#Amaroq v1.0.1 update: #Amarok for Mastodon is now Amaroq, due to the naming conflict with the KDE music manager. I'm sorry if this causes any further confusion, I'll try to keep name changes to a minimum. :P Anyway, alternative spelling, same great wolf. Squeezed some updates from early feedback as well. Check it out!

So, #amarok is giving me ghost notifications? It said two new notifications, but there's nothing to see here.

@Shane #Amarok uses Firebase cloud messaging for notification delivery. Since google's acquisition of Firebase they've started trying to package a lot of other things like analytics in with it, but in Amarok's case everything is turned off except messaging

I'm so happy that #Mastodon has apps now… #Tusky and #Amarok, this is a triumph! #toot!

#ux suggestion for #amarok:
When click on a handle in a post - instead of opening a chat with this person, show me his/her profile

#amarok rocks
Finally can use mastodon while chilling...

I'm roughly considering merging local and federated into a single tab in #Amarok too. I find myself looking at mostly redundant posts. There'd be some kind of toggle to switch between the two

@noiob The default behavior in #Amarok for content warnings is to use the content warning text if it's available, otherwise use the default "sensitive content" text... I do understand this isn't a 1:1 mirror of the web but the idea of managing two sets of warnings in the mobile UX doesn't really work well - so I'm attempting to merge them into something more universal.

Great catch on the @ mentioning across instances, doh!

Thank you for all the kind words on the #Amarok release everyone they all truly make my day 🐺💕

In order to maintain sanity from the horrid app review process I'll likely keep version updates to every other week (unless something needs immediate attention of course), but expect more to come!

First main item in my crosshairs is to cater towards the remaining 16% of iOS9 users. No plans for iOS8. If you're an iOS9 user or just want bleeding edge right now you can be a TestFlight beta user :3

aaaaaand I can't log into #Amarok. I assume it's because I'm stupid. but it still makes me angry.

First toot from #Amarok! @eurasierboy's iOS Mastodon app! Woot!

alguin que use # me puede hacer un favor?