.social/media/0ANbgzny

hey hi how do instances work how do I follow people

Hey hi psst my first light novel is out!! I Asked For Squid Maids But I Didn't Know I'd Become One (or, Squid Maids) is available on itch in digital form! It has a lot of gender feels and has made some people cry so I hope those are convincing arguments for you to check it out. Thank you! πŸ’™
zandravandra.itch.io/squidmaid mastodon.social/media/aw7w75o5

Hey hey hey @zandra's Squid Maids book is out now!! Go buy it, it's really good and genderfeels-y :D zandravandra.itch.io/squidmaid

I'm becoming so much more confident in my art and the quality of my commissions, but I'm still weirdly in that place where I don't think they can sustain me financially. Gonna keep pouring my heart into my Patreon while hoping to piece together a revenue stream (or a part-time job). Fingers crossed!

BUGS & KISSES: The Demo is now available for FREE!! Go kiss some gosh darned beautiful bugs!

Also, you can get full versions of both of my pieces in it on my Bandcamp ;D

if I can finish this thing it's going to be so awesome

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I am Alex Zandra, the Sisyphus of making posters

psst there are train jam tickets still available if anyone wants to go make games on a train to GDC with a bunch of wonderful folks

also hey hi I'm a game designer & writer & adequate 2D artist & streamer & I have community management experience so if you hear of any freelance or part-time work in that field I'd be super grateful!

hi I got three vaccines today and I feel sore all over and maybe I should sleep for a week

but I can't because I have comics and a poster to make

Reminder (or news, depending): I'm a speedrunner and I love it. πŸ’™ New Oni personal best, by a lot! mastodon.social/media/MMUNtLVQ

It's time for my Earth 2 Review of FROM SOFTWARE's latest Cyberpunk/Mad Max mashup title: Gearheads

I, of course, went the hybrid Hacking/Hardware build so I could use the ocular implants although my next run I just might go Pure Hacking so I can utilize the Moonlight Beam Saber in Cyberspace.

My one complaint was the lack of SIN weapons and the time it took you to get them (at least 3 hours in spedrun)

All and all, would play again.


But right now I'm every kind of exhausted and I might need to wait until tomorrow before I'm in a place where I can figure this out. x_x

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