I bet the set of people who refuse to wear masks and the set of people who don't believe in climate change near-perfectly overlap. It's a general undercurrent of stupidity and disdain of science that has poisoned our society.

As someone who trusts science, it's frustrating.

Home Depot, for example.

WTF is going on with this @cloroxco@twitter.com???

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Has anyone been able to find Formula 409 cleaner anywhere? I haven't seen in in stock in stores or online in months, and I'm wondering if it's even still being made and/or distributed.

Wow a recent update really shoves Microsoft Edge in your face. Big full screen ad for it on login.

This sort of garbage is what keeps me away from Windows as my primary OS.

I created this action in 1995. 25 years ago. Then I must have tweaked it a bit in 2006, 11 years later.

It's crazy the vast expanses of time that MUCK stuff has existed.

Whoah. As far as I know Lynxie is pretty much deaf, but he can hear some of the fireworks going off outside. His ears moved and everything.

Lynxie is sleeping in an excessively cute position right now.

Happy 4th of July.

Not too excited about it this year. Maybe next year, if we can get some of the rot out of my country.

By the way: It's still stuck on rebooting.

This is just a desktop PC running CentOS 7 in my office at work, and is not important. I really regret not doing the sysctl-trigger thing though. Ahh well, that'll teach me.

If it's still stuck Monday I'll share the console.

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I just watched and loved it. Furry fandom has such a rich and interesting history and I'm happy to have been a part of it for so long. Thank you @AshCoyote@twitter.com for putting this together; this was really well done. :)

Of course, you have to manually shut down pretty much anything important on the machine before doing this. Especially database servers. But it's better than it hanging and needing to frob it with IPMI or a physical visit in the case of a PC on a desk.

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CentOS 7 and 8 have this bad habit of hanging on reboot. It'll sit there waiting for something to exit and wait pretty much forever.

It's bad enough that I reboot important servers with:

echo u > /proc/sysrq-trigger && sleep 10 && echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger

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Famous sysadmin last words: "Just reboot it, it'll come back fairly quick."

It turned out that the supermarket accepts either Visa or MC through chip, but only Visa through NFC which is what Apple Pay uses.

So I can use my Visa credit card via Apple Pay there, but not the Apple Card which is a MC.

These annoyances keep people from trying new things.

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I got an Apple Card yesterday because they offered a $50 signup bonus.

So I got my $50.. great!

First time I went to use the card at the local supermarket, though, it declined. Talk about a lousy first impression.

Need to weigh down items you're gluing together? A copy of the 1984 NEC and a couple of batteries works great. :)

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