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Andrew Meier

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:sa_confused: 😕 :blobconfused:
is anyone making early 00's era pixel art emoticon versions of entire emoji fonts yet

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So glad my ISP now has "1 hour tech repair windows"...that they end up missing by over 30 minutes now w/o any sort of update or clue as to when to expect them...Such convenience. 😒

Weird didn’t attach photo, let’s try that again.

Which reminds me. Second bike is here!!!

Happy Applemas all, I mean happy Apple WWDC Keynote day!!! Sadly I’m going to be in meetings all day so can’t watch live. 😕

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GitLab open sourced push mirroring and added it core. This is a great win for #decentralization!!! You can now run your own canonical GitLab instance & easily mirror to GitHub for findability.

Read more here:

Another reason why GitLab is #1

#federation #fediverse #decentralize

Every few months I remember and miss Google Wave.

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I don’t know if I’m in the minority but I would’ve rather had the new iPad gain the smart connector (& keyboard cover as a side effect) more then pencil support. I rarely use my pencil but I use my keyboard daily. Also, can’t help but feel it would drive iPad apps to have keyboard support.

My arrived Wednesday, forgot to post a pic been too busy. Didn't get to even put it together till yesterday.

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I think I'm going to add an autoplaying audio clip to every web page I make of a laptop fan spinning up

Also, my eBike is arriving today and it’s going to be raining the rest of the week. 😣

Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have run this security update. It’s apparently going to take 35 minutes to finish the install...then again I do have a nice hot cup of coffee here and a pile of papers to read. I guess it’s a good thing after all.

Well that’s weird, mastodon is working again at work, but now I can’t post. 😕

Welp, has officially hit the big leagues. just got blocked for me at work. Though may be a network issue, I doubt it since everything else is working and our "public" non-filtered wifi has it worked fine as well.

I'm going to miss reading mastodon on my 5k display. 😜

Hahaha these guys next to me are having a Linux district flame war in person.