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This website shows you videos of driving around in multiple cities while listening to local radio stations :) pretty cool driveandlisten.herokuapp.com/

My first recording session as a drummer was 40 years ago. It's been remastered and re-released and is now available to purchase (digital name-your-price/vinyl 9€ or more). apparently 😎


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Mr. Robot's writing is just off the charts, and keeps getting better.


Que se foda o normal que se fodam os anões e que se fodam as merdosas colinas que defendem convencidos de que são montanhas.


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In 5 years businesses will look back on React.js and admit that it created more problems than it solved.

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Er… Obrigado? (“As notícias sobre a minha morte são manifestamente exageradas" — Mark Twain)

Great news and hat tip for the mention 😉

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WordCamp Europe 2020 to be Held in Porto, June 4-6 wp.me/pBMYe-nGI

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"Gary you're 48 and get angry about milkshakes you haven't won shit"

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: Pedro Mendonça’s passion for contributing came from his involvement with the polyglots and the Portuguese community. “ allows you to work alongside so many people and find ways to contribute together. It creates an this atmosphere.” @pedro_gaspar@twitter.com

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Frisian Liberation Front

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Does anybody know what @remkusdevries@twitter.com was getting votes for here?

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First conceived as a personal call to action, I'm starting to believe that should be taken more literal. Delete all of Facebook. Not individual accounts, but the whole fucking thing.

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“My main priority is to make money for my shareholders” isn’t good leadership, it’s a character defect.

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Meta-imposter syndrome: When you know a lot of people have imposter syndrome, but you've witnessed how competent they are. So they're not like you, the real imposter.

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