Reissues and remasters shouldn't step on the original release date. Remixes, yes.

I've come across Beatles tracks with a 2007 date, c'mon.

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Damnit fix your metadata. This track is from 1984.

This garbage keeps smart playlists and such from working right.

Okay he did leave eventually. But still that was precious.

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Apparently this is now a thing. Not even Annie likes being on my lap at the desk. But Lynxie just wouldn't stop meowing until I put him here.

I wish veterinary services weren't so expensive. Simple visit for a blood/thyroid panel runs over $300, for example.

Most people can't afford that, especially now. It becomes a choice between letting your pet die and giving them proper treatment. It's just not fair.

He's not eating well today. But he now has his thyroid meds so hopefully that will change. Fingers crossed. 🤞

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Lynxie's looking a bit better tonight. Managed to get most of a methimazole dose in him by adding it to his wet food.

Lynxie ate some today, but not enough. It hurts to see him like this.

Antibiotics take time to work, but he also needs sustenance to fight the infection.

The other medication he needs won't be ready until tomorrow.

(Photo from October 2004)

He's not out of the danger zone yet, as he hasn't eaten tonight at all, but this is normal after a vet visit. Hopefully he'll be hungry tomorrow morning, or that there will be video clips of him eating dry food overnight.

I want nothing more right now.

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So an update on Lynxie... He was very hyperthyroid, dehydrated, and had signs of a UTI.

He got fluids, antibiotics and a vitamin injection, and a prescription for a transdermal version of the thyroid medication so I don't have to deal with pills anymore.

"Lightyear" hit Disney+ recently and I finally watched it. It's so good and fun!

And a million times better than "Luck", which I also watched, yesterday.

Seems Disney/Pixar is doing fine without Lasseter. :)

Still no eating around 12:30 today. Two hours til he sees the vet.

I'm a lot more worried this time because he's never had zero appetite this late into the day. He's also making lots of unproductive litterbox runs.

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sick cat 

Lynxie is not eating today. No interest in food at all. He ate very little yesterday. He's also got poop problems. He won't take his meds since it's a pill inside a treat and he refuses to eat it.

Vet appointment at 15:30. Wish us luck. :/

Naming a new cat "Lynxie" would feel like totally shitting on his memory.

I'm actually curious to hear opinions from people who have done this, and why it doesn't bother you.

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One thing that really annoys me is when someone has their cat pass away, gets a new cat later on, and gives the new cat the same name as the previous one.

It feels so disrespectful to the previous cat. Like, I feel when Lynxie passes no cat will ever be able to "replace" him.

Literally this is my first coaster ride since 2003. It's just been harder to get out to theme parks. I'd nearly forgotten how much I love them.

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I learned a valuable lesson after riding the VelociCoaster at Universal: I need to spend more time riding rollercoasters before I'm too old to do so safely. Holy crap that was wild.

And worry not I spent no money in this part of the park.

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