RT @binitamshah@twitter.com: Never connect to ProtonMail using Chrome - in fact stop using Google at all* if you are privacy concerned : old.reddit.com/r/ProtonMail/co

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RT @JJJ@twitter.com: They’ve also made millions more dollars leveraging the efforts of non-employees.

It’s a relationship, that I think works well and benefits everyone.

I do not know anyone who is obsessed with Automattic’s motives.

I do know people who do not see the same benefits I see. twitter.com/nickhamze/status/1

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β€œCompanies where employees aren’t taking a stand, companies where employees aren’t awake to the complicity of their labor, companies where employees aren’t willing to put the tools down and take an ethical stand, will eventually die.β€β€Šβ€”β€Š@monteiro link.medium.com/45vqVYQ7TR

RT @topher1kenobe@twitter.com: Is it possible to have Github use different email addresses for different projects? I don't want my work tickets coming to my personal email address.

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RT @Tupp_Ed@twitter.com Brexit has been 18 months of watching someone trying to haggle on prices with the automatic scanning machine at a Tesco checkout.

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RT @berkun@twitter.com: RIP Stan Lee. Not entirely sure why, but The Ramone's version of the theme to Spiderman feels like a fine tribute. youtube.com/watch?v=i5P8lrgBtc

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Hardly new.
RT @ConanOBrien@twitter.com New drinking game: drink every time you feel anxious and sad.

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RT @KrangTNelson@twitter.com: remember in 2010 when we thought tech startups and nerd culture were going to save the world lol

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RT @carlhancock@twitter.com: I worked for a company that was founded in 1800’s. Dominated their space. In mid-00’s they decided to rewrite their flagship software using the latest & greatest tech at the time. It failed miserably. I mean truly disastrous. Don’t be naive to think it can’t happen to WordPress.

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RT @maddisondesigns@twitter.com: Sad to see so little care for Custom Fields & Metaboxes. ACF fields no longer save under WP 5.0 beta 3. Three betas so far and every one has broken something! Great stuff! πŸ‘Œ

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RT @AstroKatie@twitter.com: There should be a word for those friends whom you love and admire and think of often but never contact, for unexplainable and inadequate reasons, and who probably believe you indifferent, when the truth is far more tragic and mundane.

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RT @johnbillion@twitter.com: I'm stepping back from WordPress core involvement for a few months because the atmosphere around here lately stinks. I'm a fan of Gutenberg, but when valid criticism is *continually* met with defensiveness and correction instead of open-mindedness, it's not healthy for anyone.

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RT @danhgilmore@twitter.com: I am going to Hell for laughing so hard at this.

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