my Patreon URL has changed!!

it's now

unfortunately the old one doesn't work any more. i hope it doesn't break on too many places!

sorry for inconvenience my friends and supporters, this is important and necessary step to make space for something completely new forthcoming in not-too-distant future!

all my Patreon-paid releases:

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There's zero shame in sharing your artwork multiple times.

Like, honestly, I know people feel like they're spamming, but retooting something you've made once a day/week isn't spam. If you can reach more people by sharing your art, your website, your Patreon then it's grand!

Cuz unless you've got a plan to use a decent marketing budget or a mass of obsessive fans there's no way your artwork is getting out there.


I've been handed the creative challenge of writing an article about my life as a circus and theatrical clown!

I thought it would be fun to #crowdsource the #questions from #mastodon since that's where the editor @erdal and I first connected.

Please boost and reply with any questions you have about #circus, #cabaret, #clown, #theater, etc.

I'll try to answer all of the questions, and the most interesting ones will make their way into the final article.

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released some aggressive new music last night, captured from my/our live show in tacoma on the 10th. eclectic mixtures of free jazz and extreme metal, starts with me solo and then my band Bog Sirens (2-piece)

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inspired by your version I actually improved mine a bit. tested and it looks like this is what it is. folding is actually a bit tricky, but i guess one has to try couple of times to see where to take care.

this one is for grabs I think. maybe there should be an instructable with how to fold and insert the cd and with photos of final product(s).

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so i tried to make a schematic in inkscape how to fold a piece of hard paper (scheleshamer?) A4 size to get this diy packaging (see it's actually on a grid of equiliteral triangles with 72mm size of a side.

i'll share the inkscape svg and a pdf or something soon. i would love to find original designer to credit her/him.

black = cut
dashed = optional cut
blue = fold in
red = fold out

#packaging #cdpackaging #diy #creativetoots

/cc @Olm_e

I've walked on jumping stilts for years, and something about them always made me question whether or not I was a "legit" stilt walker.

Tonight I knocked "peg stilts" off my bucket list and started working towards some partner acrobatic movements with them.

That's legit. :)

P.S. : Personal victories make you feel taller.

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If anyone wants to hear how the rockier side of my album is going, you can hear an instrumental mix of one of the songs on Patreon if you're a $3+ backer:

Else wise you can wait for September 29th for an album full of joy/pain.

And if you wanna invest in experimental queer musicianship from someone who prefers live recording & putting mics up to amp grills etc over midi when possible


Finished! Shades of red/orange/gold in glitter and metallics with pearly drops and shiny rhinestones on 30cm square brown card.

For sale! $60 USD including worldwide postage. Yell at me if you want to buy it!