My wife got these kickass advent calendars from Aldi, this year. The cheese one is crazy good. I almost hope she somehow gets allergic to dairy for the next 30 days so I don't have to share.


Better sound than I had hoped. Not as good as the original, but for a third of the price? Totally worth it.

We finally got our own ceramic tree like the one I grew up loving. It's my new favorite decoration.

"What, this? Oh, just some paint I splattered on canvas. Nbd." @ A Touch Of Creativity Art Studio

Check out this Jumprope I made of a delicious holiday coffee drink!

Download to find more fun how-to videos and make your own today!

Mister President-Elect, please consider this a formal request from the American people.


This is only the second time I have ever requested a retweet. If you agree that President Biden should restore the rank and rightful benefits for Col. Vindman, or appoint him with equivalent civilian rank, pass this along.


I often wonder if Republicans understand what machine RATM was raging against…


Not exactly what we had in mind


It also pairs well with a bottle of whisky while waiting for Schrödinger's ballot box to reveal if we have to spend 4 more years watching our democracy crumble or if we can start fixing the mess we made in 2016.

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Btw, if anyone needs a soundtrack while they fight to tear down the establishment today (this is a little late, so only Mountain and Pacific Time—plus Alaska and Hawaii—can really benefit at this time), I made you a mixtape.

Just had our pie delivery from and can't wait to dig in today! This one is maple bourbon pecan, but she's got some awesome pie choices. Go check them out!

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