It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

Happy Valentine's to all of your early boomers!

Basking in the winter sun at Daulaj, some ~2 hours from Jaipur

This kitty yesterday spent almost an hour on the tree after a dog chased her and then was too frightened to come back down probably

can't imagine dark age folks getting hardons looking at temple idols, what else did they have back then?

I was going through some old photos and earlier today came across a picture of my apartment a few years ago in Mumbai, loved this space!

prosody! Prosody is the reason y'all need to use more emojis! :bongoCat:

This is supposedly the face of Mohan Meakin or Edward Dyer, father of Gen. Dyer, the man behind Old Monk Rum.

Dear Nationalist Friend, how did you not know this?

Last week I took an overnight train and the collective hum of the entire coach snoring at 2 AM still wakes me up in the morning sometimes, how does everyone manage this!

Makes me sad that I can't remember all the 152 pokemons anymore

Last year was the year of sports, I ended the year with a half marathon on 29th December. This year is the year of money! Has this theme business worked for anyone...

forgot to eat today(!) dammit I can legit break this amazing 3 billion years of evolutionary chain can be broken by just starving myself to death

I have been an apathetic asshole for long but not anymore. I'll be starting all my emails henceforth with "Trust this finds you well"

damn, we used to make good buildings what happened then

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