I have just discovered that clang's stdarg.h does not implement the __need___va_list convention.

This is either completely irrelevant to your life or you now want to flip a table. You know which one you are.

i will always reblob the bird befriending the spirals

urgent thing! if anyone wants a 44U server rack and is near madison, WI, contact me _asap_ or it's going to the scrapyard because my parents want it out of our garage!


I have taught my son that opening up the inspector on any webpage and adding "contenteditable" to the body tag allows him to freely type the word "butts" anywhere on that webpage and I have a strong suspicion that this knowledge will shortly spread to his entire school

sonuvabitch I think I broke my motherboard 馃槯

Sysadmins, what software do you like for configuration management when the top priority is being able to reproduce a server configuration from a scratch install, but there won鈥檛 ever be more than one of it at a time?

Everything I鈥檓 finding seems to believe you have an entire data center to wrangle and I cannot with the mental overhead.

Amber Brown: Batteries Included, But They're Leaking - criticisms of the standard library buff.ly/2Qc7css

Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis
"Welcome to the Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis. In the past other journals and reviewers have exhibited a bias against articles that did not reject the null hypothesis. We seek to change that by offering an outlet for experiments that do not reach the traditional significance levels (p < .05). Thus, reducing the file drawer problem, and reducing the bias in psychological literature."


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Relatedly, I can鈥檛 quite believe his tiny thing holds a terabyte.

Ain鈥檛 no rule that the hard drives have to be inside the case

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"Google has deployed MTA-STS, and past experience suggests that this means, "Here's some totally useless new thing, but if you don't implement it, we're eventually going to stop accepting your email." So can someone point me at simple instructions to make it go on my mail server? (Postfix 2.10, Centos 7, certs via Letsencrypt) Or tell me that this is a thing that nobody will ever care about. ..."


I鈥檝e always told people considering grad school that the most important factor is who your advisor will be. I still stand by that, but, watching this ceremony, I realize I may have under-valued the aesthetics of the academic gown you will wear if you graduate from university X and then go on to be faculty yourself.

As a general rule women are more bothered by cold than men, and conversely men are more bothered by heat, therefore it is a crying shame that men鈥檚 dress clothes involve multiple layers of fabric covering almost all skin surface and women鈥檚 dress clothes tend to be one layer leaving all one鈥檚 limbs and part of the torso exposed, it should be exactly the other way around. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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