I could also make do with a -encrypted file in , although I’d be wary of putting that much sensitive data in memory, and in such a dynamic and introspective execution environment. 🤔💭🔑🦄🐃

I went through the #emacs tutorial yesterday. Today is a little different, I will probably look at some videos and follow instructions. #learningemacs

Personal emacs function of the day: projectile-replace <3
Replace text in the whole project.

ups, sorry ....
The absolute minimum you need to know about #Emacs

Org-mode beginning at the basics -
The absolute minimum you need to know about #Emacs

Today I start 2 personal projects for the next 30 days:
* I will learn to use Emacs (this idea surprised even myself)
* I will walk daily (this one didn't)

To make myself a little more accountable I will write what I learn
(and do) daily, here. Expect one toot at least, sometimes more.

I used search and it lead me to, this will be my starting point for the next couple of days I think.

#emacs #walking #learningemacs

In the Bash in emacs mode, ctrl-x ctrl-e will launch your $EDITOR to edit the current command line


Yesterday, I finally took the time to tweak the #emacs tao-yang theme. I am pretty happy with the result!

Sooo... why aren't my changes to ~/.emacs taking effect in Emacs running on OS X?

#emacs #osx

Is anyone up for a little collab making a #mastodon #timeline reader for #Emacs ?
I suck at Lisp but I'm sure it could be fun learning as we go ^_^

Bon, conseil de labo cet aprem. Je ne sais pas ce qui m'a pris, mais j'ai voulu prendre mes notes dans mon wiki (d'habitude, je fais pas ça)
Eh bien j'ai perdu environ 30 minutes de notes. Je ne sais pas ce qu'il s'est passé, mais j'ai les boules.

Ensuite j'ai continué ma prise de notes avec #emacs et #orgmode comme je faisais d'habitude. Mais pourquoi j'ai voulu changer ?
Ça me servira de leçon.

Thanks to Ruslan Bekenev, Josh Elsasser, William Gilbert, and Tak Kunihiro for assigning their #Emacs copyright to the FSF!

Actually used #PowerShell for realsies for the first time yesterday, to batch convert a directory full of Word documents to plain text.

Then used #emacs to convert nested lists in the documents to lines in a csv file.

@RafiX @noiseofstudio @magicamon half of me agrees because I use #Emacs as much as #Vim. And yes my learning order is Vim first, then Emacs.
Though I mostly use Emacs for #orgmode

@noiseofstudio @magicamon yep, I think that `C-x` is ignored in normal mode.

People joke about exiting #Vim, but the #Emacs mappings are difficult as well

I take it cl-lib doesn't include `format' ... *sigh* #emacs

Hey, anyone know if it's possible to restrict a buffer's size in #emacs? gnu-social-mode has the slight issue that eventually the buffer gets too big and emacs spins using 100% cpu.