#ff @darius for saving me from losing a good thousand dollars

@trujelsa Salutations et bienvenue par ici. Je t'enjoins à suivre les hashtags : #FollowFriday , #FF et #recommandation

@viciousviscosity I am new to this and it seems I missed the start of this #FF somehow.
Where is this challenge - it is already sunday over here ;-)

Gonna do a delayed #FF cuz I'm a tool.

@WelshPixie does a ton of great graphic, fine art & video work -

@retroremakes writes wonderful pieces & has been a beacon of hope for humanitarian games lovers in/near/inspired by the NW of the UK for years and years -

@creatrixtiara is stellar in several fields and hirable for advice re inclusivity, game design, research, and 100 other topics -

And I'm gonna give a HUGE shout-out to every admin/mod on Awoo, cuz they made the best space on Masto, and they support artists who are marginalized & sent regular abuse elsewhere on the 'net -


damnit, what happened to follow friday? nothing on my timeline. #ff #followfriday

#ff my dog @scarlett

i have some idea for her to control a bot but it isn't ready yet

#ff the people who don't own a copy of their favorite book because they keep giving them away to friends who haven't read it, yet

Alright. Deep breaths. Let's do this.

@djsundog for Updates from the Toot-Lab™

@compassionate because everyone needs ❤️💛💚💙💜 and 🤗s

@Curator to get more fediversal art in your life

@viciousviscosity because she's not only 🅠🅤🅔🅔🅝 ⓞⓕ 🄶🄸🄵s but also an amazing person 👍🏻

#FollowFriday #FF

Follow the yellow brick road,
Follow the yellow brick road,
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the yellow brick road!

TFW you kind of want to try an toot but you don't want people who aren't listed to feel left out 😢

Tiens un petit #followfriday avec mes besta' !
- @madjiddufutur
- @Allium
- @Vigdis
- @myrdin (k pa la pr l'momen)
- @lila_bliblu
- @papey
- @dashie
- @gordon
- @aeris@social.imirhil.frkrkrkrkr (nan j'déconne)

#FF #sijenoubliemetapezpa

so many people boosted my ask to far lands over the past 12 hours, and each of them was a very different person

#ff people who give you a hand, a boost, or a supportive toot (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

It's Friday, so it's time for my #followFriday / #fediverseFriday / #ff tradition of...not picking people to follow, because I hate making judgment calls like that, but letting some dice do it

Picking seven this time, because the number of folks following me has increased steadily.

And the lucky seven are:








The dice do not lie!