One of the few things that gets the fan going on my big desktop PC: A poudriere bulk package build for my #freebsd servers

[110amd64-default] [2017-04-24_23h31m02s] [parallel_build:] Queued: 1222 Built: 21 Failed: 0 Skipped: 0 Ignored: 0 Tobuild: 1201 Time: 00:02:12

Once more, with feeling…
Quarterly ports tree and adjusted number of build/prepare jobs.
Let's see if this works better…


@Ephemere I got badly disappointed by Gentoo consistent upgrade problems. One box got stuck without possibility to upgrade. Everybody says "you have to update very often to avoid this". On the other hand I dislike Linux distributions where a proper update is almost like reinstall.
For now the choice is #FreeBSD

@acw Things do not look good on #FreeBSD #APL

Finally some work on mt76 usb wifi for #freebsd today

I bought Conversations IM for Android on Google Play recently. The author of this app does a great job.

He also updated the server info section that helps me to run my private #Prosody server. This time I installed an additional module to support Push (XEP 0357).

I also made a port (still unsubmitted PR) of the Prosody modules repo for #FreeBSD. If the porters just knew that every Prosody admin really needs many modules from there to support #XMPP properly...

Someone should try this offer for the freebsd-x11 drivers. maybe getting them rank higher in google will get them on a -STABLE release soon #freebsd

Any #Linux / #bsd / #freebsd #kernel or #filesystem or #database developers I should follow?

@href @dot_tiff
I'll have to give it a try, and also see if an iocage template is possible so #freebsd folks can have something as simple as the #docker installs that the #linux folks have.

I have been looking for a good backup solution using #ZFS with my #FreeBSD machines. Thinking about #zxfer to backup my FreeBSD VPS back to the home #FreeNAS server. I just wish I could find better documentation and/or tutorials out there for setting up and using zxfer.

@bitgeist my 1st choice is to (re)install OpenBSD 6.1 but as I'm more confortable with #FreeBSD I guess I'll ive a try to #PFSense :) As soon as I've made my workout I'll let you know, unless someone uncourage me to give it a try :)

This seems prudent... too many cute jails management tools... #

Can't switch my desktop machine to #FreeBSD because lightdm doesn't read login.conf.
This problem was mentioned in this PR:

Could hacking in the ability to read login.conf (or the database that is generated from it) into lightdm be a possibility?

7 year old bug that I reported hinders me to use lagg with failover on #FreeBSD. On #OpenBSD everything works perfectly with trunk.

Binary updates for #HardenedBSD 12-CURRENT, 11-STABLE, 11-STABLE/LibreSSL, and 10-STABLE on amd64 have been published.

The 12-CURRENT update includes the change from upstream #FreeBSD to switch arc4random(9) to #ChaCha20.

Has anyone tried porting the #Brave browser to #FreeBSD?