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January 20 2017: Alt-right leader and fascist Richard Spencer gets punched in the face at Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC. Happy Anniversary!

this is a note just for me because i will forget if i don't write it down somewhere

would giant mushrooms big enough and tall enough to block out the sun make the whole world smell like frying portabello?

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It's Martin Luther King day, adjusted to the next monday so federal employees get more three-day weekends.

Read you a Letter From Birmingham Jail:

A guy I respect said everyone should read it three times: first just to read it, second to appreciate/study it as a masterpiece of composition & rhetoric, and thirdly and most importantly to /deeply/ consider the message as it applies to you, today, right now, in real life. If you're white and american, that letter is addressed to *you*.

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This MLK day remember how history books have pacified the memory of the civil rights movement to trick modern dissidents into thinking peaceful protest and nothing else is the only viable tactic for social change.

MLK practiced nonviolence but encouraged a diversity of tactics and acknowledged the crucial role of other approaches. Don't be the pacifist asshole who is fooled into undermining your own movement by ratting out violent comrades, MLK wasn't.

i've been through multiple attempts to resolve this and i have reached the level of slamming my fist on the table and shouting "IT'S NO GOOD!" like a four-star general about halfway through a Godzilla movie.

tl;dr: what video editing package made in the last three years should i look into? my budget is some pocket lint and a used paper bag.

reposted from otherwhere: so i've been editing videos for the Drive-in since 2011ish using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 which i believe i bought in physical form at an Officemax that no longer exists, shuffling it from PC to PC as needs warrant. it's showing its age even for my meager requirements and absolutely refuses to play nice with the fonts i need.

i gotta tell you, i am totally down with the possible Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism future and i hold out hope that we'll all get there together someday. but i already feel sorry for the poor saps who will get stuck with me in Glorious People's Lagrange EnviroDome #372.

"Comrade-unit, why is the emergency EVA pod labeled "Hamdingers?"

"i'll, uh, tell you later."

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antifa, death ment. 

ever had a song bounce around your head for a month?

i kind of want to do another mixtape based on the idea of traveling in space as a steerage passenger on a vast metal ship and have this kick it off:

*sigh* new drive in place, yet another Win10 install. i shouldn't have this kind of nervous hesitation when it comes to something this routine and simple, but ever since i killed my mom's IBM clone with static electricity by poking around the motherboard, i get a little on edge when it's my machine on the line. "you'll break it foreeeeverrrr" whispers the ghost of the PS/2. "you're not supposed to touuuch thaaaat"

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Wollemia nobilis is a living fossil. An ancient evergreen which has lived on Earth for 200 million years. Less than 100 are still growing wild, at 3 sites in Australia’s Wollemi National Park. The exact locations are secret, to keep them safe.

The area was devastated by the recent bushfires, but the trees managed to survive thanks to the efforts of firefighters – though some of the trees are charred. With the rain and the falling temperatures, the species is safe. For now.

"don't move! their vision is based on movement! and also looking at things! also their sense of smell is excellent! and they can understand spoken language! you know what? just run."

Jurassic Park 9: Whoops, We Uplifted The Velociraptors

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humans, mutants, chimerae, assorted creatives, if there is one thing i must ask of you, it's this--if you're going to make trash, make *entertaining* trash. art can be bad and fun. art can even be boring while still being good. but bad and boring is the worst. take pride in your bad art. put your heart and soul in it, make it worth the viewer's time even if it's shit. passion will show in the end results.

what i'm saying is, shoot higher than the people who made "Doom: Annihilation" did.

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your Leonard Cohen quote of the day, and one to remember:

"Even damnation is poisoned with rainbows."

getting really tired of feeling like the entire world is crumbling down around me.

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