Given the scam "bishop"'s track record for saying he's applied to do stuff without having actually applied, I would like to cordially invite the media to *not* attend his political party launch until his party has actually provably been registered.

I think this is the one we've got at work - seriously considering it though it's possibly a fraction yellower than I need. I should sit on the work one at some point if I can find a time when the students aren't hogging it.

The state of modern furniture: beige, beige, grey, beige, grey, grey, cacophany of colour, grey, grey, beige....

Wait, ten minutes ago I came to a grudging agreement with the misbehaving cat that I'd tolerate her survival if she didn't demand a share of my lap

and now she's on my lap and I don't even remember when this happened.

(First result helpfully suggested buying new carpet.)

If my cat wasn't already dying I'd probably kill her.

Instead I've let her go outside. She's been such a PITA this week I don't think she's sick enough to go die under someone's house tonight and I needed the time alone to google "how to remove cat urine from brand new carpet".

I can't tell what enrages me more today, the amount of fuckery happening in extremist-controlled "democracies" that needs tearing down, or the amount of brilliant stuff happening in New Zealand that the fucking extremists are trying to tear down

everything is terrifying

Update: Someone ventured to eat the giant feijoa. They quartered it lengthwise like it was a melon.

Me walking into staffroom: Haha I almost thought that was a giant feijoa lol!

Me a beat later: OMG it *is* a giant feijoa, *how*???

I swear if it was a little longer it'd be a cucumber.

Cat TV. A few minutes later she crouched more comfily. A few minutes after that the thermostat turned off and she started whimpering in complaint. Currently she's staring at the unlit gas fire, just waiting.

My gorgeous but threadbare 1970s carpet is now gone. Briefly enjoyed the sweep of timber floorboards (and still have them in the hallway - to sand and polish) but went ahead with what can best be described as wall-to-wall mattress. Legit had an afternoon nap on it.

Hi favourite calf stretches plz!

I got a calf cramp at the end of my last swim session, it's been recurring nightly since, and I don't want it to screw up my next one.

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OK, this is a "boosts needed" post, please boost this if you see it. At least one organisation I'm involved in has a major problem in that it runs online and needs to be able to ballot members, and just about all the easy services for doing so aren't GDPR compliant.

Would anyone be interested in clubbing together to try and run a Euro-side, compliant server of CIVS or a similar e-voting system that could be used by community groups, activist orgs, and so on?

#democracy #cooperatives

Excuse me, please notice this hat I have knitted with the aid of these circular needles and granny glasses.

Is there anything I can do to make *fix this*? Is there any law I can cite to take it out of customer non-service hell?

(I even thought of cancelling their account but that'd incur All the fees.) I have access to the customer's account (including postal address but no sign of phone number).

It seems to be set up for paperless billing, no autopay - so I'll probably get their bills too and then they'll have overdue fees too.

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