Why yes I'm only back on Mastodon because the birdsite has fallen over and I'm bored.

Hustlers is to Catch Me If You Can as Oceans 8 is to Oceans 11: discuss.

2a) how does the eorum of multiplicati sunt infirmitates eorum postea acceleraverunt not refer to the sanctis of the previous verse and

b) how does postea acceleraverunt correspond with "those who hasten after other gods"-type English translations?

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Oh now I remember why Psalm 15/16 thwarted me last time. Can someone with better Latin explain why:

1) deus meus es tu quoniam bonorum meorum non eges doesn't mean something like "because you're not doing anything good for me"

fled back to the kitchen, and bounced from closed window to closed window in full-on champion parkour mode until I finally got it to notice that I'd now opened the door for it to leave.

Hopefully it'll remember this ordeal and stay out in future.

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High drama at 5:45am when a neighbourhood cat snuck in through the broken cat door, was confronted by the very affronted resident cat, discovered the cat door doesn't permit exiting, fled at warp speed to the other end of the house, tried to scale the floor-to-ceiling windows,

Wow Linwood smells particularly strongly tonight of... let's call it incense.

(For all I know it actually is incense, I've led an unbelievably sheltered life.)

The Truman Show is definitely right up there as one of The classic science fiction movies.

What on earth happened to term deposit rates in the last year? I used to be able to get more than that in a standard savings account - before the bonus interest.

A good time to spend big on home maintenance I guess.

My living room has two doors. One is open, one is closed. My cat is sitting at the closed door, occasionally scratching for me to let her out through it.

(What she means is she wants me to get up and follow her so she can show me what she *really* wants.)

Wouldn't it be great if my security system said on it somewhere what model it was so I could search for a manual online and download a bunch of spam and malware.

TIL: lots of people are going all "language of flowers" over different coloured heart emojis and it's all "this colour could mean P, OR it could mean Not-P, OR something totally tangential" so like I said very language of flowers lolol.

Electrician has now replaced sensor on security lights (old wiring had degraded and gone 'splodey); replaced long-dead garage security lights with new ones that don't have a nest of ants inside; and confirmed water dripping through bathroom fan(!) isn't electrical hazard.

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AND today was so busy I lost track that the electricians hadn't called me back, and my plan to go out for the evening cancelled, so now I have a very cold house. May be in bed early tonight (which I could probably use to be fair....)

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ALSO just as I went to bed after a sucky day and lots of comfort food and staying up too late writing fanfic about people with worse problems, I turned on the security lights and a fuse blew that covers lights in half the house and also the gas fire.

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"If you know the secret ways, you can summon and bind a powerful being who will serve you, feed you, and protect you."
"What are those secret ways, mother?"
"I will teach you," she purred, and began washing the kittens.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity! There's nothing new under the sun, even cynical revelations, why am I even typin

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So: There's no point working hard in your current role and there's no point working hard to get a promotion, therefore you might as well just sit at your desk and play solitaire all day. Until you realise that this is also pointless.

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But: No matter how senior role a get and how much scope that gives you to do a good job at work, there's always someone more senior than you who can screw everything up with a single stupid decision.

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Like: There's limited time in the day so you can either spend it learning how to do your current job really effectively, or convincing people they should hire you for a more senior job. (Seems plausible this is a causative factor for the Peter Principle.)

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