, your continued decline in terms of and forcing me to re login repeatedly, the somewhat clumsy merging with an account, etc, and ever poorer performance means that its time to part ways after however many years its been.

Right now and are the front runners, but I'll be running some testing the next few weeks before making a switch. If folks have others to suggest, I'm all ears.

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This feels like a good anthem for July 4th in a nation clumsily, torpidly fumbling towards falling all the way over: youtube.com/watch?v=6MN0V4Te94

"The rapid growth, short-term mindset that guided many of them over the last two years, has contorted into a more conservative, survivalist one. Companies are cutting costs in a market that’s lost as much value as . As ever, dollars are among the first to go." While I'm generally more bullish on the longterm implications of DLT, anything that wrecks in any way is a win in my book. digiday.com/marketing/advertis

(which translates to "Work of God”) sees itself in a very positive light...as does pretty much every reactionary, oppressive . youtube.com/watch?v=6Zi4hp8hJR

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Psychologists Are Learning What Has Known for Years
wired.com/story/psychologists- ... Sadly, a growing number of people who practice religion these days, don't seem to express the gratitude or any of the other positive traits mentioned in this article

"The ’s decision is so emphatic, and so contemptuous of the principle of stare decisis, that one wonders whether the unvarnished of the decision will finally rouse millions of Americans to the threat posed by a court untethered to law, precedent or reason." washingtonpost.com/opinions/20

"If was simultaneously discussing these efforts with her husband (they reportedly refer to each other as “best friends”), it means, first, that — at a minimum — was aware of concerted efforts to thwart a legitimate presidential on factually erroneous grounds and did not make that known." politico.com/news/magazine/202

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I rarely use , but a recent visit to listen to some Dub Syndicate and the ad-volume made it insufferable, borderline like . I'll dig up my vinyl instead, or pull it down from elsewhere.

Idiots. is goddamn garbage

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I remember, years back now, coming across someone arguing with fervor that proprietary software was better than open source software because it was more secure. It was a culture shock to me, because usually I am surrounded by people for whom the benefits of open-source software are self-evident. I got the same feeling today arguing with some folks who genuinely believe that being locked into a proprietary, centralized silo is actually better than having control over your own platform...

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These kinds of places keep disappearing, and that's sad: Big Al's Record Barn remembrance in youtube.com/watch?v=HVEbWH4M1q

"...we now have good reason to believe that the violence of the day was not accidental but intentional: that wanted a violent mob to attack the Capitol on his behalf, to use force to disrupt Congress’s certification of the election results and thus give himself a chance at illegally holding onto the presidency.

It appears, in short, to be a kind of attempted regime change: a that we would have no problem describing as such in any other country but our own." vox.com/policy-and-politics/20

"The [Argentinian] Court’s decision Tuesday upheld the notion that content about fell within the public interest. “No sufficient arguments have been provided to demonstrate that a person who was, and is, a public figure has the right to limit access to truthful information of public interest that circulates on the internet...It must be concluded that the content enjoys the minimum protection that our national constitution provides to freedom of expression.” restofworld.org/2022/argentina

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