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if you've got shit for me to worry about today, take a number and queue formally. the ropes are there for the sake of organization and we only have the one service window. have all your paperwork in order. no grumbling!

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probably fine that my generation grew up surrounded by the feeling of moving faster and faster with no control at all yet reassured by the inevitable positivity of the future


the SO: "how was your therapy session?"

me (every time):

quick question for , when you guys raided Mar-A-Lago, did you check the *basement?*

no reason. just a suspicion of mine. carry on.

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as promised, presenting "Here Is Your Robot Music Volume 2: Robot Hate Summer." an eclectic for a season of lies and pain. enjoy!

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Breonna Taylor 

@tillianisafox the mayor had friends who were planning to build a development where her house was. the warrant was faked and her house was bought for $1 after she was murdered.

this person shows all the articles and like... the evidence is pretty damning if you read through them

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climate change and class 

I'm glad to see the visibility around private jets recently. Climate change is a class problem. When you think of climate change, think of the billionaires and corporations shoveling their trash into your mouth.

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Here’s a picture of Bart Simpson tagging a wall on Howard st in downtown Baltimore with a bell hooks quote!

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An open letter from Sandi Toksvig to The Archbishop of Canterbury re: the church's recent reiteration of the sinful nature of gay sex.

(corrected second image)

(text version for text-to-speech access at

rx drugs (2) 

i did not go to The Flipside. my sleep went sadly uninterrupted by 80's musical numbers and butchdorable fairies in workout gear. but my shit has been riggity-wrecked for two days straight after taking that cough syrup. yesterday i couldn't boot most of my processor cores or do things like read a sentence. today is better but i'm on 2 RB's and 2 cups of coffee and my HUD keeps spawning flying toasters.

anyone who starts singing "Bicycle built for Two" is getting degaussed.

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as promised, presenting "Here Is Your Robot Music Volume 2: Robot Hate Summer." an eclectic for a season of lies and pain. enjoy!

rx drugs 


sometimes i say the bad shit that might happen out loud because my faith in my ability to know what the hell is going on is so low that i figure i probably won't be right, therefore my predictions will not come to pass.


insane politics (2) 

distrust of things they can't control and frustration with the rapidity of social change--particularly if LGBTQ+ goals merge with transhumanist outlooks, which in some ways is inevitable--the backlash process may come to include anything invented after 1953; a primitivist movement incompatible with environmentalism or conservation.

not saying it will happen, but i didn't forsee the antivax crowd having such a presence in the face of a global pandemic so...bad future.

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insane politics 

i wonder how much traction a neo-luddite movement backed by evangelism would gain in american politics if it were funded on the same level as q and similar astroturf ops. the reich wing has already been completely inured to hypocrisy and would think nothing of spreading anti-technology screeds on Facebook and Twitter.

i'm not even talking about Big Tech, either; that's inarguably evil--i'm talking specifically about technology that improves peoples' lives.

mh ( - + ) 

"i'm not a danger to myself, i'm just a *mope.*" --me to the nurse practitioner at the Urgent Care, running through the gamut of depression questions

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