Reasons to join mastodon:

- No ‘influencers’

- Chronological timeline

- New mates

- Accessibility features

- CW etiquette

- Without the pressure of trying to please an audience via an algorithm to go viral, your shit-posting skills blossom into beautiful levels, shapes and colours that you didn’t know that you had in you.

- Horny on main

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Whenever Face ID doesn’t work, especially after I first wake up, I think to myself: “Oh lord, am I in that movie Face/Off?! Then I think do I have Travolta’s face or Cage’s?!!”

ok fedi i need some tech help

i got some data off a memory card from 2000- some mysterious audio files & text documents & drawings, all of which i know are from child-me.

i cannot open any of them.

the audio files are .wav but throw a missing codec error in VLC when i try to play them. the text documents are in the .psw (Pocket Word) format & the images are in .psi format (god knows, i only know they're images from the file names).

can anyone on Tech Masto help me open these bits of my childhood?

@zer0her0 I’ve moved the trash over twice now. I’m tempted at this point to just put against his garage door so he gets the idea.

So neighbor passed away about a year ago. Son took ownership of the house. He is regularly doing this. (Our building is on the left, his garage on the right. The house is one street over, and we don’t know which one it is.)

So, the lockpicking daughter wants to play a D&D character that is two gnomes in a Wizard's robe... I'm tempted to let her.

So been up since 8 and I have yet to do anything to prepare for travel and thanksgiving. Well I’ve made lists 3 lists so far. Maybe I need a list of lists...

So thinking of getting into since they finally have a female lead. Can I just jump in with that season, or should I start at some earlier point?

God damn fire alarm makers, why do your lower battery warnings always go off between 2-3:30 AM?!

I feel whenever a man tells a woman how she's supposed to handle her reproductive rights, she should be able to get a free nut kick to said man in.

I think the new Black Ops Blackout game should be called/pronounced “Booboo”

‪Man I’ve become such an OLED snob, I now judge apps if they don’t support true OLED black levels.‬

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Ah the fun times of moving all the 2FA stuff over to a new phone.

I mean... if you're threatened by a Code of Conduct, that pretty much tells people all they need to know about your state of mind concerning basic respect for other people.

If you believe your right to be an asshole without consequence equates to FREEDOM, you're just a bigot.

The math isn't hard on this one.

Happy macOS Mojave day! Remember back up before updating.

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