A Reddit post reminded me of my 31 year old, sporadically visited SimCity city:

Can someone explain why people in Orlando are willing to wait for hours to go to White Castle? WTF is so special about White Castle?

DAMNIT ANNIE WTF you are not a raccoon. And you're sitting there so smug.

Comcast was down so I watched the latest episode of The Bad Batch with the Apple TV tethered to my phone.

It streamed in perfect 4K with no issues!

You know, I should have just googled "Colorful lizard miami" before tweeting. But I'm glad I didn't because I got to share it with ya'll.

Turns out they're invasive and a pest. Not too surprising.


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Welp, they dropped mandatory mask wearing on campus. It's just "recommended" now.

Though I'm okay with not wearing them outside I think it's too soon to stop wearing them indoors.

I'll continue to wear mine indoors for now.

Here's the video. I had to start filming from further back. I like how it does a couple of push-ups. Lizards like push-ups. They'd do well in the army.

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Down here we mostly have brown and green anoles, and iguanas. This thing was a total surprise. I literally said "HOLY SHIT" when I saw it the first time.

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Reptile experts:

This is a new type of lizard I'd NEVER SEEN before a couple weeks ago. It showed up on my university campus in Miami, FL.

Anyone know what species this is? They're FAST; I only got this image by taking a video and doing a screenshot from it!

OMG they fixed a long standing iOS bug that was really annoying! Before recently "Play next" was missing from the menu if the audio was going out through USB (like in your car)!

It was such a bizarre bug that made no sense but they finally got to it :)

Heh, I hadn't launched Facebook on my phone in a while.

When I did I got a screen with basically them whinging and begging to allow tracking.

Of course I said fuck no.

There's like this rule that if my cable modem goes offline, the INSTANT I finally decide to connect to my phone hotspot, the cable network comes right back up.

I'm going to label my phone hotspot "Bring_comcast_back_up".

I must wonder why they didn't use tempered glass for this door. Shouldn't it be millions of tiny chips?

One thing I miss greatly about not working from home anymore is... right hand on the mouse, left hand on Lynxie. Almost every day.

He's old and that time with him is so precious.

With every MacOS release, Apple seems to make it a little bit harder to image machines.

It's so frustrating. "Deploy these five Macs" becomes an all day job instead of 20 minutes.

Sometimes I have random conversations here and there about tech stuff, or cats, or cycling but it's not enough to really sustain a lot of discourse.

So... awkward pauses and silence. Wheee...

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