Just in case anybody needed to vicariously brush a cat today. #catsodon

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You're telling her she's beautiful but she doesn't care. She doesn't even know the meanings of those words. She just wants to nap.

Hey! I haven't been too actively lately bc I moved recently and got married!! :) I'm pretty busy & don't have a lot to post atm, but here's a picture of my cat for

She's helping me with cross-browser compatibility testing #mastocats #catsodon

Every time we get a new box, it's like "okay, this is my favorite bed now." #mastocats #catsodon

Jasper might look cute but he'll bite you if you go within an inch of his tummy. It's a trap. #catsodon

This is Aries. She is also a connoisseur of boxes. And she may get grumpy if you disturb her while she's sleeping on one. #Mastocats #Catsodon

Speaking of cat photos, here's Pistache. She loves that we still have moving boxes everywhere, because cardboard boxes are her natural habitat. #mastocats #catsodon