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argh it's only been two years and these parked-domain-detection regexes are already no good
or perhaps they were never good and I failed to notice

It is really not cool that the top level of html.spec.whatwg.org is the gigantic single-page version of the document.

actually I don't understand why the gigantic single-page version of the document even exists. who wants that?

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:hacker_l: et's
:hacker_g: et down to
:hacker_b: usiness
:hacker_t: o defeat the huns

mild reminder for people with bloglike sites: add feed <link>s to your <head> so browser feed discovery tools will pick it up.

this is what i have:

<link rel=alternate type="application/atom+xml" title="p1k3 atom feed" href="p1k3.com/feed" />
<link rel=feed type="application/atom+xml" title="p1k3 atom feed" href="p1k3.com/feed" />

...i'm not totally sure if that's correct; i haven't touched it in ages. but i do know it works.

A Puzzle:
Some kind of botched character encoding conversion has turned the string 'лесбийская новостная лента' into the string 'КЕЯАХИЯЙЮЪ МНБНЯРМЮЪ КЕМРЮ'.
What exactly happened, and is the botch reversible algorithmically?
(The original text was declared as encoded in KOI8-R, if that helps.)

A problem I have with trending topics that isn't really related to abuse of individuals is that they tend to be self fulfilling. When you put something in front of someone in the context of "PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT THIS!", it encourages them to talk about it too, thus the tool that's supposed to help inform people about the discourse ends up informing the discourse, which is not sociologically healthy.

Anyone with their eyes open can tell what people are talking about. Algorithms shouldn't be interfering.

PREORDER "FTL, Y'ALL" NOW! @skolli and I did a sixteen-page story in this book that's just one of a stunning showcase of beautiful, thought-provoking comics by an all-star creative lineup! This campagin ends in 15 days, so YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.


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need some help with Turkish Show more

who watches over the blue canary in the alley by the lightswitch

My phone tree experience earlier today, starring a large American bank you may have heard of:

Robot demands an account number before it will connect me with anyone at all. I don’t have an account number. OK, robot says, tell me last 4 digits of your social security number. Fine. Ah yes, says robot, you must be calling about the account held by [person]. Balance is [number]. What can we do for you?

So I guess I could have put in four random digits and gotten someone else’s account, huh? 🤔

By all means, #movingtogitlab-dot-com does not solve the problem GitHub has (centralization), and moving to a privately hosted GitLab re-introduces the problem GitHub mostly solved (separation).

#GitPub is trying to solve this problem by defining a federation protocol for git services: github.com/git-federation/gitp

Which part of everyone hating popups so much that browsers had to become extremely overzealous in blocking them made web developers think popoverlays were a good idea

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need some help with Turkish Show more

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A bisexual can be split into as few as 5 pieces, then reassembled into two bisexuals, because they have the Axiom of Choice.