Je viens tout juste de découvrir GPaste ( ), et wow, c'est vraiment super cool ! #GNOME

Today I found out that the small delay in #GNOME Shell between pressing Alt-Tab and the popup appearing is intentional.

This extension removes this annoyance which should have not have been there from the get-go:

(You are welcome 🤝)

@catonano Liked how it's easy to arrange windows to occupy full or half of a display, lack of a task-bar and start menu (yep), ease of arranging windows on multiple displays/work-spaces, and more.
Missed the ability to strip titles and borders from windows (I don't need them at all), GS is slow, not least because large part of it is written in a JavaScript dialect.

Actually #GNOME is better integrated with #NixOS than #KDE, and I suppose the same situation is true in #GuixSD.

How many people using #gnome or any other #gtk based desktop on #Linux?

It's so weird when I look at this awesome themes I would want to try out...

Then I remind myself I use i3gaps for some reason: minimalism!

Most GTK themes have huge buttons and they are either too bright or too dark. And they have no colors, only 3: white, grey or black! WTF? Are theme devs are so depressed? :(

#linux #gnome #gtk #themes

Installation d’une VM dans #Gnome Boxes/🇫🇷Machines sur #debian9 / #stretch : on peut saisir un nom d’utilisateur et un mdp à la création de la VM, puis Gnome Boxes se débrouille pour tout configurer (preseed) avec des valeurs par défaut. Et hop, une VM Debian toute prête sans aucune intervention.
Le lancement de la VM se fait avec QEMU / KVM donc que du #LogicielLibre à tous les niveaux. 👍

Beau travail #Gnome et #Debian !

Je ne trouve de vertu à #Gnome que sur un écran tactile : Gros boutons pour gros doigts... Et encore, sur ma machine tactile j'utilise #KDE (sans patouiller l'écran).