‪I fell asleep on the couch and my dog came to make sure I got to bed...by sneezing in my face as I slept, then going back to his bed. ‬

‪As Ozzy Osborne once said “Of all the things I lost I miss touching my face the most.”‬

Just realized this winter I’ve now been at the museum longer then I was at Apple. Just clocking 13 years this month at the museum.

And man I left Apple completely closing in on 6 years now. Geez felt like just last year.

if my part of the fediverse missed it, Terry Cavanagh published the source code for VVVVVV: distractionware.com/blog/2020/ and with the existing subset of the assets for level creation being freely distributed, you have yourself a nice fun set of things to play with and port to ATMs: distractionware.com/blog/categ

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And done with work till the new year! I really don’t like NY being Wednesday. 😕

They: what are the uk election results?

Me: UK’s haunted

They: ??

Me: *cocks shotgun* UK’s haunted

Accidentally launched bird site app at lunch and after about 10 minutes of scrolling through that trash fire I realized if I’m spending any time on social media it really should be here.

I watching everyone complaining about not being able to get into destiny 2 servers, me playing on private arma 3 server:

I love overhearing people talking about CBD now that it’s legal. Fave quotes so far “it’s decaf weed” and “they take hemp and put a tiny amount of weed in it.”

I still think about moving back to minidisc based music monthly...

Having spent the last week and a half with a rental that has CarPlay, it’s 1) hard to go back to my 2007 “dumb” head unit 2) my next car def going to have CarPlay.

Sitting here eating my sandwich at a local shop and this convertible rolls up w/ 2 late 60-early 70 year old men rolls up and these two women of similar age run up and jump in the back seat like it’s a god damn teen movie from the 80s...

‪Just watched a dude get out of a big pick up, climb into a tree, to rescue what looked like some pet bird. Small and blue but too far away to really see what it was. Then he gently cradled it against his chest as he got back into his pick up and drove away. ‬

It’s hilarious, in a horrible sort of way, that I’ve been a photographer for closing in on 25 years now and I still have have imposter syndrome. I get nervous before each photo shoot. Then when they’re going well I go holy fuck I’m good at this. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

ho. ly. shit. Apple responded to one of my RADAR tickets...sorry Feedback Assistant tickets.

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