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as someone who plays a lot of weird obscure rough indie games


if you don't put all your stuff in a folder before you zip it

I *hate* you

Going through my spam folder looking for false positives, and as always it's a 10,000 foot view of the universal fears and desires. Sex. Money. Weight loss. Better jobs. Secret tricks to improve one's health. Cheap printer ink.

star the above toot if I should report that as a bug
star this toot if I shouldn't bother

stupid ssh tricks:

$ echo test > $'abc\ndef'
$ echo abc* | hd
00000000 61 62 63 0a 64 65 66 0a |abc.def.|
$ scp $'abc\ndef' remote:.
$ ssh remote echo 'abc*' | hd
00000000 61 62 63 5c 5e 4a 64 65 66 0a |abc\^Jdef.|

yes, they implemented _half_ of a quoting scheme.

note to everyone on mastodon.cloud, your toots are not being seen by the rest of mastodon, nor the wider fediverse. toots currently appear to be restricted to this instance.

welp, looks like the mastodon.cloud admin has deleted his account. would suggest everyone on this instance migrates to another as it'll probably shutdown without warning.

RT @41Strange@twitter.com
'The Shining' 'Alien' 'Kill Bill' 'Ghostbusters' in the style of Ottoman miniature Art by Turkish artist Murat Palta

next-level not being able to get out of vi is typing ^[ZZ at "cat > foo.txt".

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I loved this book in 1982, when I was four.
It'd still probably be good for a four-year-old, but oh my ghod it's dated.

This is probably the piece in my portfolio that I'm proudest of right now.

It was a bastard to finish (took a few weeks!) and I'm fairly certain that if I'd had to paint one more pipe or cable I'd have gone completely off my damn rocker.

Wasn't made for any reason in particular, other than I had an itch to paint a giant robot. I go a little nuts with art every now and then, and sometimes it works out 😁

#art #artoot #mastoart #artist #digitalart #robot #illustration #painting #drawing

I've been using Mastodon for some time now, and I only now realized that I could click on the Earth icon to control whether or not it's a DM (though, I don't see how to set who the message is directed to.) I'm guessing it's just sent to any @-mentions in the message.

i managed to resist screencapping alton brown telling a contestant they had to cook on their knees and putting another one into what was basically the stocks but "i can't watch you suffer wearing this so i'm taking it" was a bridge too far

watch out for my new post-apocalyptic erotica novel where the government-sponsored dystopian game show of choice involves contestants being sexually humiliated by the host

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