On this line, I am by not replying to work related things until I sit down and clock-in to work.

It is good to remember that I am only hired to work 20hrs / week, at maximum, and that I have (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which is another reason for why I need to set proper boundaries.

So no, I'm probably not ignoring you, but if you want to be really sure I notice your feedback, post it on It will get read.

Does anyone know anything about #pem or #pene with regards to #me & #cfs ?

I'm trying to figure out whether my fatigue is "chronic" and that's something I've got to think about but tbqh I'm just fucking fatigued all the time atm so I can't tell of its post exhaustion of not. Its horrible. 🙁

The past two days of on-goings, have led me exhausted, as I think you can all understand.

That combined with my , means that I will have to take an extra day off to rest, and regain some strength, so I can go back to moving my project management work forward.

There's a huge emotional cost, when things like this happens. Keep that in mind when you insist on continuing certain discussions.

Most other people I know are 'overheat easily' types. Solidarity, I wish you many cool drinks & northerly breezes.

However I'm the reptilian 'feel intense pain from cold' CFS type, it's 28 °c (82 °f) out and I'm having a great time ğŸ˜Žâ˜€ğŸ¦Ž

While I am still doing some other work tonight, I thought I'd post you an update.

My has gotten the best of me, and I've been in slowmode for the past 3 weeks, which is why I am now trying to slowly work my way back up.

Follow the link and you can read more about what I've been working on.

Okay, nap time.
Fucking life is exhausting... 😢 🥄

Reinforcements have arrived! My updated - I'm Amy, I mostly toot about mundane day to day life of a law student with disabilities ( and ), but I have Opinions on many political matters. Politically I'm -socialist. I'm interested in and , and am probably working on some sort of workflow for university I can publish for fellow nerd law students. I toot about those a lot. I'm sometimes , with an interest in and . 🍍

I hope I managed to get back to everyone, a total 4hrs of writing and discussing and collecting feedback. Been a great day.

4hrs is my hard limit though, so I'll probably take it very easy tonight.

Since there are no paid positions yet, you are very welcome to support me via Patreon, if you like what I do:
✨ ✨

Guys, let me give you a tip: there's definitely a market for helping people make backups of their "important stuff" within their own system, so that they can reinstall their OS, most often Windows, Sometimes osX, less often Linux (cus if you run linux you tend to have the energy.
If you can help create this magical thing, just saying, we may pay you money. (we can't afford to pay too much, but anything between $1-5-10-20)

I want to share another little trick with you guys. So, making it through the week with all the studies and chores etc is a big deal, but also beginning the new week with extra energy, or just simply well rested is oh so important.

So, in light of this, I've made it a habit to go to bed as early as I want on Sundays and possibly sleep for 12hrs or more. Depending on it I want to get up at 6am,or not.
It is great, sometimes I'll be awake, just laying there resting. Still good!

I see that a bunch of you also use Patreon.
I'm looking to Patreon as a venue for an alternative to a typical 9-5. This has a lot to do with how severe my has gotten in the past few years.
I wont ask any of you to pledge to me, but I would highly appreciate the follow on the platform, if you're interested in what I'm up to. I try to make a public, or patreon, update a week. But

I have this little dream about making cooking videos. But is in the way.
So I'm currently letting my phone do most of the work:

I want to plug my twitch, and I dunno what the f* to write. Okay, time to go full out introduction again.
Hi, I'm maloki, I am a gamer.
You can follow me on
I'm fairly new to streaming, and am fighting , and balancing with part time studies, to not get full blown sick again.
On the 10th of April I'm going to celebrate my birthday on stream from 3pm to 1am CEST.
Plug done.

Please allow me to introduce.myself, I'm a of wealth & taste. I'm James, I like+do drawing & am strongly furry-adjacent. I enjoy animal triva, noodles & world music

My love & partner is @Damage

I'm 30, but most of my life has been derailed by being bedbound for years after I was diagnosed w/severe /ME in my teens. I'm slightly better now generally but currently in

I recently completed an illustration BA degree >3<_,V,,