Whenever I see a really bad animated TV show and criticize it, and someone inevitably says "It's for kids, not you!" my next thought is always, "Well don't kids deserve better?"

Seriously, don't excuse something being garbage just because it's for kids.

This looked to have never been used! Later I realized it might have been used once then put back in the box.

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Random odd and ends from a pile of crap being tossed out at work last week.

I think if you were to classify something as "the most 80s thing ever" it would be the intro to the movie View to a Kill with Duran Duran.

It's basically the pure essence of the 80s distilled into a few minutes of blacklights, dancing and cheesy effects. I love it.

Damnit, seeing covid surging and masks coming back and all that jazz is sapping my desire to travel, which was finally coming back after many months.

Fuck the world.

Please get vaccinated if you haven't. Let's end this already.

I was concerned about side effects too, then literally nothing happened but feeling a little tired for a couple days.

Covid is a lot worse.

But I can't take Disney's side either. Disney+ is making them record profits. I'm sure they could have paid her what she expected from a different pot and still make wild profits.

So yeah... Fuck greed. It sucks and it's a big reason why the world sucks.

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The contracts in question were signed before Covid. We've all had to make sacrifices due to Covid. Scarlett Johansson should recognize that, and realize that suing because she made a few less millions is a really, really bad look when people are being evicted as we speak.

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The Scarlett Johansson thing is one of those cases where there is no "right side."

On one side you have a massive corporation that cares about nothing but profits.

On the other side you have an extremely wealthy A-list 1%er celebrity who seems to care about nothing but profits.

So happy to see more and more companies starting to or thinking about requiring vaccination for their employees. It's the only way we're going to beat this thing.

Life needs to become really, really difficult and expensive for antivaxxers.

This looked like a perfectly ordinary printer stand to be surplussed, then a logo caught my eye on the back.

This logo is like a siren song.

I apologize, btw, I always try to stay positive on here, but sometimes you just gotta yell.

If you follow me for happier things, know that this is rare. Lynxie says hi from back in 2005.

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Pandemic shit 

I'm so incredibly frustrated and angry that people aren't getting vaccinated. Now many of us are going to have to wear masks again because of all the idiots that can't take the time to get a simple harmless vaccine.

So yeah, antivaxxers fuck all the way off.

Additionally I just noticed that whoever labelled this AP used a 9-track tape label. Notice how it's curved? It's meant to go on a tape reel that looks kinda like this.

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Another interesting tidbit: The first Apple AirPort base station (around 1999) was based on the Lucent AP-1000 and used these same cards. In fact, they'd show up in the Lucent software, though enough firmware changes were made that you couldn't configure them with it.

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The AP itself was just a bridge and you'd insert a PCMCIA WiFi card into it. It supported two cards for more bandwidth. This particular one has an external antenna attached.

Think I'll leave it there as an on the wall museum piece. :)

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Abandoned in place here we see an (Avaya branded) Lucent Orinoco AP-1000. These were among the first commercial Wifi access points.

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