In Fascist countries capitalism continues to exist, but only in the form of #fascism; and Fascism can be combated as capitalism alone, as the nakedest, most shameless, most oppressive, and most treacherous form of #capitalism
But how can anyone tell the truth about Fascism, unless he is willing to speak out against capitalism, which brings it forth?

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Yeah, if people paid more attention to Italian, Spanish, and other #fascists, they'd immediately recognise that #fascism is the norm and a natural outcome for a #capitalist #state.
RT @Slahoy: One of the biggest failures of the history of anti-fascism is a failure to focus on Mussolini or other Fascists, instead studying Hitler.

Both the left of and the are now united in the sense that we both of us smell the signs and symptoms of in the rise.

If it's for you. It's for us. If it's KKK for you, it's RSS/BJP for us.

We need to revive the thoughts of . We need to both share and get inspired about each other's activities and successes.

@jd I had this too, but than for the Dutch fascist #PVV (Geert Wilders party). Also when you visit 9 of 10 times you see a tweet from Geert Wilders featured on the front page. I don't know if it's intentional or that their algorithms have fascist tendencies, but still it's a major fail. Probably they think that #fascism sells. 🙄

#fascism is creeping into more countries these days, including Europe, e.g. #epo
#turkey #us #philippines etc.
Once it's in it never lets go

"Berlin: Dramatische Szenen, als 50 Identitäre das Ministerium stürmen wollen"

"Zwischenfall vor dem Bundesjustizministerium in Berlin: 50 Personen haben versucht, das Gebäude zu stürmen.

- Zuvor hatte bereits ein Mitarbeiter des Ministeriums über die nicht angemeldete Demonstration informiert."
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by the grandson of FDR's last VP Henry A. Wallace

'...My grandfather acknowledged the great difference between American fascists and other countries’ murderous authoritarians. The American breed doesn’t need violence. Lying to the people is so much easier...'

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For all #Macron supporters: you voted the real fascist:

Neoliberalism is a species of fascism | OffGuardian -

(In some countries they don't know the difference between liberalism and liberism and invented the nonsense "neoliberalism". The right expression is "neoliberism")

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Fascists aren't just anyone you disagree with or consider oppressive, nor are they all far rightists.
In a nutshell, #fascism is the agenda of movements which seek to restore an imaginary glorious national past by increasing the authority of the state and taking harsh measures against leftists and some minorities which they paint as internal enemies of the nation.

The choice between #neoliberalism and #fascism in the French presidential election, can be compared with a vegetarian who needs to choose between chicken meat and pork. #France

RT No, it's not. #Presidentielle2017 is yet another step in slow and steady electoral rise & political normalization of populist radical right.

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Interesting, but still it's a choice between #fascism and #neoliberalism. If I was a Frenchman, I didn't know what to do. Of course I will never vote for #LePen, but I couldn't drag myself into a ballot box to vote for #Macron either. "The Medieval Battle-lines of the French Presidential Election" #France

#Fascism is a global movement. The struggle against it must be global as well.

France, please do not hand the fash a major victory just to make the point that neoliberalism is bad as well.
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The New American Fascism
a short #video by sub.Media
– A brief primer on the toxic mix of reactionary movements that have coalesced around the alt-right and American Patriot movements.

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'Marine Le Pen’s National Front party claims its Eurosceptic platform is aimed at protecting workers. But in the European Parliament, critics say the French far-right party has done everything to scuttle workers' rights...'

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#Allez... la France ... ?

« En esta época que da tanto cŕedito a las injusticias sociales, los sueños de revuelta y felicidad parecerían insignificantes. En tanto en cuanto los hombres y mujeres aspiran a los derechos más elementales. El de vivir dignamente. Desde luego, encontramos legiones de pretendientes a organizar esa pretendida felicidad. Que sea de orden individual o colectivo.
 Llámese 'la política' cuando obedecen a las reglas de la democracia, dictaduras cada vez que imponen el culto al líder. Hoy todo se confunde y que incluso presenciamos como las llamadas 'democracias', aún a su pesar, hacen de (posible ?) terreno abonado a la intolerancia y al fascismo  ... [..] (ayer) hoy y mañana. Permanezcamos motivados. » ( #Alerta )

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