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🆕 / installer!

test please and report if it works & your distro name & version!

install: ./
run: /opt/zrythm-0.12/bin/zrythm_launch

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👨‍🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎚 🎛🎵 🎶

🇫🇷 Encore des traductions en français de #Zrythm.

🇬🇧 More French translations of Zrythm.


🇫🇷 Soutenez ce travail sur mon compte #LiberaPay :

🇬🇧 Support this work on my LiberaPay account:

#LinuxMAO #LinuxAudio #LibreMusicProduction #MusicProduction

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On 2nd of October I'll be having a very special guest on my monthly livestream.

None other than Paul Davis, the creator of Ardour!

Ardour is the best open-source DAW we have.

If you have any questions for Paul - write them down and ask in the chat during the livestream on YouTube - we'll be counting on you :)

The stream will start as always at 17:30 UTC / 19:30 CET here:

Don't miss this one :)

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I posted about it before already, but now with v1.1 tagged with some critical bug fixes, it is time to spread it even further.
So there is an official announcement for master_me on the KXStudio site now.

This is a mastering audio plugin, specially made for live situations.

Enjoy and have fun!

🆕 universal / installer for !!

Please try installing it and reply if it works (also mention your distro)

unzip and run ./

*NOTE* the installer will overwrite the following:

should MIDI note ghosting from other regions in the same track be optional or always enabled?

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I downloaded and compiled #Zrythm and plan to use it for a near-future project. Just to get my paws wet, as they say, I used it this morning to record an #ambient #improvisation. Though simply an experiment, it turned out to be groovy enough to share.


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A new distortion plug-in from CHOW is here. BYOD (Build Your Own Distortion).

This is a modular plug-in packing a ton of various effects that can be freely arranged in a node graph producing as complex distortion effects as you can imagine.

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** NOTICE **

The behavior of trial version binaries will be relaxed soon:
- no limits on save/load/export
- the only limitation will be a maximum number of 25 tracks

Zrythm is :
- paid binaries help support development
- users can always build Zrythm from source at no cost

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