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One of my favorite early games just got an awesome-sounding update—and a release announcement for PC and PS4 ❤️ vertexpop.com/blog/new-platfor mastodon.social/media/8_OTW4y0

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That thing when you're actually using your phone as a phone for fifteen minutes and now the whole top half of it needs a really good wiping-off

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Don't dismiss the experiences of people unlike yourself. It hurts when it happens to you -- don't do it to someone else, too.

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today seems like a particularly good day to donate to Trans Lifeline if you're able to translifeline.org/donate

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I understand open invitations like the following aren’t effective, but know this is something available to you and your people:

If there’s anything weighing on you, and you can’t think of anyone to talk to about it, feel free to send me a Direct toot, and I’ll listen. We all need each other, and I’m ready to do my part.

(Pass it on.)

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@viciousviscosity @kemonine I would expect androgynous caffeine to be far less bro-y and I'm on board with this

I recorded myself, and it seems I pronounce ❗️ as a sharp intake of breath combined with a dramatic eyebrow raise

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Like this post if you want to join the hug, share it to invite a friend.

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I'm sure you're all tired of hearing of my exploits with edamame spaghetti but wow

Soy sauce is a perfect addition 😋

@ctownchick1 It's a good day for small kindnesses. Thank you 😊

@kemonine @viciousviscosity I could probably deal if it wasn't Tropical Punch flavor. Don't tell anyone, but that stuff is my weakness; you could add horrible, horrible things to it and tell me all about it and I'd still drink it

Update: the matcha latte did some good. Natch. 🙂

@subunitA @benhamill This is a side benefit of my haircut: I'm going to feel anything crawling around on my scalp right away 😄

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I think I'm gonna take a walk and get a matcha latte.

(I think a lot of good people are going to need 🤗 today.)

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I just want to announce that I love giving (with permission!) and receiving hugs, and if you need one, you can either ask or quietly consider this one just for you.


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