Well lookie here. Stuff. :) I want to start digging through it already but too much work to do.

(Thank you @MarinaNeira@twitter.com and @Subrosians@twitter.com!)

Interestingly we never ran into this until now, because our master install image for Ubuntu 18 is based on the one we had for 16, release-upgraded. Thankfully an upgraded system doesn't do this. At least there was SOME sanity over at @Canonical@twitter.com.

Once again, they took something that has been working in a well-defined way for decades, and changed it just for fuck-all's sake, breaking things for no good reason.

I'm tired of Linux distros doing this. PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF.

More info on this here:


Rant time!

Apparently new Ubuntu 18 installs use a randomly generated DUID instead of the MAC address of the interface when doing DHCP.

This results in broken behavior when you clone machine installs (they all get the same IP) and breaks IP address reservations on our network.

Taken on my bike ride today. The reflection on the water of the skyline looks way cool. :)

I'm seeing so much new DuckTales stuff on my feed and it makes me so happy that something I loved in my childhood has been rebooted properly and is being loved by so many.

Thank you @FrankAngones@twitter.com and everyone else on the crew. -- this means so much to me and so many others.

That's amusing. I put an ancient deactivated AT&T SIM card into this old iPhone 5 so it would stop bitching about "No SIM card" and it suddenly said I had 3 voicemails waiting, even though it says "No Service".

Now I wonder where it got that info.

This is still the most important reason to keep a vintage iOS device around.

iOS 13 finally fixed scrolling using the arrow keys in Safari! I like that; I can scroll my timeline casually without touching the screen.

It seems Apple put a bit of effort into fixing some irritations with this release. Same deal with the volume HUD; it's unobtrusive now.

Exactly 20 years ago, today, @prpltnkr@twitter.com took this photo of me.

iOS 13 adds support for USB thumb drives, but nearly every one I try consumes too much power to work on the iPad.

You'd think the lightning port would be able to provide enough power for a freaking thumb drive!

This is funny. Back when iOS 7 came out and started grouping photos into "moments", I hated it and bitched about it.

iOS 13 is getting rid of that and showing photos in a continuous grid again and I hate that and am bitching about it.

I'm convinced I just don't like change. :)

I just caught myself telling Annie,

"Could you please stop making that noise when you groom, it's really annoying."

I ACTUALLY SAID THAT as if my cat could understand it.

SPOILER ALERT: She kept making the noise.

It's all about cost-cutting, too. Switch vendors have moved to a PHYless design which is cheap to implement but drops a few features needed for 10GBase-LRM. Argh.

I love that we're doing 10gbps at work over fiber that's 23 years old. That was a good investment in infrastructure.

It's disappointing though that a lot of switch vendors are dropping support for 10GBase-LRM which is what makes using this old fiber possible.

The thing that bugs me a bit about the iPhone 11 pro camera design is the asymmetry of it. In the past they've always made the camera modules very symmetric in at least one direction.

Where was I on 9/11? Right here. My desk at work. And I found out about the disaster through FurryMUCK of all places.

(Photo is from July 2001 but it didn't change substantially)

THIS, so much this. And we can blame Facebook for it.

RT @Anpumon@twitter.com

Internet safety, 1990s
"Don't use your real name online. Don't post pictures of yourself online. If you do that, some psycho or pedophile will track you down."

Internet safety 2010s
"No selfies? A pseudonym? No facebook? What're you hiding?"

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Anpumon/status/117

Thinking back... The nerd density at my HS was really low. There was only one other nerdy classmate and we of course became friends.

Multiplayer DOOM in the lab helped me connect with a few others too and we had a lot of fun. Shame on the teacher for ruining it.

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