Allgemein ist der Taxi-Markt in Österreich für den Kunden seltsam. Im Standard gab es heute um den aktuellen Streit zwischen Taxilobby, Uber, und Gesetzgebern einen Gastkommentar von den Neos: “Das Wiener Taxikartell muss zerschlagen werden! - Kommentare der anderen - › Diskurs“

Trying to implement something like Tmuxing Tor was definitely the right way to learn more about tmux. Not sure if the code will ever actually work but I’ve learnt a lot so far 😍

Vor Kurzem hat #Facebook noch viele Millionen Passwörter für Mitarbeiter als Plaintext gespeichert nun kommt der nächste Fail:

Facebook bietet neuen Usern an, sich auf private Mail Inboxes zu connecten um automatisch Accounts oder Mail Adressen zu verifizieren. #DeleteFacebook

After about an hour of part two I’m pretty sure that I haven’t missed much by not having watched the first Maze Runner movie…

curl is 160,000 lines of code documented with 36,900 lines of man pages. Turns 21 years old this Wednesday.

I hate pretty much everything about Duke Nukem but that "Duke Nukem Jam" by Chris Kline is just awesome 😍🎧🎶🎸


Wahrscheinlich werde ich nie wieder aufhören können zu lachen!

"How many Brexiteers does it take to change a lightbulb?

One to promise a brighter future, all the others to screw it up." --


Ein herzliches "VOLLIDIOTEN!" an alle, die ihre Kinder nicht gegen Masern haben impfen lassen.


I really shouldn't have looked at the website... This looks like fun 🙈

I am finally convinced to try out the Racket programming language after watching @cwebber 's #FOSDEM 2019 talk.

I have been looking for a Lispy replacement to #Python for a year now. #Racket is batteries-included like Python. You can also create executable binaries.
I'm not looking for efficiency here, since it's just for scripts I run on my desktop.

Though I prefer to use Emacs over DrRacket, I can see how it can bring down the barrier to entry significantly.


Not bad. Only for about 20min in Brussels and we already found an 😂

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