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Friendly reminder that if you like what I do and you want to support it, you can donate at 🌸

I could trick you by saying that it'll make me more productive warts and all, but it'd actually cut me some slack. God I'd love some slack 🐌

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Hello everybody, I'm Zughy, a pixel artist from Italy who loves drawing nature, portraits, and representing motion through static images 🌸

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After more than a year of development, yesterday our @Minetest server (A.E.S.) reached the first place in the public servers list. We're so so happy ❤️❤️❤️

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#Minetest doesn't have a central auth system. Each server is an independent service with its own account system, moderation, and rules.

There's no central service to snoop on messages and ban users. Decentralised, just like how the Internet should be

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May - this month in #Minetest

This month, 5.5.1 was released, we reached less than 90 PRs and 1000 issues, and there’s been big improvements to performance, rendering and stability. We also have a new mapping mod and fully-walkable Airships.

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I'm aware I'm not updating this profile much with what I've been doing lately, but in short:
- our @Minetest server is kicking, and if you want to take part to the community, please join our Matrix space 🌸
- we're gonna host an FPS tournament on our server 🔫
- Minetest has reached <100 PRs after years and years 🎉

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I want to adress something that was bothering me for days: it's ok to be a beginner and to post your art!

I've been reading many posts with "sorry, I'm a beginner but want to share" and honestly, I don't think anyone should be sorry for posting any level of art. You are aware of your skill and that it can be improved, that's awesome! By seeking feedback and tips you can improve. As someone, who was painting for years, I'm improving still.

If it makes you happy: paint, draw, create! And share❤️

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The spectator mode has been improved, giving modders the possibility to register areas and entities to spectate rather than just players (you can see it in action in our server "AES", Block League minigame). And that's not all 👁️

Go make some minigames on @Minetest :D

Full changelog 👉


ContentDB 👉

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The best @Minetest tournament in the world is back in town!

I am helping @zughy and the AES server organizing another BLOCKLEAGUE TOURNAMENT! 🔫

The tournament will be held on June 24 at 21:30 GMT+1

Original announcement in the comments below 👇

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This weekend, #Minetest was at the #Svilupparty game dev conference in Bologna, Italy, represented by @zughy_boi, Crazyminer, and @_Zaizen_.

Visitors had the chance to play Alter, PRANG, and Mineclone5, and their server AES (Arcade Emulation Server)

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April - This Month in #Minetest

This month, engine development picks up with regular meetings, NodeCore gets a 24/7 livestream, and the Minetest Blog is now official!

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wait, are all these new artists here on Mastodon because of Elon Musk? I mean.. I'm not complaining at all ♥️

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A #digital #painting without previous sketch or reference.
Working with #light is always delightful.

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Kanto Route 12 South for the Kanto Redrawn collab! I loved doodlin the Krabby sock thief in particular :'D #pixel #pixelart #pokemon

I've dropped my role as a LibreSprite maintainer because in months I basically did nothing, focusing on other projects. I don't want to have my name on things just to give people a high-sounding impression of me, and the project is in good hands anyway: FManga is doing miracles to make Dotto! shine (the name of the new version), whilst at the same time LibreSprite quality is good enough to be used in a work environment (source: that's what I do every day)

So.. cheers ✨

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