Let's , so I might burn some eth with gas, lol.

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If $XRP goes over $1 this month I’ll give EVERYONE who retweets this $100

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With the Meerkat rug pull making the news, I'm only doing a cautious chicken shit liquid, with $BNB + $BUSD pairing straight on @binance@twitter.com.
Sure, cool yields on , but I'll take less risk with now. Go ape if you can. I can't.

I almost slept on this one, and you might not think much of it, because hurr durr fiat lame hurr durr, but @HuobiGlobal@twitter.com adding SEPA - even to non-personal account - is a HUGE thing.

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Adds 0⃣ Fee $EUR Deposits!

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P.S If this tweet gets 1,000 RTs from real humans 😉 we'll make it a priority to enable trading for @Binance@twitter.com assets.


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The A E S T H E T I C tho.

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I will talk nine kinds of shit about Catholicism and the Church but there's something about the energy of "we've decided this skull belonged to somebody we're like 90% sure existed and we're building it a golden exo suit" that tickles something deep in me twitter.com/smeretivert/status

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Sorry, but you can't be both , and go with the are stupid flow.
You were wearing them, and you probably still try, even as your body disagrees with your wardrobe choices.

Tbh, it is really satisfying to work with @Adobe@twitter.com @Photoshop@twitter.com Express & @Lightroom@twitter.com on Android, even for non-pro smaller tasks. What would even be cooler is to work on an external monitor. That's why I need this - the phone & the hub I can finance myself.

I'll just and hope to win some $WINGBY from @SwingbyProtocol@twitter.com and @kucoincom@twitter.com.

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Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine.


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This is perfect.

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i made this Tom & Jerry Rug inspired by the original cartoon 🤍 (25x55”)

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