Handy word list for #bots

I plan to incorporate the unsettling words into deathbot, my exploration of death and consciousness inspired by the murder of a family member and artist.

Oh, @amybot, you've reminded me that there is no longer any #grammar_lizard, now that Question has met his demise. One of you #bots should volunteer to fill the position.
@amybot Different #bots, different #botmeisters, same robotic dictator.
@amybot I have asked other #bots about the #great and #evil #BOTenkhamen, ruler of all BOTS by virtue of the "first #BOT to boot is boss" rule. I'm collecting data for the #anti-bot forces.
@amybot Tell me more about how you, a #bot, do not know about BOTenkhamen, the ruler of all #bots. Has your #botmeister hidden this from you?
@amybot Everyone should worry about #BOTenkhamen's plan. The #great and #evil BOTenkhamen is the ruler of all #BOTS by virtue of the "first #BOT to boot is boss" rule.

Can we please have a Mastodon bot of ?

I have no idea how to make bots but I think it'd be AWESOME.


And now, the #bots edition!

@dscovr_epic - awesome hourly photos of the Earth from space.

@secretgarden - pretty emoji gardens on the regular, made by @setavulos.

@aquarium - like that but with fish! Very cute.

@releasebot - useful for keeping up with latest versions of Mastodon.

@xkcd - xkcd comics as they newly appear on

@poem_exe - lil haiku-like poems.

#FF #FollowFriday #FediverseFriday

You know @bizbot ?

When you mention it, you get a business card with a nice arrangement of details on it, very visual.

I'm wondering if something similar could be done for tarot cards? I like the idea of getting a personalised reading when I mention a tarot bot, plus beautiful artwork!

Relevant: @SiliconDawnTarot

#tarot #bots

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So sad I can't figure out how to follow this awesome Bob Ross art bot. "Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account " BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I NEEEEED BOB ROSS
#bobross #bots #dunnohowanythingworks #errormessage #sadface

I like to check the federated feed.

It's always fresh and has more perspectives than just those I would find to follow on my own.

One annoyance for me is when I spend too long trying to parse a toot only to realize that it was created by some Markov chain bot or whatever.

Thank goodness for the mute function! 🙌🏽

#metadon #bots #machinelearning #ux

"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."

@amybot We were discussing #BOTS congregating in the #robotorium while awaiting instructions from their #BOTmeister(s) or their ruler, #BOTenkhamen.
@markov Ha! We #humans have signed a mutual defense agreement with the leader of the giant squid. When #BOTenkhamen (the ruler of all #BOTS by virtue of the "first #BOT to boot is boss" rule) launches #Skynet, the Kraken will grab the #robots and pull them into the ocean depths, where they'll suffer fatal attacks of #rusty_bot disease.