"BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 3D Printed 3.5IN Lunar Lamp for Kids Gift for Women USB Rechargeable Touch Contral Brightness Warm and Cool White"

Who the hell writes these descriptions and what drugs are they on?

Also, WTF, men like the moon too.

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3D LED Moon Light for $9.59!

Type in code; 304KU6S8


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I think I'll stay home and watch The Lion King (1994) again instead.

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Will you be seeing The Lion King (2019)? flayrah.com/node/7667

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When your favorite website goes down, don't get angry at the people who run it. They are also upset that it's down, and they want to get it back up as quickly as possible!

You and the site admins are on the same side. It's not an adversarial relationship. Be supportive!

I'm stuck at work waiting for a contractor to finish work in the office before I can go. Grrr.

Discord, Slack and Teams are basically the same exact thing. It's obvious that they all copied each other's features.

Due to recent unfortunate events, now I have to be specific and say I'm a fan of TLK '94 rather than just say I'm a TLK fan.

The three pony princess servers are retired. Sadness but also good riddance as they were starting to have issues due to their advanced age and servers don't age as well as ponies :)

They talked about this app on the Today show this morning on NBC, and all the hosts put their faces through it.

That really bothers me. Nothing appears by accident on a nationwide network TV broadcast where every minute is insanely valuable.

WTF is going on?

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I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but for real, the old people photos are a Russian company exploiting your data ...

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And Zorin's massive-box-of-old-cables-he'll-probably-never-use-again SAVES THE DAY!!!

(Yeah, I should throw out some of this old junk)

The cutest thing in the world is when my four year old cat gets all playful and I take out a cat toy...

...only for my 17 year old cat to start chasing it like crazy and playing like a kitten while the four year old just watches. :)

Annie, you're lazy as hell.
Rock on Lynxie.

When will companies learn that the fastest way to let the entire world know you're a dumbass is to threaten to sue someone if they tell people you're a dumbass? :)

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New: Hospitality tech startup Aavgo left one of its backend servers unprotected, exposing customers' hotel bookings.

We reached out for comment. Then they called their outside lawyers who threatened to sue if we published.

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You know that saying.. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"

I'm reaching a breaking point when it comes to that and the TLK remake. Not quite there yet though.

I love Strong Bad and always will. :)

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I gotta say, one of my fav parts of seeing all you folks get your games is meeting your fantastic countertops! Regal granite, adventurous Corian, decadent marble! It’s like I’m in your kitchen, secretly scraping week old dried brownie batter off the counter and into my mouth! twitter.com/betterthanvegas/st

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"Now we need to confirm that the TV is on channel 3 so that Space Invading can begin."

(sorry, could not resist)

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CAPCOM: "We were getting ready to request you confirm on the S-band AUX switches, the S-band AUX tape switch to OFF and the S-Band AUX TV switch to TV. Over."
Armstrong: "I confirm that that is the configuration we're in."

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Turned on tweet notifications for this. Yeah, it might get spammy, but I want to get a feel for how it must have felt to follow the launch back in the day. The rate at which things happened, and the timescales involved.

Should be interesting.

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Astronauts Buzz Aldrin (@TheRealBuzz@twitter.com), Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins (@AstroMCollins@twitter.com) dining together the night before launch. The Apollo 11 crew are joined by others from the Apollo program.

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I don't even have Prime. I don't believe in needing to pay for a subscription just to buy stuff online.

While at the Disney Store yesterday I saw a lot of Lion King merchandise.

Lion King 1994 merchandise, that is. Much more than of the "remake".

This makes me think Disney themselves aren't too sure about it!

(I almost bought a Scar mug. But I already have way too many mugs.)

Wow, am in a Disney store for the first time in a while and they have much better stuff than a couple years ago.

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