Personally I plan to continue wearing a mask around others until the vaccine is widespread enough to show the numbers are definitely coming down.

The expectations some authorities have are just wildly unrealistic though.

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I love it when authorities say people are going to keep wearing masks even after being vaccinated.

I know everyone and their cousin is desperate to be rid of the things. If authorities expect masks to keep being worn by people who have been vaccinated, they're in for a surprise.

Lynxie has no business looking this pretty after making such a big mess on my desk this morning!

If this show continues for a few more seasons I hope they can keep it fresh. Self-referencing meta jokes work right now because they're back after 22 years. They probably won't work well in season 3.

Bringing back Minerva Mink will help with that. Yeah I went there. Sue me :)

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I haven't watched past this episode yet; I'm taking it slow. But I had to say something about it because this is pretty much my favorite so far. :)

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Slappy Squirrel was my favorite character from the original Animaniacs, just behind the Warners themselves. Her cartoons were hilarious, and Sherri Stoner was awesome both writing and voicing her.

They should have found a way to include her more. Maybe they couldn't get Sherri?

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This is probably my favorite moment in the new series so far. We knew we weren't going to see these characters normally, but they found a way to include them that was really clever.

Chicken Boo finally having a good disguise and kidnapping them all out of jealousy was genius. :)

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BTW, it feels really good to say "Animaniacs spoilers". Haven't been able to say that in a valid context since 1998. Anyway...

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Animaniacs spoilers ahead... best mute this thread if you don't want them. :)

Seriously they should stop doing that, and do what CBS and Disney+ do and drop a new episode per week.

This way fans watch at the same rate and can talk about episodes without hopelessly spoiling it.

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I know those of us watching Animaniacs are doing it at different rates because of Hulu dumping all the episodes at once (why must they do this?) so I've been avoiding posting spoilers... but...


1995: The NSA is going to install spy speakers in all our homes!

2020: I can't get my spy speaker to order a pizza properly.

I love how with Star Wars you can describe anything in the show by putting the word "Space" in front of the regular word.



The new Animaniacs really makes me happy and I'm laughing like I haven't in a while.

It's like being reunited with an old friend you haven't seen in years and the friendship ending up being just as strong still.

Ironically, in retrospect I love both shows about equally; I suspect I had become burnt out on TTA and Animaniacs was the "hot new thing" so I was into it at the other's expense.

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Oh wow, one of my first posts on alt-tv-animaniacs was talking about how much better I thought Animaniacs was than Tiny Toon Adventures.

And then comes in and is preemptively like OH SHIT LET'S BE CIVIL FOLKS.


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Use the Advanced Search to focus on the mid-90s; it's WILD how much crazy stuff was discussed. It's too bad the Google Groups archive messes up threading so much.

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For those curious about the fandom back then, here's a random thread from the usenet group in 1994. Some speculation on what the Warners are.

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Finding the original fandom online on Usenet back in 1994 was my first real social interaction with the Internet.

So it feels like full circle to see show cast and crew tweeting about their contributions online. Keep up the great work :)

This is my streaming Rogue One in 4K. How does Disney+ make a lousy 8Mbps look so damn good??

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