When someone says "playlist", as in "make a playlist for a friend", do you think of

New derivation:
A Pepper&Carrot RPG-themed idle video-game by Congusbongus and StarNavigator, free/libre and open-source (won second place at MiniJam22). 👍
Open culture FTW! 😎
→ Blog-post with link to play: davidrevoy.com/article818/

Today, quite by accident, I discovered that GCC’s understanding of what memset does, extends to knowing that it returns its first argument unchanged. LLVM, on the other hand, does not know this.

On March 30th, I'll imagine "What Would Open Source Look Like If It Were Healthy?" as my entry in GitHub’s Office of the CTO speaker series.


My (ridiculously ambitious?) talk will be livestreamed on Twitch.

"You are the chosen one."
"You. The evil god wakes. Without you, he cannot be defeated."
"What must I do?"
"Ask your grandmother to come out of retirement."
"She's the ultimate warrior."
"But... Why don't you ask her?"
"She is scary!"
"She's not!"
"We chose wisely."

"Set the initial x position. Must be a floating point value between -100 and 100. Default value is -0.743643887037158704752191506114774." --underpop.online.fr/f/ffmpeg/he
Well naturally.

A spaceship landed, and an imposing alien emerged.
"People of Earth, send forth your champion! We challenge you!"
"In what?"
"What do you mean?"
"We have champion knitters, runners, jumpers... thousands of things."
"You compete in everything?"
"Don't you?"
"Er... We must go now."

Q: to my colleagues in the field of computer security. I'm looking for a scholarly, peer-reviewed article to cite describing the #SolarWindsHack and in particular its supply chain compromise side. I couldn't find any, probably because it's too soon. If you know one please shout!

Doodle with strong egytian vibes. :3 I was a huge fan of ancient egypt when I was a kid and still find it fascinating today. The ankh necklace I own I got as a kid, so not something from my “goth phase“. 😉 Do you have a favorite old culture?

#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #markers #egyptian

I saw something (on here, I think?) about the evolution of color terms and their differentiation in language, but can't find it now. Anyone else see this, and have a pointer? Talked about how pretty much all cultures differentiate colors in a certain order.

@monorail a lot of people say "shitty design" when what they mean is "good design for shitty priorities"

update: I do not have to redo experiments or even rewrite the entire paper, I just need to keep this in mind for the follow-up study

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Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

nothing like realizing less than 24 hours before the camera-ready deadline that, due to a severe miscommunication between yourself and one of your coauthors, the quantitative results that the entire paper is based on do not mean what you thought they did

@zwol One of the basic tensions of academia that we do not help people navigate is that learning the skills we need to impart _necessarily involves_ re-walking well-trod ground. We grade on what people carry across the finish line - arguably the least important part of the process - and punish people who try to game that process as harshly as possible.

there are several excellent reasons why we make a giant fuss about plagiarism in the first lecture of the class i'm teaching this semester,

but i have now had to reassure three different students that it's not cheating to have already learned things that are relevant to this class and/or to consult books that were not in the official reading list

(as long as that book is not "Solutions Manual for [REDACTED]", anyway)

While it is always convenient to have tools like Cargo that automatically gather dependencies from crates.io, don't forget to make sure you're doing so in a secure way. Especially if you run your own private server that contains non-public dependencies - a lot of big tech firms just found out they'd not checked what takes priority! medium.com/@alex.birsan/depend

user space c programmers stop using sys/queue.h challenge

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