Ten minutes, one overlay layer later, and I can firmly say that both this brush and I freakin' rule. <3

Imported the DAUB ink brushes, and this is as good a time as any to remind you yes, *tools matter*. Each brush changes the style. A *lot*

Okay, I kinda like this Gator pen now. What is an inking, but a miserable pile of sketches?

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first Human Algorithms ( piece in 4 years in progress.

1) has it really been that long???

2) It took some effort to slow my drawing down. I am out of practice.

This is apparently what happens when I stop posting daily.
(I also have taken a break to add the first goal to patreon)

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Honestly, this doomy instrumental Transvision Vamp - Down On You cover is a hint of my mood & things to come, so you should check it out:


Hey, you, have 2 covers:

The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun [Major Key Indie Pop]
Transvision Vamp - Down On You [Instrumental Doom Electronica Version]




Free to download too!