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Ok etiquette question, obvious spammer/ad bot on here a reportable offense? Account w/ no avatar, or bio, only post is a link to spam blog post.

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My favorite conspiracy theory is: Whenever I see that there's a whole slew of inexplicably specific crappy conspiracy videos about any given subject, I just assume that they were preemptively created to cover up something sort-of similar that nobody knows about

Hm, this seems like it might be a

i.e. Should there be duplicates of the same emoji in the recently used? Shouldn't it only have one, maybe just move it up in position if it's used repeated?

Man I've been having some very realistic dreams that have been sticking w/ me as if they were memories. Just realized a convo/semi-argument I thought I had w/ a coworker was just in my dream last night and I didn't have to apologize to him. 😅

Having a pint at local pub, dude just walks up “Hey man, how you doing this afternoon?” “Fine, yourself?” “Would you like some OxyContin?” Well that took a weird turn... “No thank you...” “Good man! You’re a good man.” “Um, thanks...”

And just got an ad in Tootle, in-line no less thought it was my instance of the current swop/toot I was reading till I realized it was from the app, guess I’ll give Tootdon a try.

PS I gladly pay to remove ads/tracking from apps.

*sigh* out of coffee…wait, it’s lunch time!

Man, I feel like such a newb, just realize the web UI does basically what I want (Ala Tweetdeck style). 🤦

Ugh bashed my head against code & git for most of the morning, once again thankful I'm not a programmer.

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An instance focused around writing, editing and discussing codes of conduct

What iOS app are people using these days on here? I’d prefer one app that does both iPhone & iPad. Also, is there really only one macOS client?! Finally, why hasn’t anyone made a tweetdeck style app for iOS, macOS or web?! (Or am I blind?)

Hmm, maybe it’s time I settle down in here again. It’s been way too long since I logged in, seems like I am having weirdnesses with my account though.

You know I just realized the AirPods are the first Apple product I've ever owned that isn't branded w/ an Apple anywhere on it (that I can see at least).

So our city finally has gotten on the bike share bandwagon. And I can't help but think how much better it would be if they were e-bikes (especially in our hilly city), even if it was just peddle assist style. I foresee all the bikes ending up downtown when college kids and 20 something's take them foe the hill to the bars then are to lazy (and drunk) to peddle them back uptown...though now that I think of it drunks on e-bikes may be a bad idea...gah.

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the future is already here

it just hasn't federated to your instance yet

So finally broke down and bought myself an early birthday present. Got a set of AirPods...but they won't arrive till a month after my birthday (which is just under a mont away).

I can't believe they're still that back logged. I would be worried they're having issues w/ production, but I can't help but think they're just THAT in demand, which I guess is good.

Here's to hoping they ship early!

These are the days I miss working for . 😕 Great job everyone! 🎉 (Oops forgot to pay this yesterday)

That feeling when you can't /quite/ place the musician(s) or actor/actress.

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Some think mastodon has to challenge twitter as far as number of users to be a success. That's the beauty of Foss software. It doesn't have to. Mastodon is already a success in my opinion.

I'm perfectly happy with mastodon being our own niche thing. There are enough of us that care about freedom and decentralization that it can still be great. Being massively "popular" also brings all the shitty things about the masses being on one platform.

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@yogthos man I too remember the time that case of lost identity virus spread through queens's overground subways; it was weird