#PGP #GnuPG, c'est bien. Bon par contre il ne faut pas oublier son mot de passe pour utiliser ses clés sinon c'est mort.

I am organizing a #PGP key signing party at the Mozilla San francisco space On october 3rd 2017 6-8PM. People *have* to register for security reasons (insurance for the room etc ...) at .
Make an eliptic curve key and have it signed. #security #wot #gnupg

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Kleopatra la interfaz gráfica de para utilizar

Kleopatra es una sencilla e intuitiva interfaz gráfica para manejar y utilizar GnuPG.

Today is officially (for me) "Donate to the projects you love day"! , , <3

Got a new USB3 64GB flash drive. I like the big metal hoop that keeps it on my keys! #gnupg #crypto

I'm hacking on stuff and fucks me over.

I'm hacking on email stuff and fucks me over.

I'm hacking on cli stuff and fucks me over.

Seriously, , I do have some minor gripes with you… 😶

Next up: Help my tax consultant install and use GPG (and do some key signing). #gpg #gnupg #security

#GnuPG Video des Tages: Stehmann (Anwalt): Grundsätzlich ist es so, dass alle Mails mit GnuPG signiert werden ...