my adventure in #librefm has sucked so far. the scrobblers for both #Amarok and #quodlibet don't work and the one for android only recognizes Google Play Music

Amarok 2.9 Beta Release
August 16, 2015 - 08:20 — The #Amarok Team

It's still Monday from Alaska to Honolulu, so I'll allow myself another entry:


#Clementine is a lightweight and feature-rich cross-platform #music player. I started using it years ago when it was forked from the old #Amarok 1.4, and never stopped since :)

Source code (GPL-3.0): #FOSS

@escapetofreedom @eurasierboy I'm discovering and .
A little disappointed that there is no hashtag or handle in the editor.

War auf der Suche nach einem neuen #Mediaplayer für den Linux Desktop, weil #Amarok nicht mehr gepflegt wird. Bin bei #Clementine gelandet.
Das behält sich die Titel von NFS - Shares auch wenn unmounted in der Bibliothek. Übersichtlicher ist es auch noch.

v1.0.1 update: for Mastodon is now Amaroq, due to the naming conflict with the KDE music manager. I'm sorry if this causes any further confusion, I'll try to keep name changes to a minimum. :P Anyway, alternative spelling, same great wolf. Squeezed some updates from early feedback as well. Check it out!

I'm so happy that has apps now… and , this is a triumph! !

suggestion for :
When click on a handle in a post - instead of opening a chat with this person, show me his/her profile

Finally can use mastodon while chilling...

Thank you for all the kind words on the release everyone they all truly make my day 🐺💕

In order to maintain sanity from the horrid app review process I'll likely keep version updates to every other week (unless something needs immediate attention of course), but expect more to come!

First main item in my crosshairs is to cater towards the remaining 16% of iOS9 users. No plans for iOS8. If you're an iOS9 user or just want bleeding edge right now you can be a TestFlight beta user :3

aaaaaand I can't log into . I assume it's because I'm stupid. but it still makes me angry.

First toot from ! @eurasierboy's iOS Mastodon app! Woot!

alguin que use #Amarok me puede hacer un favor?