Oh, a glitch again.

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As the Government's official COVID-19 website states, the number of recoveries will be updated tomorrow as they did not receive all corresponding data. twitter.com/Telexhu/status/133

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Today the task force & the govt will announce if the 2nd lockdown will go as planned ending Dec 10, with or without more restrictions, or get extended, & how.
Data not showing progress, some are actually worse, others stagnant, no significant drop.

Even if himself was not well read and informed, his wife is pretty high profile in international law & human rights, so I can imagine that they probably talk about it once in a while.
But what do I know, our smug govt knows & does everything better than anyone else in the world.

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It!s somewhat fun to watch the back & forth between George Clooney & the Hungarian Govt. The most recent shot was by the JM of Hungary, suggesting that Clooney has no clue about the laws, politics, social issues of CE Europe.

Post-Borat, I'm just catching up with the stuff about @MariaBakalova96@twitter.com, and wow she's such a genuinely lovely person, with a fine amount of Bulgarian sass.

From weirdly cute alien girl from space pop to "Best Metal Performance" nomination.
What a career.

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Poppy is the only solo female artist to be nominated in "Best Metal Performance" category since its creation

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A metal monolith.
In the middle of nowhere.
In 2020.
Could you maybe not?

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'Who Does This Kind of Stuff?' Mystery Metal Monolith Discovered in Utah Desert. via @Storyful@twitter.com

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Holy shit that's a shitload of brainshit to unpack.

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Read this unbelievable statement from a @FerrisState@twitter.com professor placed on administrative leave Monday.

He touches on everything from his use of the n-word, to the legitimacy of the moon landing.

“The entire world has fallen under the spell of a satanic, globalist elite.”

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Fucking stupid, shitbrain country.

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WATCH: FlightRadar24 reported heavy U.S. air travel ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

RELATED: globalnews.ca/news/7478787/cor

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The "word" of 2020 should be itself: '2020'.

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'Bushfires. A global pandemic. Lockdown. Economic recession. Racial injustice. International protests. A pivotal election....' OUP's Casper Grathwohl blogs about why there isn't just one Word of the Year for 2020 ow.ly/Lxk050CskcS

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Looking forward to the changes in US-EU relations his appointment will bring. And especially regarding Hungary.
Blinken knows & understands Europe, & Hungary as well.
Also looking forward to the new admin's ambassador to Budapest.

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President-elect Joe Biden's six appointments announced on Monday, almost all of them alumni of the Obama administration, represent a fundamental shift away from President Donald Trump’s policies and personnel selections. apne.ws/iozLHfE

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mashed potatoes is Irish guacamole

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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Smol dino.

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Tomtit (Petroica macrocephala)🐦🦜🕊️🎵❤️

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How did we get from "brands are not people" to "people are brands"?

For walls and a roof, that's indoors.

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Outdoor dining has gradually escalated into what might reasonably be called a buildings.

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