You know what kind of people DON'T hang out in the coolest, most emptiest Discord server ever?


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Another peek at #PROXIMAb
(My pico-8 game)

Level two is coming along nicely, ship redesign is working out. Level one difficulty scaling is now set nicely as is the boss. Once I finish the difficulty scaling of level two and create a boss we'll see if I have enough space for the third and final level: a platformer level after two shooter levels! But that will be memory dependent.... I have used 6k out of 8.1 tokens. After some optimization I can probably get an extra few hundred tokens. So we'll see.

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@inre035 im biased in this. but i love using - i do online teaching for a framework called - in but try to make it a bigger thing & not as boring as sticking with that.
plus can export & bulid to several languages from 1 base. 1 huge advantage

i would actually recommend javascript. it can be used for web but also huge projects.
plus its understandable by most

really, any language can do much of everything. its just if there is a community for it in that field

aiming for later today. think ive about 5 more nape ones to do, then will move on to other things

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Been on this instance for about a month now. Still havent done an #introduction (or #introductions ?) post. Well, hello everyone. I'm Neon/that-dude-with-the-felix-avatar, whichever you want to call me. I make videogames, post about things I think about, and sometimes repost some chinese cartoons. I also live on my self-hosted instance, it's a very cozy echochamber.

And the 7 hashtags of interest: #gamedev #anime #cyberpunk #math #vr #decentralization #rustlang

going thru & making some assets for it. make it easier to implement things if making other fields

Looking for some more cool #gamedev folks to follow on Mastodon. Any suggestions?

Joking with friends about how I'm never going to be able to retire and I'll someday be 75 years old still trying to sell a new weird arcade game to twitter.

By then twitter will just be bots impersonating cats.

I won't be see any difference.

I just released version 1.3.0 of ensy, my Entity System library for JavaScript.

Entity Systems are an architectural pattern used in video games to gain flexibility by building entities out of individual parts that can be mixed together. See the README for more info:

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Après son tutoriel #Krita GDQuest kickstarte un nouveau tutoriel de #GameDev avec des logiciels #FLOSS . Cette fois-ci : Godot Engine 3.

Vous pouvez le financer ici :

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My game "Kitty Quest" is live. Play as two felines who want to escape their house and explore the outdoors!

Please leave a rating. It helps get the game noticed in the game jam.

optimized code size to death → was able to add some ©SUDDEN_DEATH™ bonusses!
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