Jennifer Connelly as "Mr. Wilford" in the adaptation of Snowpiercer is instantly a wow moment.

Asking and with : seeing that rain left its mark on the tarmac, how do you make sure that astronauts and technicians move around with clean and dry soles inside the capsule?

Feels weird, I'm doing email in dedicated app again, with, even though's web interface is stellar at its job.

This girl will be going places.


I love rocking out to by! This is a rocking tune and ! I went full in this video. The white paint is traditionally


Gratulerer med dagen Norge! 🇳🇴🎉
(They are so metal, even their anthem is metal.)


Gratulerer med dagen Norge! 🇳🇴🎉


that the Zypper package manager in has a yzpper command too, because QWERTY-QWERTZ. Neat.

Meanwhile is getting better and prettier. This is a beta shape of the things to come.

And jut like that, I ZOOMED out of Keybase. Shit happens.
Will look into decentralized and alternative options to replicate what has been.

The hungarian healthcare authorities have released the COVID19 mobile app. Which is basically the same as the Macedonian app. Even the website is designed the same.

I'm zsoltsandor on (SIN: TeykaaU28gPppAfvAWJPVPZWPCen2qJ4PAB).

This tweet links my Twitter to my 3ID on 3Box Hub ✅ Hub is a profiles network built on , an open identity system where I control my data.

See my profile at

did:3:bafyreia2dselxs7x7bxc5ubmq6l772sxlkp5hqg5lzqfnmni7xbbtwflqa look, the President of Slovakia keeps on slaying this mask thing. Like a ninja.

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Hungarian govt and co.: "EU bad hurr durr"
Slovak govt and co.:


Today at press conference w/ foreign minister I stressed we leaders have important role to honestly explain to our people who are our friends and allies helping to survive and recover. and its member states are such ones. We can only survive this crisis together.


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