If you're an Apple Music user, Obiymy Doschu's excellent recent release Son is now something you can just add to your library. 🙌🏻


Animal Crossing recalls packaged salads over fear of glass, plastic inside


Adding a CW to @nev's toot:

> While not included on official lists, today, too, we remember all those who died in hiding, who died of suicide, all those erased in death. We will say your name.


anti-trans violence 

Remembering all our trans siblings we lost today. tdor.info/

Etsy order shipped. 🎉

Now it just has to get here in a week. 🤞🏻

Let’s all try to remember that identification is about the most personal thing anyone will do publicly.

Being true to ourselves is hard enough. Let’s not make it harder by giving our siblings a load of extra anxiety over which word they think fits them best.

Was going to watch another ep of The Orville tonight, but the FOX app is dragging 😒

is a pretty damned good game to play on the stationary bike.

Best Buy pays 50¢ in rewards per product review and my West Michigan Dutch upbringing is trying to convince me this is a good deal.

You all should watch @craigmaloney talk about fear, too—he followed my talk. I'm going to go watch the entire thing now (I was a bit distracted for the original first bit!), but what I've already seen was good stuff.


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Ooh, I should make some tea.

That cinnamon apple spice tea from yesterday was 👌🏻, let's do that again.

Deliv to power same-day grocery delivery for DC Extended Universe in San Jose

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