We need new logo for programs/apps, well for Mac it’s ok w/ Rosetta2, I still prefer to use apps that I know that have been updated for Apple Silicon. With Linux it’s even worse as I can’t run x86 at all. Need a cute little penguin w/ a giant arm logo or something?

First dose done. Most at risk friends and family have or are about to get their second dose. Such a great amount of tightness in my chest, shoulders, & back that I didn’t realize was there is loosening.

So been a way way too long. Sort of went all hermit during this pandemic weirdly enough and didn’t really spend much time on social media. Feel it’s the opposite of what most people did, but now that we’re all starting to come out of our caves, I’ve decided to start reading and posting again.

@zer0her0 found out this weekend my dad and his wife got their first this past week. My wife’s appointment got move up by 2 full weeks and moved to just a couple blocks away instead of an hour away. Feels like the getting closer and closer to the end of this.

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Step dad got his first vaccine last week. Mother this morning. Wife got her first scheduled for end of next month today as well. All the at risk people in my life being on track to being covered has brought more comfort to me the I even realized I was subconsciously stressing. Can’t wait till we’re all safe...from at least this current craziness.

Not going to lie. Seeing healthy people a decade younger then me that aren’t front line workers posting their vaccination cards while my folks are still waiting for their first vaccination appointment and we’re struggling to get my wife an appointment that has a compromised immune system. Is quite the feels.

Me New Year’s Day “Man 2020 was quite the year glad it’s over” 2021 kicking in the door: “Hold my beer”

Heh phone just autocorrected “The GOP” to “The GOO” and I may just set that as normal.

Ah modern gaming, lose internet for less then a minute in a single player game totally kicks me out of the game because I have to be “online” to play and loses about 10 minutes since last auto save.

So I think in the new year I’m thinking of getting a Mac for home. First time I’ll have a home Mac since leaving Apple (Ie currently use work provided machines). Which should I get:

‪I fell asleep on the couch and my dog came to make sure I got to bed...by sneezing in my face as I slept, then going back to his bed. ‬

‪As Ozzy Osborne once said “Of all the things I lost I miss touching my face the most.”‬

Just realized this winter I’ve now been at the museum longer then I was at Apple. Just clocking 13 years this month at the museum.

And man I left Apple completely closing in on 6 years now. Geez felt like just last year.

if my part of the fediverse missed it, Terry Cavanagh published the source code for VVVVVV: distractionware.com/blog/2020/ and with the existing subset of the assets for level creation being freely distributed, you have yourself a nice fun set of things to play with and port to ATMs: distractionware.com/blog/categ

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And done with work till the new year! I really don’t like NY being Wednesday. 😕

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