@polynomial I think you'll find a great place here. Our benevolent @Curator has done a great job of building an artistic community that is supportive, encouraging and awesome sauce. 😉

I hope that you'll feel comfortable posting some of your work and having it flow through the local timeline.

Artists tend to use #MastoArt and #Art heavily to surface content across the federverse.

There is also a great intro guide at explaining Mastodon's quirks.

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I recently posted another version of my old picture on DA. Thought I'd post it here too. Huge relief when you can see solid improvement.

#easkull #sythgara #art #fantasy #creature #fight #zalecka

quiere renovar su logo y busca mascota, para que represente a sus herramientas libres ofimáticas, iniciando un concurso dirigido a su comunidad de artistas, ilustradores y diseñadores. Si eres uno de ellos, participa. ✏👍

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re-drew a scene from Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon (ep 10) !#art

Here's my part of and trade I did with my friend Zagiir on deviant art. It features her Seawing/Nightwing OC, who's also named Zagiir :P

So I was sitting in the garden, spending some time in my head, and realized that I can’t recall ever seeing a more feral, harpy/sphinx like dragon girl. I picture this gal walking on all fours, or at least half the time. Could possibly get rid of breasts and convert the chest to more quadruped to push it further.

For now I’ll call it a serpent harpy.
#sythgara #fantasy #dragon #girl #art

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