‪My new official emoticon for expressing solidarity with another person when you’re both absolutely miserable:‬

‪༼つ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)╱ ╲༼༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ ᑕ)‬

Brain: You remember White Zombie right? Remember that riff on Blood Milk Sky?

Me: What the f-why are we thinking about this?

Brain: o/~ YEeeeeeee I want iiiiit ~\o

Me: Dear lord that was decades ago can we get back to cleaning the kitchen?

Brain: Put on AstroCreep or I start reciting Marylin Manson

Me: There's a reason I was drowning you in cheap whiskey.


Me: Alrightalrightshutupshutup. *sigh*

there once was a woman named stormy
who made the orange tang horny
he pulled out his chode
she said “looks like toad”
don’t tell me that’s not funny

Report: Berlin

Do you remember way back 20 years ago when you were reading comics and there was this lovely stark black-and-white comic "Berlin" by Jason Lutes? About Berlin in the Weimar republic? Street fights between Nazis and Reds, intellectuals tut-tutting at chaos, families torn apart, artists arguing art… and all drawn so beautifully that you keep reading despite the ongoing bummer?

Yes, it's spooky how much less relevant the subject matter seeme…


RT @davywtf@twitter.com: Retweet this is you used to play with one of these when you were a kid!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/davywtf/status/104

can I declare bankruptcy on my mental health status?

RT @robrousseau@twitter.com: I have a better idea -- tax both these vampires at 90% and put that money into the education system that already exists

@clamdive Remember Disney in the early '90s, keeping their old shit locked down in a vault? It's like that but they really want you to keep buying their weird new VCR every 5 years.

Bacchus: The trans nonbinary diety of the dance rave, and psychoactive drugs. prototype for that well known party animal Jesus

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