In other news, we released episode 9 of @socast today! You can check it out here:

In attempt to get the editing out of the way before travelling, I'm currently exporting next week's episode (ep
10), and it's accidentally quite long! Looking at 130 mins.

Heading straight from Uni to the airport tomorrow, so it's bound to be a good day. Getting pretty excited for now. 😄

9: Bar Analogy

We discuss whether git repositories belong in Dropbox, when the next iPhone will be announced, and alternatives to Twitter.

I just finished recording the 10th episode of @socast with @kaidombrowski and @zs!

I'm really enjoying this 😄

That was quite the recording. This should be a fun one 😀

Am I allowed to use this social network to talk sport? These last 5 minutes are about the best start to a game the Dragons have had in months, though that doesn't say much.

They're in desperate need of a win tonight. 🙃

There's only an hour to go to grab tickets to the /dev/world conference for 2018. It's a fantastic iOS and macOS developer conference held in Melbourne, Australia.

Come along to see me talk about Siri Shortcuts, and hear from tonnes of other great presenters!

Podcast recording complete! It was a bit shorter than the 4.5 hours we recorded for last time. 🙃

Happy weekend everyone!

So, while I wait. What iOS and macOS clients are people using for Mastodon?

In other news, this time next week I'll be at the airport. How exciting! (I clearly don't travel enough to hate airports. 😝)

Looking forward to heading to Melbourne for the weekend ahead of the /dev/world conference!

Currently waiting for @kaidombrowski and @malin, as we're about to record the next episode of @socast. Not sure how much I want to get into the whole Twitter thing. I don't think any of us are very happy about it. But what else is there to talk about in this fine world?!

Well the Twitter third-party API is quite intermittent at the moment. Guess I'll be spending a little bit more time here.

Getting a sneak peek of @zs’s /dev/world talk. If you’re going, you’re in for a treat!

Tickets are still available for another day:

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