Another peek at #PROXIMAb
(My pico-8 game)

Level two is coming along nicely, ship redesign is working out. Level one difficulty scaling is now set nicely as is the boss. Once I finish the difficulty scaling of level two and create a boss we'll see if I have enough space for the third and final level: a platformer level after two shooter levels! But that will be memory dependent.... I have used 6k out of 8.1 tokens. After some optimization I can probably get an extra few hundred tokens. So we'll see.

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Je cherche un fond d'écran mobile #8bit ou #16bit

Coloré mais pas trop, ça peut être une ville de Science-Fiction, un robot, des personnages, du moment que c'est beau et de qualité suffisante

This guy built a beautiful computer from scratch... or at least from parts. And he is teaching you how to do it.

Instant cup noodles that were invited by the 8 bit flavor, which I took in my hands. It called in Japanese, "Ossan-Hoihoi".
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🎶 8 bits are enough for me
This is not where I should be
My life is more than information
I want a life beyond emulation 🎶

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[EN] Thanks to this future technology (6€, flea markt), I may soon be able to load data into my Commodore64 \o/

[FR] Grâce à cette technologie du futur (6€, vide-grenier), je pourrai peut-être bientôt charger des données dans mon Commodore64 \o/

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Mostly used to have a feel of the local and federated timelines of

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If you dig video game soundtracks, especially from the days of 8-bit glory, check out this awesome remaster of Ninja Gaiden!

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