Falcon Age is very good. The bird is very good but also the absolutely not-fucking-around anticolonialist narrative is very good

@root I never had cable. The only kind of ads I remebered where like, the ones on VHS tapes and for movie theaters.

whelp i guess i am never finding that account again

spent a chunk of this evening setting up a PSX emulator with 4x scaling and PGXP enabled to make The Fifth Element look way better than it deserves to

the most direct inspiration for my 2015 game Endless Ladder Climbing 2 is Enduro for the Atari 2600 from 1983. pretty rad cover art on that one.

I've eaten 2 entire bags of Chocolate Brand bite size chocolates in the past week and I just opened bag number 3

also this is my winning "summer bikini" outfit in the anime dress up game

Free Inca Tilesets for your games:


Assets are public domain. This means you can use it for your personal and commercial games.

use unix and vim long enough and you stop being surprised by the unreasonable things it does, and you get brain damaged into believing the ridiculousness is reasonable and obvious

Is "transgandalf" something or is that nothing? I honestly can't tell. I'm boosting this until I figure it out. Please @ me

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