Österreichische Mobilfunkbetreiber wollen öffentlichen Grund 'kostenlos oder günstig' für ihre 5G-Antennen nutzen.

Find ich cool, ich will deren neue Netzwerke dann halt auch 'kostenlos oder günstig' nutzen.

Random GalaxyS8 user trying to connect to my work-laptop is random…

The Captain Marvel trailer looks really great! Cannot wait for the to hit iTunes/Amazon 😀 youtube.com/watch?v=Z1BCujX3pw

Pretty impressive! After all these years it takes quite a lot to do what Linus just did, writing what he just wrote and taking the time to work on himself! Definitely the right step!


Finally is available for non-beta-testers and I get a chance to brick two devices again 😄

Stumbled upon github.com/ribbybibby/ssl_expo for monitoring certificates regarding expiration etc. using . Works quite well so far! Big thanks to the author 👍

World looks better again. Sorry for the downer yesterday 😔

When all your work is marked as deprecated, all your footprints being removed from the places you put heart and motivation into, it’s hard not to feel sad, depressed, and disappointed. What am I doing here anyway?

The first school day of every year is perhaps the best demonstration of why private transportation inside larger cities is a bad thing. Buses and trams being blocked by cars and trucks resulted in me taking about 1.5h to work. Normally it would have been about 40 minutes.

At least now I know that that line 64 is a direct line to the next 😍

Was looking for a new puzzle game on iOS and stumbled upon .project yesterday. So far it’s an entertaining mix of Picross with a shadow puzzler 😊

#photography #Michigan #Mackinaw

Well, I'm not going to dump nearly 30 photos on y'all at once, so have some butterflies instead 😃

If you’re running a web app, here’s something nice you can do for your users (this is from our Time Tracking app).

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