Today in “your cultural background noise is not universal,” I found myself explaining to some students who didn’t grow up here that any organization that calls itself a “church” can be assumed to be a Christian religious organization.

And of course I didn’t remember any counterexamples, such as the Church of the SubGenius, until after the conversation was over.

New life goal: Write a book called "101 Disappointing Riddles"

Fun fact: the earliest museum curator we know about was a woman, Princess Ennigaldi of Ur, whose museum catalogued artifacts from earlier Babylonian and surrounding cultures. Her father, King Nabonidus, was the first known archaeologist.

Ennigaldi, who lived in the mid-6th century BCE, meticulously labeled each item in her museum - in three languages! - and took great care to preserve them; some of her collection dated back at least 1500 years.

The princess would ask for gifts as any child might, but her requests made little sense.

She would ask for 5 wooden buttons, or an empty barrel that once held apples, or weeds & herbs which she would then place in her finest vase.

This habit did not wane with age.

She would, of course, accept other gifts with grace, but her requests truly baffled all the court and her patient parents.

Secretly, she wished to be a simple country witch.

"Why is this image memetic?"
"It demonstrates a flaw in human visual processing. The lines are straight but we see them as bent."
"Yes, many species have similar flaws; what I don't understand is why you would tell the world about them."
"It's not a serious problem."
"But you do this with everything! You even publish your codes! You get away with it because they're unbreakable, but..."
"Ah, my friend: they are unbreakable _because_ we publish them."

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

I'm looking for work. I'll likely be able to relocate (within the US) within the next few months, but I am a trans woman and prefer (and have long experience with) remote work.

Selected skills:

* HTML/JS/CSS, incl. multiple frameworks and supersets
* Python and PHP (including WordPress)
* Data analysis with Stata or R
* System administration (including both LAMP and other Linux- or Windows-based stacks)

You can view a more full resume here:


Ran across the concept of bivectors ( ) and now I’m wondering what an introductory physics course that uses them exclusively, no cross products ever, would be like. I know it really bugged me that the cross product only made sense in 3 spatial dimensions. (It still does bug me that there isn’t any exact analogue of multiplication for vectors.)

i also like the expression "old money" referring to literally any historical unit of measurement

e.g. "it's 30 degrees out today"
"what's that in old money"

or "that building is 300m tall"
"what's that in old money"

First post on the new blog! A revision of an old write up, it's some stuff on bunnies. Mostly widespread misconceptions about care and behaviour, and why you should think really hard before you get one.

You may tell yourself
This is not my cyclopean slab
You may tell yourself
This is not my antedeluvian pile

brainstorming needed, pals
gonna put a blog on, what should the subdomain be?

I have just discovered that in Python 3.x, you are not allowed to write b'И немного юникода' even if you honestly do want the UTF-8 encoding of that text in a byte string.

I think this is the first time I have disagreed with one of the Unicode-related changes in Py3k.

Have you ever seen what a cloud looks like when you shave it

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A restaurant near my house seems to be growing its own tomatoes and chili peppers on the roof

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