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Andrew Meier

I think it might be time to get a "real" keyboard at work (i.e. a mechanical keyboard). Now just to figure out WHICH one.

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Wait, the number of registered users on Mastodon is larger than the population of Estonia?

Oh awesome governor is giving some speech in one of our auditoriums, so basically the building is locked down and have to show my badge to state police and explain where I’m going the rest of the day.

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"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it's not satire, it's bullying."
– Terry Pratchett

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has anybody implemented Electron in Electron yet

will this basically require all the Earth's remaining computer resources (as most of them are tied up blocking chains? chainblocking? something about blocks)

Impossible invention, device that lets you take photos in your dreams that then sync w/ you photo library (or social media/sharing site of choice) so they show up as part of your stream of photos.

(Actually had this in a dream last night, yea it was an inception style dream w/in a dream deeliebops, where I woke up from a dream where I took pictures and picked up my phone and those photos were right in there w/ my "real" ones)

Apparently my office is getting new LED lighting, walk into my office to find 4 guys on ladders installing new fixtures.

*sigh* get to work normal time no one else where because of the storm get almost all my work I had planned for the day done in my first hour, 10 o'clock hits and people start making their way into the office...I haven't accomplished anything more since. ugh.

Man, I am seeing some weird shit out my office window as of late, behind the parking lot is a park & I just watched what looked like a grown man run across it to the far corner (which is fenced in on 2 sides) and start climbing one of the trees...

Well I guess technically being a manager is, but I'm def not THIS person's manager, in fact they're my peer, i.e. same level as I am in our org.

So far today I've been a Windows IT tech, an HP Printer tech, & someone else manager (i.e. assigning tasks to someone I don't oversee because they either don't like or want to report to their manager)...none of those things are my actual job, nor in my job description in anyway.

Also, how does one live in the middle of decent sized city for over a year (this is the second fight I had to stop with her dog) and NOT realize you need to have your dog on leash at all times ESPECIALLY right after work when everyone is walking their damn dogs.

Well that was fun and by fun I mean stop a dog fight between our 90 lb Rottweiler and an overly aggressive off leash 110+ lb dog on ice, which wasn’t fun at all. I’m 140 soaking wet. Now time for whiskey & Netflix.

ok I'm so confused right now, there these 2 teenager/20-something year olds that pulled up to the handicap spot that's just outside my office window (w/ proper handicap hang tag), get out and unload 2 BMX bikes, break out a veggie w/ dip plater eat it on the hood of their car and now they're off doing tricks in the parking 20 degree weather.

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Ok I find the slower the restaurant is the longer it takes to get service...

Belated happy New Years post!

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can we take the fact that shadows are always cast directly beneath every object as definitive proof that animal crossing takes place on the inner surface of a dyson sphere

So watched Get Out yesterday, first movie in a long time that I immediately wanted to rewatch.

And watched the new Star Wars movie today. I’m like getting all caught up my modern movie queue. I can join conversations again, I don’t have to plug my ears.