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there has been some confusion among my foreign friends about the names and locations of the states. i, a resident of the usa, have decided to make this handy map to clear up any confusion :)

the thing that gets me about "6*9=42 is true in base 13" and "42 is ascii for '*' which means 'everything'" is that those might be fine jokes in another book but they show such a poor understanding of the kind of humour douglas adams writes

like some other scifi comedy author could make some joke about base 13 being the true way to represent the universe fundamentally or whatever and i'm sure it could be funny, but it's so... not adams

What you are referring to as GNU/Linux is actually three Emacs sessions in a trenchcoat.

since this is doing something resembling numbers where the post I boosted with all the "how to buy Situation Normal" information is not: here's a post with all the details about preordering Situation Normal, including information about an ebook giveaway promotion you should enter:

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You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant.
But don't you come by please this year
We like you fine but don't get near
Alice's restaurant

Constellation Games, @leonardr's first book, came out at the same time as Ready Player One, and everyone who read Ready Player One should have read Constellation Games instead. So every time I see anyone give any oxygen to Ready Player Two I'm just gonna boost his new book, Situation Normal, instead.

that cool with everyone

imagine how much happier we'd all be if advertising were just illegal

Have just spent the past two hours trying, without success, to figure out (a) why Manjaro ARM shipped a bunch of xdg autostart files that don't work and can't ever have worked, and (b) why systemd is paying attention to them despite the documented opt-in for xdg autostart files not being used as far as I can tell.

How's *your* Saturday night, fediverse?

I have lived in the USA all my life and only today did I learn that American Thanksgiving does *not* happen on the Thursday after the fourth Monday in November.

(It happens on the fourth Thursday in November. This is not the same rule when (and only when) November 1 is a Tuesday, e.g. 2005. I coulda sworn Thanksgiving would get pushed into December in this case, but no, it's the week before.)

Remember back when SJ Games' web newsletter used to highlight an "Illuminated Site of the Week" every week?

I've just found a strong contender for Illuminated Product of the Week:

"Linear-A is an undecoded ancient Minoan script. Installing these keycaps won't enable you to input ancient text. Additionally, they may make it impossible for non-touch typists to input text in any language."

Interesting OS security project:

* each app runs in a separate KVM container
* each VM is generated by a derivation
* graphics output is composited together via wayland/virtio

The idea is not too dissimilar to
, with the following main differences:

* Xen -> KVM
* Fedora/Debian ->
* Xorg -> wayland/virtio

You can read more about the details here:

Link rot is such a pervasive problem for anything that's older than 1-2 years. I wish more folks at all levels of managing websites would have some awareness that keeping URLs stable or setting up redirects is important for our collective memory.

Does anyone know what kind of plants these are, and what I should do with them in the fall? #gardening

Since I had to reinstall it from scratch anyway, am contemplating switching the /home filesystem on my to F2FS. Tell me why I shouldnโ€™t.

(If it matters, /home is on the internal eMMC.)

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