@Gollapalli @ajr Ach is fine. Dishonored is better.
Also: deus ex (all of them), and there are some nice indie games

Daughter of Ash, by Matthew S. Cox

"Cox mixes classic cyberpunk and near-superpowers with the emotional impacts of isolation to produce a fast-paced science-fiction thriller that is much more than fancy gear and wish-fulfilment fantasies"

More here:

#cyberpunk #psychic #sciencefiction #bookreview

is here!!!111 bitcoin is now a legal currency in Japan & u can pay an airline with it!!
Also it skyrocketed to 2400$

Which, if you want to make it weird as fuck, being sat on by a anarchist goth while stoically playing chair is kinda #cyberpunk ?

Been on this instance for about a month now. Still havent done an #introduction (or #introductions ?) post. Well, hello everyone. I'm Neon/that-dude-with-the-felix-avatar, whichever you want to call me. I make videogames, post about things I think about, and sometimes repost some chinese cartoons. I also live on my self-hosted instance, it's a very cozy echochamber.

And the 7 hashtags of interest: #gamedev #anime #cyberpunk #math #vr #decentralization #rustlang

Pretty nice, the life of a wage slave.

Monday Meeting of Minds time. What are some interesting Mastodon/GNU-S users worth following? Interests:

Hey peeps, I could use a good #cyberpunk image that's free to use as a header? Be a friend and help us out? :>

More and more realizing that the best way to make a thing is treating it as the thing it already is.