「GCC 7.1」リリース、長らく使われていたReloadがLRAに置き換えられる | OSDN Magazine: C++フロントエンドで、実験的にC++17の現行のドラフト仕様を全てサポートした。 #gcc

A good comment on the silliness of investing in SPEC numbers.

"And noone cares about trying to settle things down and produce a compiler one can trust (because version N+1 runs 3.14% faster in the loonystones benchmark which doesn't match any real life use case). Who cares? Tomorrow's compiler will generate code which will complete an infinite loop in less than 5 seconds; stay tuned for more accomplishments!"

Thanks to Nicolas Koenig, Juraj Oršulić, and Xi Ruoyao for assigning their #GCC copyright to the FSF @gnutools #GNU