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Hey y'all!
I'm currently renting a room with my friend, but pretty soon I will have to move to a separate one and I need to buy a new mattress and some furniture that my friend was sharing with me.
Thus I open FIVE commission slots!
Any donations and boosts are welcome too. :boost_ok:

:lies_down: starstrider.carrd.co
:ko_fi: ko-fi.com/starstrider

#commission #CommissionsOpen

Got new headphones. Finally dipping into audiophile stuff after a decade of being interested. Finn got a new box

Trying out the camera on my new phone. Really loving the detail! Think it may get me shooting more since it's basically a good point and shoot, and takes photos in raw format!

Been going through Godot tutorials by @gdquest and I'm really enjoying his concise explanations and am looking forward to purchasing some his other courses!

One thing I always grapple with at this point is if I should keep going with additional features for Lock Box or start exploring other ideas I have...

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To start the new year I crunched a bunch of fixes and small improvements for Lock Box and now I have to remember the important stuff to get it updated and uploaded to the AppCenter. Feels good to be back to working on @elementary stuff again.

While visiting my parents, some deer showed up in the back yard. They were pretty chill, and didn't seem to mind me taking pictures from the window while they ate and wandered. Was there watching them for probably 15-20 minutes.

I think one new years resolution I want to put a lot of effort toward is being more involved in @elementary development; bug fixes or app development. I'd be happy with either!

Really enjoying the new release of @elementary even with the odd quirk. It's hard to pinpoint what's better about this release since they updated just about everything and it's all great. Today I finish installing it on the rest of my machines!

Was out of the blue asked by a friend and old coworker about going to Boston Comic Con. Decided to say as I've only been to comic cons to help with booths. Was not disappointed.

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A few people were chatting about the possibility of choosing the accent color in elementary OS. There are still some concerns around how to treat things like suggested & destructive colors, but it's theoretically possible to do some clever stylesheet trickery to make it all work.

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Katie got a Pixel, so we're selling her Nexus 5X! It's in great condition, as she kept it in a case all the time. And the case comes with it! swappa.com/listing/IGF806/view

Went to the Boston Aquarium today with some friends. I am exhausted from all the walking during and after the visit but it was worth it. I had a blast!

Getting *real* close to pulling the trigger and going to LAS in Denver. Not sure what is holding me back...

After using Qt5 at work for a couple of weeks, I have a new fondness for Gnome and Vala. I don't mind C++, I actually love C++, but I'd be lying if I didn't say using Qt in C++ is a big ol' mess in comparison...

After probably 12 hours of looking at @elementary code and ValaDoc, I think I finally am getting a handle on using GDA. Trying to make some kind of basic getting started doc for using it for the sake of my memory.

Just finished a puzzle game called Quern. Very satisfying to solve everything. I would highly recommend it! It's available on all platforms to boot, and I can confirm runs well on Linux 😄

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We’d like to give a shout out to our over 320 supporters on @Patreon@twitter.com! Your support makes elementary OS possible :) buff.ly/2H6wxSB

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