Got some new coffee in the mail to try. Hoping to try a couple of these next week.

Just working on test shots and other collateral for my new side hustle. What does everyone think? 😂

OnlyFans but it's just me wearing nothing but an apron preparing various meals on my smoker. I call it BareGryllz.

OF but it's just me wearing only an apron cooking meats on my smoker. I call it BareGryllz.

This guy…

I managed to taste a little before he drank it all. Czech Pilsners are so much better than American ones.

Not sure if there were too many drops of the chocolate bitters or the inclusion of them at all, but this was a miss.

This popped up in my Featured Photos on my phone and I just had to re-share it. Architecture can be truly beautiful, and this is a prime example of that beauty. @ Austin, TX

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