@david @feld @mwlucas my own for testing only, I don't use for real chat. Running in 11 jaul, built by hand

Has anyone attempted to Capsicum-ize ssh/sshd?

It's interesting to note that (enabled by default in only) caught a stack-based buffer overflow in , but SSP (which is enabled by default in and ) didn't.

SafeStack > SSP

I'm researching now where the vulnerability lies.

Building new and images due to 64-bit inode support landing in upstream .

64-bit inode support has landed in HEAD:

I'll be publishing new binary updates for 12-CURRENT/amd64 and 12-CURRENT/arm64 soon. I'll also kick off a new package build for 12-CURRENT/amd64 later today.

#OpenBSD 6.1: several security patches with reboots since release, #FreeBSD none during last year. I wonder if #FreeBSD is more secure. 😉

This week's goal: start working on a patch to to make it impersonate other hypervisors. Useful for malware analysis.

v0.3.0.7 reached (please install this security update)

Micro Center trip a success! Bought five boards, ten SD cards, 12 USB cables, eight wifi USB dongles, and 500ft of CAT5e cable. The serial cables I ordered from Ada Fruit should arrive on Monday. Now to load on all of them and I'll be all set for .

@mpts There's also !fxr, !fman, !fports and a couple of others for