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Andrew Meier

Also, my eBike is arriving today and it’s going to be raining the rest of the week. 😣

Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have run this security update. It’s apparently going to take 35 minutes to finish the install...then again I do have a nice hot cup of coffee here and a pile of papers to read. I guess it’s a good thing after all.

Well that’s weird, mastodon is working again at work, but now I can’t post. 😕

Welp, has officially hit the big leagues. just got blocked for me at work. Though may be a network issue, I doubt it since everything else is working and our "public" non-filtered wifi has it worked fine as well.

I'm going to miss reading mastodon on my 5k display. 😜

Hahaha these guys next to me are having a Linux district flame war in person.

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Man I don't often scroll back far, but when I do I really annoyed at the mastodon web client auto refreshing and jumping me back to the top. 😣

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Am I the only one that seems Github's mascot Octocat as a really poorly drawn Cat? It just looks like the proportions were all wonky so instead they said it was an octopus's body to cover the mistake instead of fix it...

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I really do not understand why people use GitHub over Gitlab AT ALL.

GitLab consistently brings out AMAZING features at least 1x/month. Their company is ethical (donates regularly to amazing coding groups like BlackGirlsCode, DjangoGirls, PythonLadies, etc.).

Just look for yourself:

Ordered my first e-bike. Been craving one ever since doing some test rides while viking the brother in law out in Bend, OR 2 years ago. I fear this could get to be an expansive hobby.

So reading an old novel via Amazon/Kindle, it's just horribly rendered . i.e. page breaks mid chapter so half the screen is blank but not going into a new chapter or section. Whispersync is also totally broken on it because of it's formatting. i.e. it'll sync and jump me back 10-15 pages between devices.

I have found a couple older cyberpunk/sf books like this, you'd think they'd be the best examples of ebooks!

Ugh, just took dog for a 20ish minute walk, it dropped 5 degrees (from 40 to 35) during that time plus wind kicked up making it feel even colder. Come on it’s mid April can we have just sweatshirt weather? Not even asking for T-shirt weather.

Man whenever I visit fam for the weekend it turns out weird. Weird dreams weird days.

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So spent the last hour doing "Workplace Violence Prevention" training. Had to send an email to manager & HR saying I finished it.

Almost just sent the email w/ this subject line "Finished Workplace Prevention training..." That is subconscious stuff right there.

Siri, get Internet on the phone! I have questions that need answering!

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you can be anything at zombo com


not anymore
but those were the days

Doing taxes is like playing a really shitty PnP RPG.