Going to attempt to move to mastodon.nz because a) mastodon.social is massive and it feels more in the spirit of things to be somewhere smaller, and b) out of all the smaller places to be, choosing something based on my interests does not align with the butterfly nature of my interests; going by geography works better.

Let's see how this goes....

Is there a Mastodon app (for MacOS and/or Android) where you can click a button to say "Yes, I've read all these, make them disappear so that when new ones come in I can tell where to start reading again"?

Also it'd be nice if the [...] bar was a bit more visible or even just auto-expanded.

Argh gathering stitches are a scam, they don't gather evenly anyway so I may as well just do the gathers by hand with pins midway between the ends and midway between the pins etc since that's what I end up doing after I've wasted time on the stitches anyway.

The ice rink is late opening today so I filled in some time upgrading my Retail Tycoon store on Roblox to replace all the carparks with a bus stop. My pseudo-nibling who introduced me to the game is going to be *so* impressed.

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An absolutely mighty list of free online audio lessons in Te Reo Māori if you're into that sort of thing, and why wouldn't you be. Kia kaha te reo Māori. #TeReoMāori podcasts.tewhanake.maori.nz/te

Hey wait, copy-pasting a laserkiwi gave me laserkiwi code, but laserkiwi code doesn't give me laserkiwi. What is this spite?!

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How does laserkiwi? Do we just copy/paste? :laserkiwi: Ahhhhh I see! <rubs hands together>

Logged into Alice in Videoland to pause my subscription and instead added a dozen more DVDs to my queue.

Done so far today: slept in; washed hair; laundry washed, dried and ironed; bulk foods bought; lawn mowing arranged; lunch eaten; pumpkin chopped and boiled; bread mixed. Still have to fill and bake bread rolls, and make and eat dinner, and do so many dishes ugh.

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hello Mother's Day is coming up and I sell jewellery, see reverb.felt.co.nz

I know I should put hashtags on this but I'm shy and self-promotion is hard.

The tauhou have discovered the persimmon tree. This means war! In our first battle, I routed the enemy, retrieved the holey prize, and ate it. All the other fruit at the moment seems hard so that hopefully buys me some time to plot strategy.

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I feel like #FediTips should also include that there is an option in your profile to automatically expand Content Warnings. One of my hesitations with the "Err on the side of CW" ethos was that I didn't like that I couldn't read most posts without clicking on them, which is not a great user experience. But, if you know you don't have particular content you emotionally need to avoid, that's a good option and makes it that much easier to be thoughtful to those who do.

Me: I hate books where the whole story would be over in two pages if the main characters just talked to each other.

Also me: trimming the lawn with hedge clippers instead of emailing the gardener to find out if/when he's coming to mow it.

(Also how the main flaw in the programme is he does a single loop jump instead of a triple, these things happen, but then after taking his bow he does a single loop on his way off the ice in commentary on it while still being happy at his overall performance, I love that.)

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Currently obsessing over the first 15 seconds of this kid's free skate programme in particular. youtu.be/utLriA_I4pM?t=5714

The rest of the choreography is also beautiful and unique but that 15 seconds is a really special beginning, I'm rewatching each move and transition at quarter speed over and over to drink it in.

Kia ora - I'm, like, ambivalently social so don't know if I really want to do an intro yet here it is!

I'm Pākehā descended from UK, born in Pōneke, live in Ōtautahi, work in librarianship, write science-fiction and fantasy but am way behind in submitting to markets, and butterfly between various other hobbies: currently infatuated with figure skating. Love learning/using other languages, including , kōrero mai.

I want to give full marks to Past!Me who looked at the seeds from a persimmon she bought from the supermarket and said, "I wonder what would happen if I planted these?" because what happened is I now have two fruit-bearing persimmon trees.

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New folks might be wondering about the CW option. It's pretty simple - it lets you add a content warning onto your toot, but also obscures the content so you have to click on it to see the content. People tend to use them fairly liberally here. I don't post anything I think is objectionable, but some people are sensitive to certain topics, and it is just polite (and respectful) to give them fair warning. Nice when browsing the local or federated timelines, where you could see anything!

It's not very easy to watch ice skating while ironing shirts, or vice versa.

Why yes I'm only back on Mastodon because the birdsite has fallen over and I'm bored.

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