Q: to my colleagues in the field of computer security. I'm looking for a scholarly, peer-reviewed article to cite describing the #SolarWindsHack and in particular its supply chain compromise side. I couldn't find any, probably because it's too soon. If you know one please shout!

Doodle with strong egytian vibes. :3 I was a huge fan of ancient egypt when I was a kid and still find it fascinating today. The ankh necklace I own I got as a kid, so not something from my “goth phase“. 😉 Do you have a favorite old culture?

#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #markers #egyptian

I saw something (on here, I think?) about the evolution of color terms and their differentiation in language, but can't find it now. Anyone else see this, and have a pointer? Talked about how pretty much all cultures differentiate colors in a certain order.

@monorail a lot of people say "shitty design" when what they mean is "good design for shitty priorities"

update: I do not have to redo experiments or even rewrite the entire paper, I just need to keep this in mind for the follow-up study

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Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

nothing like realizing less than 24 hours before the camera-ready deadline that, due to a severe miscommunication between yourself and one of your coauthors, the quantitative results that the entire paper is based on do not mean what you thought they did

@zwol One of the basic tensions of academia that we do not help people navigate is that learning the skills we need to impart _necessarily involves_ re-walking well-trod ground. We grade on what people carry across the finish line - arguably the least important part of the process - and punish people who try to game that process as harshly as possible.

there are several excellent reasons why we make a giant fuss about plagiarism in the first lecture of the class i'm teaching this semester,

but i have now had to reassure three different students that it's not cheating to have already learned things that are relevant to this class and/or to consult books that were not in the official reading list

(as long as that book is not "Solutions Manual for [REDACTED]", anyway)

While it is always convenient to have tools like Cargo that automatically gather dependencies from crates.io, don't forget to make sure you're doing so in a secure way. Especially if you run your own private server that contains non-public dependencies - a lot of big tech firms just found out they'd not checked what takes priority! medium.com/@alex.birsan/depend

user space c programmers stop using sys/queue.h challenge

To non-librarians, “world cat” probably sounds like a much fluffier concept than it really is

My clothes laundering process uses two major appliances. First is the washing machine; this one uses water and detergent to remove soluble contaminants from the clothing. The second one is the pet hair extraction machine; this device uses a rotating drum and a blower to separate the clothing and the pet hair.

the mortifying and inevitable realization that this is your circus, and these are, in fact, your monkeys.

Probably there’s a librarian somewhere who has already written this essay, and I should just find it and belabor the ACM publication folks with it.

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(Me having a page limit, inclusive of bibliography, instead of a word count limit on my actual text, is also an annoying vestige of the paper journal era, but that’s another essay in itself.)

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But ACM-Reference-Format.bst is gonna nag me until I make up page numbers and a postal address, and then insist on printing them, driving me even farther over my page limit.

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Consider, for instance, a citation of an article published in Phrack. Article title, journal title, authors, date, URL are all useful. Volume and issue numbers *exist*, but no one will particularly care if they are omitted. Page numbers, OTOH? No such animal. It’s a text file. And the only meaningful address for the publishers is “phrack.org”.

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