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Tiny Retro Organs, Make Me Wanna Kill Myself, Over and Over and Over and Over and Over Again.

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About last night.

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Dear MAGA-hat-wearing-american-tourist-couple, a thread: 1/10

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Facebook workers, look at the world around us. Look what your labor has been used for. Babies in cages. Trans people being dehumanized. Mosques and synagogues being targeted. The people in power use the tools YOU built to make this happen.


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BREAKING: Theresa May finally announces departure date, on basis UK has three day weekend to celebrate.

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Somehow, the Terminator: Dark Fate trailer posted by Arnold on reddit turned into an AMA and someone asked about Commando....

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"Even though the *** team has a new home, there’s one thing that will never change" -> Said the CEO of each and every company acquired in tech and it always ended up as a lie.

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Para quem nunca me viu fazer tristes figuras em público (são poucos, bem sei). Com @thisisdemocrash@twitter.com esta 6ª , na LX Factory, às 21h

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Queres saber que políticos, partidos nacionais e grupos políticos da UE vão ao encontro das tuas opiniões com base nas suas verdadeiras ações? 👇

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Forse tutto mi scivola addosso senza lasciare tracce, otherwise known as the unassailable argument against brushing up on my rusty Italian.

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The Who and Jimmy Fallon Sing “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with Classroom Instruments


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A equipa de organização do WordCamp Lisboa 2019 agradece a todos a presença.

The WordCamp Lisboa 2019 organizing team thanks everyone for attending.

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“El dragón quema un trono que había por allí y se marcha volando con su ama entre las garras. De lejos me recuerda a la gaviota del PP. Pienso que necesito urgentemente vacaciones.” ✨

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Me pidieron en el periódico que viera el último capítulo de Juego de Tronos sin haber visto ninguno de los anteriores. Soy un experimento. Aquí el resultado.

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Lembras-te daquela foto de grupo que tirámos no WordCamp Lisboa 2019?
Obrigado por teres estado presente.

Remember that group photo we took on 2019?
Thank you for being there.

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Am I going to regret this? Maybe. Or not. Anyway, just not right now.

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Meetup link: Join me at Dare to shine: women and public speaking - a workshop ( side event) meetu.ps/e/GHv7M/byXJM/a meetu.ps/e/GHv7M/byXJM/a

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